Juicy Details of Laura Perlongo’s Life As Nev Schulman’s Wife and Her Career Pursuits

One half of a loving couple and a mother of two, there is no doubt that Laura Perlongo is living the good life. Popularly known as Nev Schulman’s wife, Laura is equally a professional in her own right; the Massachusetts native is a freelance writer and photographer. She also gained a solid social media following while documenting her pregnancy journey.

Perlongo’s unlikely love story and sheer personality are some of the things that make the woman as interesting as, if not more, than her husband. As such, people always express interest in anything that has to do with Nev Schulman’s wife.

Laura Perlongo Met Her Husband On The Internet

Apart from being an instrument of shooting young talents to fame, the internet has proved to be a strong force in bringing would-be lovers together most of who go on to build strong relationships; besides, we seen so many online dalliances that have ended in marriages. Nev and Laura’s big love story is an archetypal example as theirs was an unconventional fairy tale.

Though it began online, it was undoubtedly nothing like what is seen on her husband’s show, Catfish. When fate and providence are determined to bring people together, it will always devise a workable means. Nev was actually following Laura Perlongo’s ex on Instagram, he happened to see a picture of her on the platform back in 2015 and was instantly enthralled. The show host played it cool though, by simply following her and engaging in some light investigation.

On the other end, Laura’s friend had a crush on Nev so she followed him to do some investigations of her own. First, it was a comment on one of his photos then they finally slid into his DMs. Schulman asked Laura Perlongo to dinner and picked her up on his motorcycle. According to what the Catfish host told US Weekly, it was not a smooth sail for them as they had a brief break up.

On his own part, the reality TV host felt that the love was too much on his side and being on a rebound from a recent previous relationship which was rather too painful, Nev was indecisive about starting something serious. Thus, he screwed up with Laura and had to really work to win her back. And when she eventually took him back, Laura took in around the same time.

The Couple Exchanged Marriage Vows in 2017

For some, the news that Nev Schulman is married may come as a surprise. If you’ve followed him on social media at all, you will know he’s madly in love with his now-wife, Laura Perlongo. The two married in Schulman’s father’s backyard in East Hampton, New York on July 22, 2017. Prior to walking down the yard/isle, the couple’s engagement lasted about 14 months.

In a media chat that came immediately after their nuptials, Nev expressed his utter joy at becoming a husband. He described marrying the love of his life and having their daughter there with them as sheer joy; the Catfish host said he is a very lucky man.

Their ceremony had family and friends in attendance, notable among them is Max Joseph – Nev’s co-star on Catfish who promptly shared videos of the big day with fans on Instagram, showing the exact moment Nev and Laura officially became Mr and Mrs.

Laura Perlongo Is A Mother Of Two

Laura Perlongo- daughter
Laura, her husband Nev Schulman & daughter, Cleo: Image Source

More than a full year before she tied the knot with her husband, Nev Schulman, the couple welcomed their daughter, Cleo James Schulman, into the world. Cleo is no longer the only child in their home; on January 9, 2019, they welcomed a son into the world. He was born healthy, with a weight of 7 pounds and 15 ounces.

The baby’s given name is a whole new topic on its own as he was named in honor of his two grandfathers. Laura Perlongo and her husband named him Beau Bobby Bruce Schulman, he is no doubt a lovely addition to the family.

The couple is not averse to sharing their family moments online to the admiration of followers and fans. Laura Perlongo did something beautiful with her pregnancies, she hilariously documented both of her pregnancy journeys on Instagram, gaining more popularity for her effort.

The Mother of Two Has Had An Interesting Career

After majoring in commercial and advertising arts from Boston University, Laura Perlongo launched her career by trying her hand at writing; she had a high paying job in sales. She was pulling in up to $100,000 a year, but she was not very good at it.

Her witty work emails landed her a job at Haute Living magazine as a staff writer. Soon after, Laura moved on to a job in Montreal, Canada at ABS Notebooks working as a communications director. As if that was not exciting enough, she went on to work as a travel writer for Party Earth in Amsterdam, Netherlands. At the moment she does freelance work and is enjoying every moment of it.

She Has Been A Cast Member Of The Show Catfish

Laura Perlongo has appeared on MTV’s Catfish alongside her husband and according to her, the experience was really an exciting one. Her appearance on the show was quite brief and happened when Schulman video-called home for input from his beloved. Laura has equally appeared in person.

In July 2018, she filled in for the actual host, Max Joseph, and added her own special touch. Though the experience was fun, it was equally an exhausting one for Laura as she enjoyed the rare opportunity to see firsthand what her spouse does daily. She went on to describe the emotional life as “substantial.”

It feels so good to know that catfish victims can ultimately find true and unconditional love. The viewing public love the Catfish show, and needless to say that they also love the host, Nev Shulman. From what is obvious, that love has rubbed off on Laura as her witty charm and the couple’s nonstop effort to discuss real-life relationships make it easy for many to identify with them.

Laura Is A Social Media Sensation

Thanks to her amazing sense of humor and ability to carry an audience along, Laura Perlongo has a strong following. Her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages have loyal followers who hang on to her every word. With hundreds of thousands of followers across all platforms, she is undoubtedly regarded as a social media star.

To be precise, her following on Instagram is over 230,000. Mrs. Schulman launched a series on Facebook titled We Need to Talk where she works in collaboration with her spouse to assist couples to resolve relationship problems. According to Laura, it’s a blast because she went through a similar experience with Nev, getting into the same fights like every other couple. She described talking about it with others as fun.

Apart from the aforementioned, Perlongo also collaborates with her husband in contributing quality content for ATTN, a Los Angeles based media organization that is dedicated to social activism.


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