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Famous for her incredible talent as a DJ and model, Laura Lux has continued to gain traction on social media. The Australian-born influencer got her first scent of popularity when her sounds and pictures began making it up to her MySpace account, then Instagram.

So far, she has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and has toured Auckland, Berlin Amsterdam, and Las Vegas. This piece gives you a peek at her bio, achievements, and family. Let’s see.

Laura Lux’s Bio

Laura Lux was born in Adelaide, Australia on August 23, 1988. Although Lux hasn’t shared any details about her childhood, early education and her parents or what they do for a living, we know that she and her two siblings, one of which is Mark Sellar, were raised in Adelaide. Mark Sellar is a businessman who is best known as a past winner of Australian reality TV series The Big Adventure.

Laura Lux kicked off her online career in the fall of 2010. Then she opened a myspace account where she shared her earliest works, later on she joined Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook where she began putting up her pictures and other content for her followers. She would go on to open other accounts on Instagram that all go by different names such as, “djlauralux”, “luxvader”, “darthlux.” So far, “darthlux” happens to be her main and earliest account; it has a following of over one million.

With millions now paying attention, Laura Lux took her career to a whole new level when she launched out as a DJ in 2011. As her music and mixes made it online, her existing popularity continued to soar in the years that followed.

Laura Lux’s Career, Achievements

As a DJ, she started out performing at the famous HQ Nightclub in Australia and then performed at other clubs in Adelaide and Melbourne. But Lux wanted a career outside Australia. She craved the exposure of a well-traveled life. So, she moved to Los Angeles where she worked as a DJ in gay clubs.

Laura Lux.
Laura Lux and Instagram model Emily Sears

During this period, Lux, alongside other prominent musical figures, took several tours around the world to cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Auckland, Las Vegas, and Darwin. So far, she has collaborated with big names like Yo Gotti and Tigerlily. Plus, Laura Lux was hired by Monster Energy as the official DJ for its Motocross Tour.

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In March 2016, Lux launched her mix series she Vodkast. As of this writing, the series has been played over one hundred thousand times. Vodkast is also available on SoundCloud.

Perhaps a lesser known fact about Laura Lux is her unusual penchant for gaming. Unladylike, you say. But who gave men the monopoly of gaming anyway? In November of 2016, the multicolor-hair celebrity started operating a account where she mostly hosts IRL chats and started doing live streams of her gaming sessions; particularly RPG games, survival horror, and first-person shooter games.

Laura Lux’s Net Worth

Laura Lux’s career as a DJ and Instagram model rakes in sums in the tune of millions annually. Although we don’t know the specifics of her salary or net worth, her constant visits to expensive holiday locations and her lavish lifestyle give us a peek into just how much she’s worth in monetary terms.


Laura Lux was born into a middle-class Australian family. Though there are no working details about her parents, we know she is the second of three children and the only girl. Her elder brother, Mark Sellar, is a businessman and was a one-time winner of Australian reality TV series The Big Adventure. She also has a younger brother who she’s yet to name.

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Laura Lux isn’t married; that we know for sure. But she hasn’t come out plain about her relationship either. The only hint came in a wordy tweet dated September 19, 2010, when she had tweeted about a boyfriend taking her out for dinner.

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She shared no names or pictures. Four years later in January of 2014, Lux again tweeted about having a boyfriend but wrote that she needed none at the moment. When “boyfriend” popped up on her tweet in late 2015, it was about how she wanted one who would hug and feed her and then go away most other times. So far, she’s been single and enjoying it. And when any mystery man emerges, we’re sure to be your go-to info hub.

Height and Body Measurement

Laura Lux has a slim build. She stands 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters) tall and weighs 75 kg. She has sleek dark natural brown hair and blue eyes. Although she often wears multi-colored hairdos. As of this writing, details about her body measurement, bra, shoe and dress sizes are unavailable.

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