Polish Lawmakers To Completely Ban Abortion

Poland’s total abortion ban has stirred up diverse concerns and motives in the country. Before now the Polish laws only permitted abortions on 3 occasions:

  • Health reasons that threatens the life of the mother;
  • If the foetus is deformed; or
  • If the pregnancy was a product of crime(rape or incest).

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From the initial anti-abortion bill, Polish women who have abortions could be jailed for 3-5 years, while health practitioners who illegal carry out abortions could also face five-years imprisonment as well.

Poland has always been a Christian nation, predominantly Catholics. Just like in other developed countries such as France, Christianity has been dwindling.

The Polish Parliament has been divided over the move for a total abortion ban. While members from the Law and Justice party, who are conservatives and have strong ties with the Catholic Church are for it, Pro-choice lawmakers believe a total abortion ban is not the way to go.

The argument over the parliamentary move to completely endorse Poland’s total abortion ban is feared to bring political rifts and intense divisions in the country.

Already there are such arguments as infringement of women’s right over what they do with their body. Other arguments also bother about the potential rise in deaths and illegal abortions.

Opponents of the bill implies a total ban will bring about an imbalance as rich people could always afford to travel out and have the termination done.

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Anti-abortion supporters argue that human life starts at conception and should be protected from that point. Since life starts from conception, the foetus right from then, begins to enjoy the human right to live.

The petition for Poland’s total abortion ban has attracted 450,000 signatures.

Both anti-abortion and pro-choice supporters have been protesting for their voices to be heard. The core argument when it come to abortion is whose right should be considered. The pregnant female or the baby?