Lee Harvey Oswald
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There are quite a good number of people who emerged to limelight for negative reasons, just like the case of Lee Harvey Oswald the ex-US Marine that supposedly assassinated the 35th president of the US on November 22, 1963, precisely in Dallas, Texas. His life prior to the incident had been nondescript until that fateful day when the actions he took spoke volumes about the kind of man he was, probably the ilk that nurtures inner monster within. Lee Harvey’s character emerged from a rather difficult past that he spent as a moody recluse which landed him in at infantile reformatories for sessions of psychiatric assessments.

Lee Harvey Oswald was said to have led a life of make-believe; one which revolved around invincibility and power. He later joined the US Marine Corps where he received training in shooting but defected to the Soviet Union later and declare his wish to renounce his US citizenship following an incident in which he shot himself. However, fate and providence took him back to the US where he proceeded to unleash his long list of hostilities and crimes.

Lee Harvey Oswald’s Bio

Lee Harvey Oswald’s place of birth was New Orleans, Louisiana, United States, he was born on the 18th of October 1939. His dad was an insurance premium collector – Robert Oswald Sr. who died of cardiac arrest a couple of months before his birth, consequently, he and his brother were sent to the orphanage by their mum Marguerite Oswald Claverie.

His mother’s remarriage made her relocate to the Bronx, New York along with her kids. While growing up, Lee Harvey changed school several times and was frequently referred to as reserved and unpredictable by his teachers. His psychiatrist’s diagnosis when he went to an infantile reformatory for psychiatric evaluation was that he was suffering from some passive-aggressive inclinations.

In a bid to overcome his emotional difficulties, Lee Harvey Oswald took to reading many socialist-literatures and got the inspiration to join the United States Marine Corps after attending some Civil Air Patrol meetings in 1956.

While he was with the Marine Corps, Lee Harvey established that he was an above-average marksman but had to be court-martialed a couple of times in 1958 after exhibiting aggressive actions and unlawful possession of weapons. After his enlistment with the military service in 1959, he traveled to Moscow where he proceeded to make serious attempt to acquire Russian citizenship. Lee Harvey Oswald was kept under close vigilance in Minsk by the KGB, following the government’s deliberations over his likely role as a secret agent.

1962 saw him back in Dallas Texas in the US as his dissatisfaction with the way of life in the Soviet Union grew, but that did not affect his unflinching support for communism. The next year, he discreetly bought a 38 handgun and a rifle which were later acknowledged as the murder weapons that were used for John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly made an unsuccessful attempt to gun down General Edwin A. Walker and purportedly tried to get out of the country but later settled down to live in Dallas, working diligently at a Texas School Book Depository.

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Prior to the arrival of President Kennedy in Dallas, the routes his presidential convoy would take were well described by the tabloids and it noticeably passed through Lee Harvey’s place of work (the Book Depository) which makes it easy for anybody with bad intentions to plan their moves. When questioned, many of his colleges testified to seeing him on the building’s 6th floor on that day of the assassination, he was said to be gazing fixedly from the window, holding a clipboard, while many others claimed not to have seen him throughout the day. There were still a few who claimed that he mysteriously vanished after lunch.

Lee Harvey Oswald later gunned down President Kennedy from the 6th floor and going by the witnesses reports, he walked into the workplace after a few minutes cool and collected but was understood to have exited the office building before the authorities cordoned it off. Suspicions naturally grew since he was the sole staff missing and a police broadcast with his physical description was already released on TV by the time he got home.

It would appear that the president’s assassination was not his only crime because the armed assassin also gunned down Patrolman Tippit who confronted him on the way. However, the police arrested him at a theater on the same day by 1.40 pm, and before the day ran out, the trigger-happy assassin was charged with the assassination of both President Kennedy and Tippit.

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About His Family (Wife, Children, Brother and Mother)

His mum was Marguerite Oswald Claverie who sent him and his brother Robert Edward Lee Oswald Jr. to New Orleans Evangelical Lutheran Bethlehem Orphanage. Lee Harvey Oswald had a half brother named John Edward Pic.

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He got married in April 1961 to a 19-year-old pharmacology student Marina Prusakova, after they met the previous March. On the 15th of February 1962, they welcomed their first child and the second, a daughter (June Oswald) followed in October 1963 which was barely a month before the ugly events started unfolding in his life. The details of his marital life were never published by any source.

Who Killed Lee Harvey Oswald

Just a couple of days after his arrest, Lee Harvey Oswald was shot dead by Jack Ruby – a Texas night club owner on the 24th of November 1963. The incident occurred while he was being relocated to county jail.

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