Laura Rutledge’s CNN, ESPN and SEC Network Career & Details of Her Husband

Laura Rutledge is an American reporter, TV host, and beauty queen. She has excelled as a reporter and has worked for a few mass media companies including CNN International, ESPN, and the SEC Network. As a pageant queen, she was crowned as Miss Florida in 2012 and has graced a few other pageantry shows. Also, her union with the professional baseball player, Alan Rutledge has also propelled her more to fame. Discover more interesting facts about her in the article.

Laura Rutledge’s Bio

Laura Rutledge is best described as a lady with beauty and brains. The intellectual depth she showcases while running commentaries on her sports programs keeps her audience in awe. Every 2nd of October opens up a new year for the model turn reporter. Born in St Petersburg, Florida (on October 2, 1988), Laura as a child aspired to be a marine biologist, however, as she grew, she became engrossed with geography and meteorology.

The reporter grew up in Atlanta and subsequently spent the remaining of her teen years in Florida. There, she attended Celebration High School, Kissimmee. After graduating from the school, Laura Rutledge wanted to attend a ballet school, she, however, changed her mind and settled for the University of Florida, majoring in broadcast journalism. Like most journalism students in college, Laura Rutledge worked at the school’s radio station.

Her Career at CNN, ESPN, and SEC Network

Laura joined her school radio station with the intent of working with the general news crew, howbeit, as at that time, that part of the radio station had no opening, so, she opted out to join the sports broadcasting team. In the later years, it was with ease that she was recruited as a reporter for Fox Sports covering the Tampa Bay Ray games. Subsequently, she covered the San Diego Padres games and also reported the NCPA’s 2012 National Paintball Championship at Lakeland, Florida. for Fox College Sports.

While working as a reporter, Laura ventured into pageantry and competed for the Miss Florida beauty pageant in 2012. She beat all her competitors to the game, stole the heart of the judges with her ballet routine display and subsequently took home the crown.

Having been crowned the Miss Florida that year automatically placed her as the competitor for the Miss America beauty pageant in 2013. She lost the competition to Mallory Hagan and was one of the eliminated queens in the Top 16 round. As a college student, Laura Rutledge also participated in the school’s pageantry competition and emerged as the first runner-up winning the $1,000 scholarship prize.

In 2014, Laura Rutledge joined ESPN and SEC Network, and her work while at these stations were not restricted to a particular desk. She has worked on the sidelines, courtside, and even behind the desk. She completed the second season of SEC Nation and is currently co-hosting Get Up every Thursday and Friday mornings. On Tuesday, she covers the late-night college basketball matchup. Records have it that Laura also worked at CNN international but there are no recorded details of her exact job description or what she did for the media giant.

What to know about her husband: Joshua Alan Rutledge

Laura Rutledge
Laura Rutledge and Joshua Alan Rutledge

Laura is married to Joshua Alan Rutledge, a professional baseball player. The two got married in 2013 after dating for a long period. Their meeting was not one that involved spontaneous dating as they first met at an Alabama baseball tailgate in 2011 where Josh was trained by the Colorado Rockies and Laura was there on visitation.

They both felt the love chemistry between them but they took a pause and decide to let time determine if they would be together. As destiny has written it, the now couple ran into each other again at Zoe’s Kitchen in Birmingham, had a satisfying discussion before agreeing on seeing each other. They subsequently became engaged and the rest became history. Currently, the couple is yet to have kids of their own.

Josh Alan Rutledge is a professional baseball player who has written his name on the slates of sports with his many remarkable performances. He is quite dedicated to his career and has proved his loyalty and obeisance to the Rockies as well as the Boston Red Sox. His birth on the 21st of April, 1989 happened in Birmingham, Alabama.

He was a 4-year starter at Cullman High School and in his senior year, led his team to a state championship. He also played for the Alabama Crimson Tide and was subsequently drafted by the Colorado Rockies in 2012. He was traded to the Boston Red Sox in 2015 but he is presently a free agent.


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