Mouth-Watering Facts About Levy Tran’s Early Career as a Model, How She Diversified and Other Facts

Chances are, if you are familiar with Levy Tran, you probably know her as an actress. But before bringing fictional characters to life, she made her name in show business as a tattoo model who displayed the artistic quality and beauty of body art.

It was a modestly successful career and one that paved her way to becoming the woman we are most familiar with today. Levy is now enjoying a successful career working as an actress, fitness enthusiast, TV host. Funnily enough, she started her career as an embalmer.

Levy Tran Turned to Modelling After a Short Stint as an Embalmer

She was born Vy Le Tran in San Jose, California, on April 8, 1983, to Vietnamese immigrant parents. So far, we know she is not an only child, as she grew up in California, together with a younger sibling, Chi. Also, we only have a glimpse of her early education.

Some of the specifics may be unknown, but we know Tran attended high school in California. Following her high school graduation, Tran proceeded to the university, where she majored in Child and Adolescent Development and minored in Mathematics.

After working as a kindergarten teacher for a while, one would imagine her kick-starting a counseling practice for young people or working at the youth section of a rehab facility. Far from it, the Vietnamese-American would go on to embalm corpses at a funeral home, but that was way back in 2011. It was in the same year that she made a quick turn into professional modelling.

In her modelling career, she earned the name “Goldfish” and has so far modeled for top brands such as Inked Magazine, Glass Magazine, and Tattoo Life. Levy Tran’s obsession with tattoos began way back when she was a teen. And although she admitted regretting her first tattoo, the experience and love lit her path to a modelling career.

She Transitioned to Acting After A Brief Turn as a TV Host

With the exposure and clout Levy Tran’s modelling career bought her, she sought to diversify. She found her first TV hosting opportunity in 2012 when she made her TV debut as a guest host on the MTV show Guy Code. The experience’s success remains in balance, but she has not taken up a similar role since.

To observers, it might be down to a controversy involving her appearance in a music video, Asian Girlz, by Day Above Ground in 2013. She came under intense fire from the Asian-American community for appearing in the video about a song that portrayed Asian women derogatorily. Although Tran heartily apologized for her misrepresentation of Asian women, it sure earned her some enemies; and lots of publicity, too.

Levy Tran managed to get over the backlash, though and made her way to acting. She made her first appearance in 2015 as the race starter in Furious 7. In the same year, Tran starred as Vy in Jungle Justice and Mya in an episode of Chosen Kin. She also appeared in the short film, All Men Are Thieves.

Her acting career grew further the following year with appearances in films like Female Fight Squad, The Unwilling, Manifest Destiny, and The Stanford Letter. In 2017, she appeared in more mainstream projects like Shameless, playing Eddie over eight episodes.

Levy Tran
Levy with Lucas Till in MacGyver: image source

She has made other mainstream appearances in The Haunting of Hill House and found a main cast role in MacGyver, as Desi Nguyen. She joined the show in the final eight episodes of the third season before securing a regular cast role in the fourth season.

Overall, Levy Tran has appeared in over 20 movies and TV shows in under five years and does not intend to stop, with further career expansion to fitness training.

Levy Tran is Also a Fitness Enthusiast

If you ask Levy Tran, she will say she is not a trainer. However, she has developed a modest following showcasing her workout skills and training routine on social media. A dedicated Instagram account, @workoutswithlevy_and_carlos, has more than 2,000 followers who log in to watch how the tattoo model/actress keeps fit.

But while she refuses to take on the fitness trainer title, she has admitted she wants a movement of new-age housewives with different physical characteristics. She wants women who look nothing like 60s wives with tattoos, dyed hair, and piercings but still uphold their traditional place in a household. With over 2,000 followers, her movement appears to be coming along nicely.

Her Career Has Made Her A Lot of Money

Is Levy Tran rich by Hollywood standards? Not yet. As a young entrant into the industry, there is still some way to go before entering the rich list. However, to regular folk, her career as a model, actress, and TV host has been financially rewarding enough to earn the rich tag.

Based on projections, the Tattoo Life model has an estimated net worth between $500,000 and $800,000. A lot of it has come from her starring role in MacGyver, and her modeling past has given her a comfortable life in Los Angeles.

She is Taller Than the Average US Female and Has a Fine Physique

Judging from her looks, one might say Tran is in her twenties, but that would be far from accurate. This late-thirties-diva has continued to maintain her youthful glow and hourglass shape. Thanks to her dogged dedication to fitness routines and workouts.

She is 5 feet 6 inches (1.60 meters) tall and weighs 52 Kg. Tran is at least two inches taller than the average US female, currently at 5 feet 4 inches. She also has shiny black hair and dark brown eyes. As for her body, Levy Tran’s commitment to fitness keeps her looking curvy with measurements like 32-24-35 inches for her bust, waist, and hips, respectively.

Her Relationship Status Remains Unknown, but She Might Be Taken

A killer body tends to attract many admirers, and Levy has not been short of that. But when it comes to details about her love life, Tran is not one to spill the beans. She has kept her personal life, especially her dating life, way out of media reach.

As a result, we cannot say specifically if the MacGyver actress is taken or single. However, a bit of lurking through her Instagram page reveals some photos that suggest she might be off the market. But with no official word from her, it remains only a speculation.

However, while her page might offer zero insight into her romantic life, it does tell us there is love in Levy Tran’s life, in the form of her dog, Carlos. He is a regular fixture in her posts, and she has declared her love for him in many ways. He may not be a warm-bodied man, but it appears, for now, he will do.

Levy Tran’s Parents Do Not Love Her Tattoos, but They Love Her Anyways

Going through her Instagram page, one can see that Levy has a wholesome relationship with her parents, especially her mother. However, that is not to say there is no conflict between them, with her tattoo being a hot topic. Since she got her first ink at 18, they have come to love and accept her passion for them, even as she added a lot more.

Levy Tran
image source

Levy now has plenty of them, all engraved all over her body. Her favorite, however, is the zombie. She loves it because of its artistry and having seen it, we kind of agree.

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