Laura Spencer
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Known for starring in a handful of web and television series, Laura Spencer is the actress to follow. Anyone who has seen TV shows like Bones, The Big Bang Theory as well as the web series The Lizzie Bennett Diaries would find it impossible to miss her. She also graced the screen in a ton of small screen and film appearances over the years, thus expanding her ever-growing portfolio. Nevertheless, there is a lot more to know about this budding American actress and to that effect, here is all you need to know about Laura Spencer.

Laura Spencer’s Biography

Laura Spencer is of American descent and was born on May 8, 1986, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Though much about her childhood and upbringing remains out of the public eye, her career and achievements are out there for all to see. Her earliest roles in TV and film date back to 2009 with her first appearance in the feature film Barking Water (2009). It was not such a bad debut seeing as it received recognition as the best drama film at the 2009 American Indian Film Festival. That same year, she starred in other films – The Familiar, OU, I Love You and Nabot. 2009 was a great year for the actress as she also made her first small screen appearance in an episode of Funnel of Darkness.

The following year had her making more appearances in films such as Dylan Dog: Dead of Night and In the Land of Fireworks. She also appeared in a handful of short films that same year. In 2011, she took it up a notch making a handful of guest role appearances in shows like Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, The Girl in the Blue Mask and 2 Broke Girls. The film industry did not miss her presence either as she starred in the films A Christmas Kiss and Time Expired. By 2012, Laura Spencer became more of a household name while playing the role of Jane Bennett in the web series, The Lizzie Bennett Diaries. It won a well deserved Emmy award for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media – Original Interactive Program.

Laura Spencer
Laura Spencer (l) & Velinda Godfrey, her co-star in Heartland: Image Source

Laura Spencer finally made it big once she simultaneously landed roles as Emily Sweeney, Raj’s girlfriend in the 7th season of The Big Bang Theory (2007) and Jessica Warren, a recurring character on Bones (2005). By the 9th season of The Big Bang Theory, she was a regular on the series and continues to appear on an as-needed basis. As for her appearance in Bones, she appeared in 3 seasons (9-12). Her career still progresses as she continues to make small screen, film and TV appearances.

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Interesting Facts About Laura Spencer

Career Accomplishments

Her childhood may be shrouded in a cloak of mystery but there is a lot of information about Laura Spencer out there. For instance, in addition to being an actress, Laura has done some work behind the camera. In collaboration with her friends (and colleagues), Jamie Miller and Emily Diana Ruth, she funded and created a short film titled Likeness. Three of them go way back, having met in 2012 while starring in Emily Diana’s The Water’s Fine. Their film, Likening, focuses on the relationship between an Alzheimers stricken lady and her daughter.

Lover Of Animals

Another interesting fact about the actress is that she is an avid lover of animals. She even owns a dog and cat who frequently feature on her social media pages.


As for her love life, the actress recently tied the knot with Michael Jack Greenwald, her longtime boyfriend. She was not very forthcoming about her relationship status for years. Finally, in 2017, she revealed that she was in a relationship. The news of their engagement was made public in 2018, then they tied the knot on the 5th January 2019.

Laura Spencer’s Net Worth

Finally, the actress obviously has a solid career, so there is no doubt that she is worth quite a lot. For someone who has been in the industry for a good decade, not only has she made quite the name for herself but a mean buck too. Pooling the amount she has made off her TV and film appearances as well as her writing/producing role, it is no surprise that she has a high net worth. She is currently worth a whopping $4-5 million.

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