Lebo Gunguluza Is Twice Divorced At His Age – What to Know About His Wives

Lebo Gunguluza has been married and divorced twice, first to an inidentified woman (2000-2008) and Lebo Jojo Mokoena (2017-2021). His second marriage produced a son.

Lebo Gunguluza is a popular South African entrepreneur known for his mentorship program that teaches people how to become a millionaire. Although his birth date remains unverified to this day, he was reported to be 46 years old at the time of his interview with forbesafrica.com, this was back in 2016. Going by that, one can as well conclude that the “dragon” is about 51 years old as of 2021. Gunzuluza is famous as one of the judges in the South African version of Dragon’s Den. On December 12th, 2012, he launched an entrepreneurship and mentorship development program that he called the “Twelve Twelve Twelve”.

The program is an initiative where 12 entrepreneurs are carefully selected, groomed, and given all the necessary tools they need to become successful. The success of this program earned him a sit in the famous Dragon’s Den show. The reality television program first aired in Japan in the year 2001. The program formerly called “The Tigers of Money” aims to give entrepreneurs that portray a high growth potential a chance to showcase their business idea’s to private investors who are willing to provide capital in exchange for an equity stake in the new company.

Background Insight Into The Age Milestones of The South African Entrepreneur

He was born in Port Elizabeth, a city in South Africa known for its numerous beaches. Lebo Gunguluza grew up with his widowed mother after losing his father when he was six years old. Gunguluza attended the University of Kwazulu Natal where he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1994. Just like many, Gunguluza did not enjoy the pleasure of coming from a wealthy background, therefore, he had to work and depend on menial jobs throughout his time in school to meet his personal needs.

His career began at South Africa’s public broadcaster (SABC) where he was tasked with the role of promoting the African language stations. He was made a marketing manager of the state-owned media establishment’s radio station, Metro FM when he was 25 years old. On his return, after a broadcasting course in the United States, he joined an advertising firm named Herdbouys as an Accounts Manager. Lebo Gunguluza later resigned from Herdbouys and secured his first business deal with the owner of a nightclub named Insomnia where his role was to market entertainment attractions for the club as he was rewarded on a commission basis.

At the age of 27, he had made his first million. On the rise of his promising career, he became a well-known promoter in the entertainment industry and built a reputation for organizing some of the best parties in Johannesburg. He later partnered with YFM to conceptualize major events. His first business was a record label that later collapsed, causing him to sell his car to settle debts. Lebo Gunguluza owns Gunguluza Enterprises and Media (GEM), a company that controls twelve print publications, a car-hire business, and stakes in many hotels. In 2002, his company GEM became a huge success but shortly after, he began to experience a downturn in business.

Lebo Gunguluza’s First Marriage Began In 2000 and Ended In 2008

The successful South African entrepreneur first got married in the year 2000. At this time, Lebo Gunguluza lived a lavish lifestyle, putting his company in debt and leading him to sell his Porsche in an attempt to rebuild his failing business due to bad decisions that landed him in a R2 million debt.

Much is yet to be learned about his first wife but reports have it that she had to take over a management role at Primi Piatti, a restaurant in Rosebank that Lebo had founded. His wife’s efforts in managing the restaurant were just enough to sustain and provide for their family while Lebo struggled to revitalize his reputation in the business world.

When it was as though things couldn’t get any worse for him, his marriage came crashing. Lebo Gunguluza’s eight-year marriage tanked in 2008 when his wife divorced him.

His Second Marriage Was to Lebo Jojo Mokoena

Known for his lavish lifestyle, Lebo Gunguluza got married for the second time to Lebo Mokoena in a very expensive and well-planned wedding ceremony that saw them fly thirty guests to witness their wedding in Mauritius. Now known as his second ex-wife, Lebo Mokoena is a reality TV star known for Real Housewives of Johannesburg, a show that exhibits the lives of six fiery, glamourous and wealthy Johannesburg women from their family lives to the drama that comes with being wealthy.

Unfortunately for the newly wedded couple, a sex tape of them was leaked online in 2017. The tape captured the couple on bed, kissing and fondling, while Mokoena made the recording. In response to the leaked sex tape, Lebo related that it was an old video they took earlier in their relationship while holidaying in Cape Town.

He further defended their actions by saying they recorded the video because they want to keep memories of their holiday. And also confirmed they never received any demand for a ransom before the video hit public space. Lebo never distanced himself from the leak but attributed it to the theft of his wife’s phone at an event they had attended. They managed to stay strong through this scandalous event.

Why Did Lebo Gunguluza Divorce His Second Wife?

Their union lasted for about three years and the reason for their crashed marriage has not been revealed by the couple. Just like all celebrity weddings turn into a topic for public discussion, Lebo’s marriage was never an exception. There were always rumors regarding their union but those rumors took a solid ground in 2020 when contacts close to the couple noticed some things are unusual. The speculations were fueled when Lebo Mokoena failed to post her husband’s birthday.

Further validating the public scrutiny of their love life, Lebo Gunguluza took to the popular photo-sharing app in March 2021 to announce the split of a two-year marriage that led them to have a baby boy. In his Instagram post, he confirmed they have been separated for almost a year and both parties have finally agreed to part ways but take responsibility for their only son.

Lebo has successfully fought through life challenges, including a failed first marriage. Whether his latest marital troubles posses a threat to his professional life remains unclear. After battling poverty, multiple divorce troubles, and multiple business failures, Lebo Gunguluza continues to learn from his life mistakes. He draws his inspiration from the fact that he had failed so many times in the build-up to his success. Being a self-made millionaire, he aims to grow his net worth to a billion in the nearest future through software development.

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