Wonho – Lesser Known Facts About the South Korean Singer

Wonho is a South Korean singer and dancer; he was a member of the boy group MONSTA X before leaving in October 2019. His exit was fuelled by ongoing scandals which he says were capable of affecting the popularity and acceptance of the boy group among fans. Wonho was also part of the project Y TEEN. At the time he left MONSTA X, his contract with Starship was terminated. Now solo and fighting to keep his credibility afloat, let’s show you a few lesser-known facts about the South Korean singer. Before that, check out his background details.

Who’s Wonho and What’s His Age?

Wonho was born in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, on March 1, 1993. He began his career in 2015 when he competed in the music competition No. Mercy, which won him entry into the MONSTA X musical band. He got singed under Starship entertainment in 2015 and the same year, was announced as one of seven members of MONSTA X. While there, Wonho parleyed his popularity in the music scene into acting. He appeared in the movie High-end Crush (2015) and a music video for Sistar’s Shake It (2015).

From the very start, Wonho didn’t think music would one day become his thing. The singer once turned all his creative energies to Taekwondo. However, when a major injury forced him into a break, Wonho gets called over to Starship. Inspired by the hard work and dedication the trainees put into their work, Wonho chose to become part of the organization.

Lesser Known Facts About Wonho

1. How He Got The Name Wonho

His actual name does not have “Wonho” in it. While some music artists capitalize on one out of their three or two actual names to make up their stage names, Wonho isn’t one of those. There are no sources stating where he got his name. What we know, however, is that Wonho has its roots in the South Korean language.

2. Pre-debut Struggles

He stayed away from home for a long period before his debut. The reason is, Wonho’s mom had advised him not to come home. To fund his training at Starship, his family had sunk most of their resources and were already at the brink of bankruptcy at the time. Being the longest training member with Starship Entertainment, they had reportedly sold their furniture and other precious belonging to see him through.

3. Wonho Is Acrophobic

Wonho has chronic Acrophobia. Being scared of heights is quite normal. However, when that fear crosses a threshold, it qualifies to be a disorder. While filming for one of the music videos at MONSTA X, Wonho was advised to take medication to douse his fear of height from a rooftop.

4. His Dress Style

He prefers oversized shirts. While it’s fanciful for young men his age to wear body-fitted clothes, Wonho isn’t cut out for the norm. He prefers to wear shirts tagged XXL and other loose clothing such as hoodies and black snapbacks.

5. Controversy/Scandal

In late 2019, the “Me Too” controversy began which featured allegations that Wonho owed lots of people money including his friend Jung Da Eun. As the controversy ran deep, Starship Entertainment, on October 31, 2019, announced that they have amicably relieved the singer off the label; they terminated his contract with them.

6. Social Media Following

Wonho is quite active on social media. On Facebook, he has a following of over 62k. There’s also a Facebook page for his Philippine fans that command a following of 5.2k. Also, his Instagram account has a following of 112k. His most active handle is his Instagram account where he shares details of his daily lives and of course, engages with his many fans.

7. Height and Body Measurements

Now in his late twenties, Wonho maintains the well-built physique from his Taekwondo days and still works out to stay healthy. He stands at 1.78 meters (5 feet 10 inches) and weighs 77 kg (170 lb). The musician has dark brown eyes and black hair which he dyes in various shades and colors. There are no details, however, about his chest, biceps, waist or shoe size. What we know however is, unlike his clothes, Wonho wears fitted shoes.

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Bonus Fact

The musician is fond of eating his mom’s Kimchi fried rice. Kimchi fried rice is mostly prepared and consumed in Korean culture. It follows the usual fried rice recipe, however, it is topped with an omelet and is eaten with chopsticks.


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