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One half of a loving couple and a mother of two, there is no doubt that Laura Perlongo is living the good life. Popularly known as Nev Schulman’s wife, Laura is equally a professional in her own right; the mother of two is a freelance writer and photographer. She also gained a solid social media following while documenting her pregnancy journey. Her unlikely love story and sheer personality are some of the things that make her as interesting as, if not more, than her husband. As such, here are some interesting tidbits about Nev Schulman’s wife.

Laura Perlongo’s Bio & Age

Laura Perlongo was born on 6th September 1985 in the state of Massachusetts, in the United States. There is not a whole lot of information present out there concerning her childhood and upbringing, even the identities of her parents are quite well guarded. Nevertheless, from college onwards, her life is pretty much an open book. Laura Perlongo was awarded her undergraduate degree from Boston University back in 2007. Her major was in Commercial And Advertising arts, while she minored in Advertising Art and Social Psychology.

Her profession is equally no secret as she currently does some freelance writing and photography. Prior to that, she was a staff writer at Haute Living Magazine. These days she has risen to the ranks of social media stardom, thanks to her witty one-liners and famous husband. Though the amount she pulls in is not currently available, Laura is estimated to be worth $500,000.

Laura Perlongo’s Daughter

Laura Perlongo- daughter
Laura, her husband Nev Schulman & daughter, Cleo: Image Source

More than a full year before she tied the knot with her husband, Nev Schulman, the couple welcomed their daughter, Cleo James Schulman, into the world. Cleo is no longer the only child in their home; on January 9, 2019, they welcomed a son into the world. He was born extremely healthy, with a weight of 7 pounds and 15 ounces. His given name is a whole other topic on its own as he was named in honor of his two grandfathers. Laura Perlongo and her husband named him Beau Bobby Bruce Schulman, he is no doubt a lovely addition to the family.

Facts About Nev Schulman’s Wife

She Met Her Husband On The Internet

As aforementioned, theirs was an unconventional love story. Though it began online, it was undoubtedly nothing like what is seen on her husband’s show, Catfish. Nev was actually following Laura Perlongo’s ex on Instagram, he happened to see a picture of her an was instantly enthralled. He played it cool though, by simply following her and engaging in some light investigation. On the other end, Laura’s friend had a crush on Nev so she followed him to do some investigations of her own.

First, it was a comment on one of his photos then they finally slid into his DMs and went on a date. Since then, the two have been on and off but finally tied the knot in 2017.

She Is A Social Media Sensation

Thanks to her amazing sense of humor and ability to carry an audience along, Laura Perlongo has a strong following. Her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages have loyal followers who hang on to her every word. With hundreds of thousands of followers across all platforms, she is undoubtedly regarded as a social media star.

She Has Had An Interesting Career 

Before she tried her hand at writing, she had a high paying job in sales. She was pulling in up to $100,000 a year, but she was not very good at it. Her witty work emails landed her a job at Haute Living magazine as a staff writer. Soon after, she moved on to a job in Montreal, Canada at ABS Notebooks where she worked as a communications director. As if that was not exciting enough, she went on to work as a travel writer for Party Earth in Amsterdam, Netherlands. At the moment she does freelance work and is enjoying every moment of it.

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She Is A Cast Member Of The Show Catfish 

As if they were not a perfect match already, Laura Perlongo also stars on MTV’s Catfish alongside her husband. In July 2018, she filled in for the actual host, Max Joseph and added her own special touch. Prior to that, she appeared on the show from time to time on video chat or in person.

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