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When it comes to the Canadian film industry, Laura Mennel has grown to become a household name who is known for her phenomenon acting qualities that has led her to appear in a vast number of movies. The actress is, however, best known for the outstanding roles she played in notable Science-fiction movies like Alphas (2011), Watchmen (2009), and Haven (2010), among others. She has also appeared in the Emmy Award-nominated movie; Flight 93 (2006), where she played the character of Elizabeth Wainio.

Who is Laura Mennel?

The talented actress was born on 18th April 1980 in Surrey, British Colombia, Canada. She is of Irish, Scottish, British, and French Ancestry. In regards to her parents and early childhood, she has not disclosed such information on any media outlet yet. However, it is known that Mennel is closely related to the actor of the classic movie; Mister Ed (1961), Alan Young. The pair are said to be cousins and it won’t be wrong if one thinks that their family posses superior acting genes. In addition to the aforementioned role, Young is also famous for voicing the character Scrooge McDuck in a Walt Disney animation.

Right from the get-go, Laura Mennel has always been known to have an extreme passion for theatre, as she was described as a theatre geek while in High School. More so, in a quest to develop herself and her speaking skill, she attended French Immersion Schools, of which she completed her basic education. As a result of this, the Jessie Richardson Award Nominee is very eloquent in French.

While completing her studies, Mennel started pursuing a career in acting. As a high school student, she landed her first acting job in the movie; I’ve Been Waiting for You (1998) where she played the role of Sarah Lancaster. Soon after that, she made reoccurring appearances in episodes of the series Millenium and Stargate SG-1 respectively.

As of now, she has featured in a good number of popular movies which has ushered her into stardom. The highlight of her movie acting career includes Christmas Cottage, Driven to Kill, The Visitor, The Homestead, Limina, Montana Sky, The Christmas Clause, My New Best Friend, and others. In regards to television series’, she has appeared in Eureka, Fringe, Smallville, Alphas, Haven, Loudermilk, The Man in The High Castle, Supernatural where she starred alongside Jared Padalecki, Van Helsing, and many more.

Presently, she is cast to play a main role in the UFO series; Blue Book, which would be shown on History Channel. While the Canadian has had a somewhat successful acting career, she has also earned a fortune from it. She is said to be worth around $7million.

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5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

1. Mennel Has Spent Over Two Decades as an Actor

Laura Mennel kicked off her acting career at the age of 18 when she made her debut appearance on I’ve Been Waiting (1998). Since then she has been active in the movie industry till now.

2. She Does Not Mind Being A Typecast

The sensational actress is not perturbed about the roles she is being cast to play, as long as she is able to get her time on screen. Usually, actors love to show their acting reach by taking on different kinds of roles. That, however, can not be said about Mennel who has said she does not mind replaying the same type of role over and over again.

Laura Mennell
Anja Savcic and Laura Mennell (Image Source)

3. She Has Two Award Nominations To Her Name

Because of her outstanding performance in Tear the Curtain; a Theatre Arts Production, the actress was nominated for Best Performance by a Female Lead in Jessie Richardson Theatre Award. In the same vein, she clinched a nomination for Best Performance by a Leading Lady in Leo Ward, which was attributed to her performance in Alphas.

4. Laura Mennel Is Yet To Walk Down The Aisle

Based on available records, the beautiful damsel is not yet married and there are no stories available that indicate she might be in a relationship. However, as has become the case in recent time, we would not be surprised to find out that she is in a loving relationship and has decided to keep details about it private.

5. She Is An Animal Lover

Mennel seems to have a thing for animals, specifically cats which she is said to be very fond of. Her picture uploads on Instagram speaks a lot about her love for cats. Another testament to her love for animals is that she is a vegetarian.

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