Lena Gieseke – Everything About Tim Burton’s Ex-wife

Lena Gieseke is a quite photographer who suddenly sprung to fame after her union to the American Film Director, Tim Burton. She is widely recognized for her passion for arts and her different creative styles of visual effects in different movies, television series, and photos. Also, Lena’s impressive works as a 3D artist in 1½ Knights is globally recognized. There are plenty more fascinating facts about this beautiful lady, stay glued as we tell you more.

Lena Gieseke’s Early Life

In as much as there are not many available details regarding this uniquely talented lady, it is no news that she celebrates her birthday yearly, every 12th of September. Her many picture upload on this day every year proves that her life is filled with so much joy. She is a German, born in 1965.

As regarding the details of her educational background, the artistic lady was a scholar at the California Institute of Arts. There, Lena Gieseke studied Fine Arts and Photography. After graduating from school, she proceeded to Wimbledon College before rounding off her studies at Goldsmith College in London.

Lena’s career took form after she moved to the United States of America, however, she didn’t set out for a job until she graduated from college. So, upon graduation, Lena began to work on several movies and television projects as a visual artist. She created several beautiful visual effects making every image more real than a facade. Her first officially recognized job was with the movie, 1½ Knights. Meanwhile, Lena was doing wonders as a photographer as she had already honed her skills while in school and was creating breathtaking images as well as sculptures.

She subsequently served as a modeler for various television series including the 2009 mind-blowing sci-fi movie, 2012 and the rest of them. In movies like Westflug – Entführung Aus Liebe, Otto’s ElevenHotel Lux, Immortals, Die Jahrhundertlawine, Vicky and the Treasure of the Gods, and When Santa Fell to Earth, she was the skilled hands behind the beautiful visual effects the movies had. Then, in Berlin’36 and Vicky the Viking, Lena Gieseke played as a 3D artist in the movie.

How She Met and Married Her Former Husband Tim Burton

When it comes to the love life of the reputable artist, Lena Gieseke has passed through thick and thin of love. She was once married to Tim Burton, however, due to Tim’s extramarital affair, the love they once shared turned sour.

Lena and Tim met for the first time in 1988, shortly after finishing a short course at CalArts and decided to kick start a relationship. They dated for a year before conjugating their union on the 24th of February 1989.  After Tim’s extramarital affair with a lady named Lisa Marie came to the limelight, Lena finalized her divorce with him on the 31st day in the month of December 1991.

The former couple did not have any kids and have since then moved past their brief romantic spell. As of the day this article was last edited, Lena is yet to be romantically linked with anyone and is said to be building her life as well as her career.

Lena Gieseke’s Net Worth

With a rare skill like hers, Lena Gieseke over the years has worked extensively as an impeccable photographer and artist. Her career has spanned over a couple of years and of course, she has been rewarded for all of her works. For all her plenty of movie gigs, it is believed that her total financial worth is estimated to be summed at $1 million while her ex-husband sits on a net worth of $140 million.

More so, some reports have it that Lena earned extra money after she divorced her husband as she got handsomely settled by her ex-husband. However, there are no details of the divorce settlement anywhere near public records.

Lena Gieseke’s Body Measurements

If there were any hidden attributes about the photographer, her beautiful framed body is an exception. At a glance, Lena’s attractive looks could cast a spell on anyone. She is a slim framed beauty who stands at a good height and carries a perfectly balanced weight; neither too lean or fat. She has full black hair and is brown-eyed.


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