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Lauren Miller is an actress who is certainly not new to the entertainment industry. While she is recognized as the other half of a high-profile couple, Lauren is an accomplished entertainer in her own right. In addition to being the wife of a statuesque figure, she has worked on both sides of the camera as an actor, screenwriter, and movie director with several credits on the small and silver screens. Discover amazing facts about the actress who despite unexpected family setbacks is breaking barriers in Hollywood.

Lauren Miller Biography

Lauren Miller is an American from Florida, born into a Jewish family on July 24, 1981. Miller and her brother Danny are products of Adele and Scott Miller’s marriage. The actress was initially raised in Long Island but at age 8, her family moved to Lakeland, Florida because of her father’s managerial job at a manufacturing plant.

Miller who always had interests in arts from an early age attended high school at Lois Cowles Harrison Center for the Visual and Performing Arts. Though Lauren initially studied fashion design at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, she later caught the acting bug and switched to acting. She then proceeded to study film at Florida State University.

Career Success

Right after college, Lauren Miller landed a couple of internships, and later worked as an assistant to producer Steve Starkey, before kicking off her acting career in Hollywood. Some of her notable screen credits over the years include short films such as Leaving Baghdad (2003) and Straw Hat (2004). She is also recognized for her roles in the 2007 film Superbad, Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008), the comedy movie Observe and Report (2009), 50/50 (2011) and Someone Marry Barry (2014), among others. On the small screen, Miller also featured in the popular comedy series Ben and Kate (2012) and Grey’s Anatomy (2016).

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After several acting roles in Hollywood, Lauren Miller decided to step behind the camera. In 2012, she co-wrote and starred in the raunchy comedy For a Good Time, Call. More recently, she starred in the 2018 movie Like Father which also doubled as her directional debut.


Lauren Miller is the other half of a high-profile couple. She is happily married to her fellow actor, producer, and screenwriter Seth Rogen. The actors who reportedly met at a party established a romantic connection in 2004 and six years later, they were engaged. Lauren and Seth exchanged nuptial vows on October 2, 2011, in Sonoma County California. Besides their romantic link, the lovebirds have also featured together onscreen in Lauren’s 2018 directional debut Like Father, where Seth played a minor role.

Lauren Miller and Seth Rogen
Lauren Miller and Seth Rogen
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The couple who prefer to keep details of their relationship private does not have any kids yet. However, Seth once disclosed that they are family-oriented and would love to have some in the future. The Rogens’ have been an item for more than a decade and continue to wax strong in their bond with no signs to the contrary. Lauren and her husband Seth live together happily in West Hollywood.

Facts About Seth Rogen’s Wife

  • Family Travails

Lauren Miller dealt with a family heartbreak in 2012 when her mother Adele was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, an experience that provided an emotional foundation for her directional debut Like Father. Though on the surface, Miller’s Netflix dramedy does not mirror her life in reality, however, the movie which chronicles the story of a woman on an emotional journey, is a family story that is dear to the actor’s heart.

  • Activist/Philanthropist

Lauren shares a close bond with her parents and after her mom was diagnosed with an advanced stage of Alzheimer’s in 2012, the Rogens’ had to move her parents to Los Angeles to be closer. That same year, the couple established Hilarity for Charity, a millennial generation organization to raise awareness and support those dealing with Alzheimer’s. In collaboration with other international agencies, the foundation combats the disease by hosting annual fund-raising shows and also gives away free healthcare to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it.

  • Health Regimen

Lauren Miller is a health and fitness enthusiast and has always been frank about her mother’s struggles. Given that Alzheimer’s is quite prevalent within her own family, Rogen takes proactive steps to safeguard her health. In addition to eating good foods like blueberries, curcumin, walnuts, and sardines, she also regularly goes for brain assessments at an Alzheimer’s prevention clinic in New York.

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