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Unarguably, Lele Pons could be best described as an actress with a difference. She has amassed a lot of fortune because of her many endeavors in the world of art. At the age of sixteen, she took her first step towards pursuing her career and today, she has reaped from her many hard works. From all we have gathered, this actress has only begun with her many career escapades, let’s meet her…

Who is Lele Pons and How Old is She?

The star who was born as Eleonora “Lele” Pons Maronese on June 25, 1996, in Caracas, Venezuela is an internet personality, actress, singer, dancer, and host of La Voz… México. Her role in the short form video hosting service, Vine blew her trumpet just before the platform was closed in 2016. Since then, she has gone ahead to create numerous comedy skits for other social media platforms amassing over 12 million subscribers on YouTube and over 31 million followers on her Instagram page. As an actress, she has played several roles in films and television series and has also released a book and a song of her own.

Despite not being born in an English speaking country, Lele Pons has learned the English language from her environment and is now trilingual; she speaks English, Spanish and Italian fluently. Her family lived in Venezuela for a few years before moving to the United States where she was raised. The patriarch of their home, Louis Pons made ends meets as an architecture while her mom Ann Maronesse works as a doctor. Pons was a high school student at Country Day High school and later attended UCLA.

Pons’ social media career started taking form after she was introduced to the video sharing platform vine by her friend when she was sixteen. On the platform, she initially posted creative videos but later changed perspective by venturing into the creation and uploads of comedy skits. Soon, she gathered a lot of viewership and follower-ship on the platform and topped as the most-looped and most-followed Viner of all time just before the platform was shut down by Twitter in 2016. With her contributions on the platform she was recognized with the Teen Choice Awards nomination for Choice Viner in 2014, Streamy Awards nomination for Viner of the Year (2015), Teen Choice Awards nomination for Female Internet Celebrity (2015) and so many more!

Shortly after Vine was shut down, Lele Pons decided to create videos and share them on YouTube. It was with ease that she built her fan-base as she had gained a lot of experience working on Vine. For most of her videos uploaded on her YouTube channel, she partners with Shots Studios and never fails to upload a new comedy skit on Mondays. She has put in a tremendous amount of effort to attain such a successful height; some sources say she incurred an injury while trying to make one of her many funny videos. Apart from her many escapades on YouTube, Lele Pons has also built a massive audience on Instagram.

The Instagram star has achieved a lot with her fame in the entertainment industry; she released a jewelry collection known as UNO magnetic in 2015 and also co-authored the novel, Surviving High School Experience, a book released sometime in 2016.

As an actress, she has earned a lot of credits to her name. She showed her acting prowess in the comedy romance movie, We Love You in 2016 and also in the movie, Escape The Night, a YouTube Red series created by Joey Graceffa. She has also graced a few music videos as a dancer, she was a part of Marshmello’s skate date in the music video, Summer and a host of other videos.

Net Worth

With a lot on her plate, Lele Pons has built a fortune with her many endeavors in the world of art. She has built her career in almost all occupations in the entertainment industry and has proved her relevance in them all. She has played as an actress, singer, model, a fashion aficionado and even as an author. It is believed that her net worth falls at $2 million.


Lele Pons
Lele pons and Twan Kuyper

The actress has had an awesome love life despite the fact that she has only revealed a few of her love escapades. Lele was romantically involved with a YouTuber named Juanpa Zurita in 2015. Being an active Instagram lover, she sure kept her fans glued to every detail of her relationship with Juanpa.  Sadly, she ended the relatioship with the Instagram star that same year and moved on to a Vine artist named King Bach in 2016. Not quite long after that, Lele fell in love again with Viner Twan Kuyper who is currently her boyfriend.

Her Height

With her curvaceous beautiful structure that could be easily seen in most of her uploads on social media platforms, she has won the heart of many displaying her endowed unique frame. Lele stands at 5 feet 6 inches and weighs 63 Kg.

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