Intricate Details of Lena The Plug’s Childhood, YouTube Success and Love Story With Adam22

This former nanny, clerk, uber driver and now social media sensation has got the whole world talking about her for both the right and wrong reasons. Her real name is Lena Nersesian but she is famously known as Lena the Plug, a name she got from former colleagues.

Currently running a YouTube channel with over one million subscribers, this celebrity bad girl is definitely a character to know about. She keeps courting controversy with every post she uploads and doesn’t seem to be fazed by the repercussions that have haunted her since she launched her online career. Lena the Plug’s childhood holds a lot of answers to the lifestyle and career path she has chosen today.

Lena The Plug Was Raised In A Conservative Armenian Home

Lena the Plug was born on the 1st of June, 1991, in California, USA. She is an American by nationality but holds an Armenian ethnicity. She was born into a very Christian family where she was forbidden to discuss anything related to sex or sexuality and Lena was raised as the only child of her parents.

Thus, it may not be entirely wrong to assume that growing up under her parents was not the best time of her life as there were many things she wanted to do but couldn’t. When she finally cut loose, she blew things out of proportion.

Growing up in the town of Glendale, California, Lena finished her high school education in 2009. After leaving high school, she got admission into the Santa Cruz University of California to study Psychology. During her time in college, she reportedly went to Lund University in Sweden for 12 months, studying as an exchange student. It is evident that the young star’s stay in Sweden played a pivotal role in shaping her life and she is very fond of her memories in the country. She repeatedly makes references to the wonderful people she met there and the food she ate.

2013 was a special year indeed for Lena the Plug as she graduated from college with a GPA of 3.69. Immediately after graduation, this smart young lady was offered an admission to pursue a post-graduate program at the University of California. Unfortunately, Lena was forced to turn down the offer as she could not afford the requested fee of $80,000.

She Did Odd Jobs After College

Naturally, one would expect that after graduation, Lena would pursue a career closely related to her psychology degree. But it appears she did not, much to the frustration of her parents. Instead, she picked up mundane jobs like being a clerk at a grocery store, being an Uber driver and even working as a nanny.

Soon enough, she ventured into social media and organized campaigns for specific clients of the startup she was working with. How did this young girl from California become a social media sensation? Turns out after stepping a foot into the versatile world of social media, Lena decided that this was the perfect place for her to spread her wings and do the things she always wanted to. Breaking into the YouTube space was the major step that made her an internet sensation.

The Birth Of Lena The Plug

She did the needful by starting her own personal YouTube channel in 2016. The name of her channel is simply ‘Lena the Plug’ and initially, she kept her viewers glued by posting workout and lifestyle vlogs. From time to time, she posts exercise tutorial videos, helping her viewers achieve physical fitness. She is also very open about her personal life and repeatedly gives her fans a glimpse into her private life. In all, Lena would pull every stop to give her fans interesting videos and uploads on social media and this is why they keep coming back for more.

It appears her career hit the roof in 2017 when she promised her fans a sex tape on one condition. Yes, you read that right! She broke the internet by promising her fans she would release a sex tape with her boyfriend if they helped her and the said boyfriend get to a million subscribers on her channel. She made this promise in a video titled $EX TAPE AT 1 MIL.

A pretty bold approach in her quest for fame but that’s what the online sensation live for. It seems Lena the Plug was taking a cue from more famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian whose sex tape with Ray J was very pivotal in her rise to stardom. Fans and non-fans fell for Lena’s request and soon, she went from 37k subscribers to over a million subscribers.

Interestingly, and sadly for her subscribers, Lena did not keep her end of the bargain. She said that she would not be releasing her sex tape as there were already videos like that of her on the internet. Taking it a step further, she lambasted the people who had subscribed to her channel with the expectation of watching her sex tape. Surprisingly, this outburst did not have a negative effect on her subscriber count as she still has over a million subscribers on her channel.

Social Media Platforms Have Flagged Her Accounts Severally

Considering she posts mostly ‘inappropriate’ content that many find offensive, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Lena the Plug’s accounts have been flagged on many occasions. Notwithstanding, she has not stopped being the controversial lady she gets very excited with.

For the most part, she is happy being a rebel in the family where she was raised to be a reserved Christian. Interestingly, she is not passionate about her current online exploits but maintains it to make a statement against her conservative upbringing.

Lena The Plug Has Dated Both Men And Women

Lena the Plug
Lena and boyfriend Adam22

Of course, you’re interested in knowing who this dramatic and intriguing star is dating. She has been in a relationship with Adam Grandmaison (Adam22) for a while and they have been going strong since 2016. The couple has remained happy with each other for reasons that could relate to the fact that they have a mutual understanding of what they want (they are in an open relationship). Adam Grandmaison is a BMX rider and also a YouTube personality.

Also, she is openly bisexual and reportedly dated a girl while at college.

Her Best Friend Had Sex With Adam22 And She’s Cool With It

One of the perks of being in an open relationship is that you get to taste many waters, so, why not share the excitement with your best friend? Lena the plug once admitted that she allowed her friend called Emily, have sex with her boyfriend to “test” things out.

The two friends usually share their sexual experiences with each other and it wasn’t a big deal to allow Emily to get a taste of her world.

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