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Laura Vandervoort is a learned psychologist and English graduate from New York University, however, she isn’t best known for her academic qualifications, but for her skills as an actress. Her acting prowess has been showcased in projects like Smallville, Instant Star, V and more. She is quite versatile with her acting roles and plays perfectly as expected. Besides her acting gigs, Vandervoort has spiced up her career as a filmmaker and writer. Read on to find out more about the lady who is listed as one of the most sizzling ladies in Maxim Magazine.

Laura Vandervoort Biography

The youthful, wonderful and gifted actress joined the number of inhabitants on the planet earth on September 22nd, 1984. Her birthplace, Toronto, Canada, also was the city in which she was raised. Her dad is Dutch while her mom is a Canadian. Laura Vandervoort has a sister named Sarah.

As for her educational pursuit, Laura Vandervoort is a psychology and English graduate from New York University. While a student, Laura was often times described as a gamine. She was solely involved with games and teamed with the boys. She was active in tennis, football, basketball, and even karate; in which she holds a black belt.

Movie And TV Shows

Laura Vandervoort commenced her acting career at the age of thirteen in Canada. While taking acting classes, she began featuring in ads and as well as working at the background of shows like Harriet the Spy, Road to Avonlea and others. Laura’s first acting job came in the horror series Goosebumps and later, Are You Scared of the Dark.

Her debut feature film role came in the 2006 crime film, The Lookout, after which got other different jobs slowing increasing her level of fame. However, before her feature debut, she became a fan favorite to viewers of the show, Instant Star which premiered in 2004 and ran for four seasons before ending in June 2008. On the CTV show, she played the lead character, Sadie Harrison which remains one of her best-known roles.

In 2007, she earned a role in the crime series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Lisa landed more roles in TV shows and subsequently the doors were open to her for a big role in CW’s Smallville which became a hit. On the show, she portrayed Kara Kent/Supergirl, the similarly super-fueled cousin to lead character Clark Kent. Her other works include The Entitled; Ted; Haven, Ballers, Supergirl; Con Man, Ice, Rabid, and V-Wars.

Laura Vandervoort not settling for only acting decided to explore a new area by composing a youngsters’ book for kids between the ages of 7-12. It has since been formed with Shaftesbury films into a real to life kids show with energizing advancement. Also, Laura Vandervoort is the maker and official producer of the kid’s live-action TV show Super Deelia.

Laura Vandervoort’s Family Life – Husband or Boyfriend

Laura Vandervoort
Laura Vandervoort and Oliver Trevena

Many of Lisa’s fans have wondered if she has begun building a family of her own, but that is yet to happen. For now, her family members include her parents, younger sister Sarah, and of course her extended family members. That said, Vandervoot does seem to have a family of her own in mind as proven by the many relationships she has been into. Unfortunately, not one of them lead her to the altar, thus, Vandervoort as of this writing has never been married.

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One of her earliest romantic relationships that the media would be aware of was with Corey Sevier; they met on the set of the series Instant Star. They fell in love and soon started dating each other, but unfortunately, they broke up soon afterward.

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In the year 2011, she went ahead to date actor Chris Pines, however, that didn’t lead to marriage either as she moved on with Micheal Rosenbaum.

Post-Rosenbaum, Lisa’s next lover was Oliver Trevena, a Television host, and entertainer. The two were so much in love with each other and eventually decided to tie the knot. They got engaged in the eve of 2013, but unfortunately, the couple never made it to the altar.

Laura Vandervoort announced their breakup on her social media page to confirm the news. Ever since they went their separate ways, the actress has not been said to be involved with anyone.

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