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Fans of the popular reality show Britain’s Got Talent would perhaps remember Lettice Rowbotham, the sensational violinist from season eight. Unlike most of her colleagues with the grass to grace story, Rowbotham was born with a silver spoon and is no stranger to elite circles. Despite her family background, the violinist who looks up to stars like Beyonce is assiduously working hard to carve out a unique niche for herself in the industry. Find out amazing facts you never knew about the violinist, songwriter, vocalist, reality TV star and YouTuber.

Lettice Rowbotham Biography

Lettice Rowbotham from Dorking, Surrey was born on June 26, 1989. Rowbotham’s musical inclinations can be traced back to her toddler days. After enjoying a live performance by local violinists at age four, she asked her parents for a violin but was given the toy instrument. However, she later got a real acoustic violin in a short while and today the rest is history. The British violinist was convinced of her career path from an early age and thankfully had supportive parents. Before debuting as a professional violinist, Rowbotham first honed her skills in cognate schools. Lettice’s academic records show that she attended Charterhouse, a private school in Godalming and later the Purcell School of Music in Bushey. She also graduated from the prestigious Yehudi Menuhin School.

Family – Parents and Sisters

As earlier hinted, Lettice Rowbotham had a very comfortable upbringing as she was born into an extremely wealthy family, mostly made up of creative minds and artists. There is little or no information readily available about her father but her mother is a famous painter Sheree Valentine Daines. Lettice is the oldest of Sheree’s three daughters. Her younger sisters are Bunty and Felicity.

Lettice Rowbotham, mother and sisters
Lettice Rowbotham, mother and sisters
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Their mother’s work is collected by the Royal Family and one of her impressionist paintings can sell for up to £10,000 apiece. Some of Sherre’s top clients and collectors include celebrities Joanna Lumley, Michael Parkinson, and MP Jeffrey Archer. More so, her artworks have been exhibited at London’s Tate and the Barbican. Lettice Rowbotham currently lives at her parents’ £3 million mansion, in Surrey.

Career, Britain’s Got Talent

After school, Lettice Rowbotham debuted on the music scene as a professional violinist performing mostly in elite circles. She was once part of a female group called High On Heels. But Lettice’s biggest break yet would unarguably be her stint on the popular reality show Britain’s Got Talent Season 8. She apparently wowed the judges with her performance at the audition and made it into the show proper.

Though Lettice did not eventually win the show, she was one of the top finalists. More so, she won the praises of the BGT judges especially that of Simon Cowell who described her as a brilliant and fantastic entertainer. Thereafter, Rowbotham has since leveraged on her fame during the BGT show and is assiduously working her way to the top in the ever competitive industry. In 2018, she teamed up with musician and producer Fenna Rhodes for a single titled Kiss Me.

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Lettice Rowbotham’s family background once caught the attention of reality showrunners. She was offered a starring role by producers of Channel 4’s Made In Chelsea, a reality show which chronicles the lives of young and affluent people in West London, but Lettice turned it down in order to concentrate on her musical career.

5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

  • Socialite

Lettice Rowbotham is not one of those musicians with a rags-to-riches story. Her affluent background has been of advantage in her musical career. A seasoned performer, Lettice has performed just about everywhere including high profile concerts with celebrity audience and fans such as Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Rita Ora, Stephen Fry, and Jessie J, among others. The British violinist who counts former X Factor winner Matt Cardle as one of her closest pals has played for other prominent figures. Notably are performances for Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace, another for late Sir David Frost at both Arundel Castle, West Sussex, and at London’s Royal Albert Hall, and another performance for Russian president Vladimir Putin at his daughter’s Moroccan wedding. She also appeared alongside former X Factor winner Olly Murs, in a BBC Radio live session. Again, Lettice has played at charity events and at the airport.

  • Social Media

Social media is one of the ways through which Lettice Rowbotham has kept herself relevant since after the BGT show. Besides her eponymous YouTube channel where she posts videos of song covers, performances, and her own original songs, Lettice is also active on other popular social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Party Animal

Miss Rowbotham nurtures dreams of someday becoming as big as Beyonce, with her own tours and merchandise. It is no news that the violinist has got plenty of energy and loves partying as well as going to pubs. In fact, during her BGT audition, Lettice admitted that she was far from nervous but hungover. Thankfully, Lettice who has no plans to tone down her extravagant lifestyle still made it through.

  • Hobbies

Besides spending quality time with family, Lettice Rowbotham unwinds through lots of fun activities including skiing, windsurfing, traveling, and painting.

  • Animal Lover

The British violinist is an animal lover. She keeps a dog called Celery as a pet and counts it as part of her most loved of her family circle.

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