Who Are Lex and Alana from Listed Sisters? What Is Their Ethnicity & Is the Show Cancelled?

America is a country built on diversity. Everywhere you look all over the country, a countless number of immigrants or children of immigrants have become an integral part of the fabric of the country. From entertainment to business, immigrants are creating a niche for themselves and climbing to the summit of their respective professions. One family of immigrants that are doing so well is that of LeBlanc, whose daughters, Lex and Alana, are the stars of the HGTV network show, Listed Sisters. The sisters, who also happen to be twins have gained esteem for their show, helping Nashville homeowners to sell their homes.

The sisters have helped themselves to a slice of the American dream through their show, learn more about them and their show by reading below.

Who Are Lex and Alana of Listed Sisters and What Is Their Ethnicity??

The lack of detailed information about their parents has made it difficult to accurately determine the ethnicity of the two sisters. However, going through their social media, we found their older brother, Errol, proclaiming that the family is part Indian as a result of their father’s ethnicity. He also went on to say that the family has traced some of its roots to South America. A look at their mother’s picture suggests European or American origin.

When they were born

Lex LeBlanc Natiello, who is the eldest of the twin sisters was born on Christmas Eve, the 24th of December 1981. She was born two minutes ahead of her sister, Alana. Lex and her sister were born in Los Angeles and were raised in Sin City, Las Vegas.

Not much is known about Lex’s primary formal education. Nonetheless, she graduated from the New York School of Interior Design and worked in the profession for over 10 years in New York before she moved down to Nashville, closer to her sister, Alana.

What made them famous

The show that the sisters started starring on, Listed Sisters, is about the process of renovating a home in readiness for a potential sale. Their show focuses on giving home makeovers in order for the house to attract top prices when it hits the market. On the show, the sisters tackle the different aspects of the process, splitting it along the lines of their expertise. Lex, handles the renovation itself and the design of the home while Alana, who is the realtor handles the listing of the house on the market and making sure it is ready for prospective buyers.

They both have a background in real estate

Lex is an accomplished Interior Designer who is married with two children. After she gave birth to her second child, she started her interior design firm, LAVA Home Design. The name was derived from the first letter of each member of her family – Lex, her name, Anthony, her husband’s name, Vivien and Alister, her children’s names. Since the show started, her firm has seen increased patronage as a result of the exposure and she has opened a new store in Nashville. Lex LeBlanc, who had dreams of becoming an actress has featured on other televised shows like The Arrangement and Brother vs. Brother.

Listed Sisters
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Alana, the second sister/host of Listed Sisters, was also raised in Las Vegas, and just like her sister, nothing is known of her primary education. She is, however, a realtor, whose intimate knowledge of the real estate market in Nashville has been a huge asset to the show. She works as a realtor with Re/Max Elite.

Alana LeBlanc Barnett is also a proud mother of two children. The two sisters are very close, talking multiple times over the phone when they lived far apart and currently live within a minute walk from each other in Nashville, Tennessee. Apart from Listed Sisters, Alana has featured in other shows like Brother vs Brother. In promotion of their show, they have both appeared on the NBC show, Today.

Both Alana and Lex are vegetarians and have kids in the same age group who have playdates and sleepovers together.

Is the Show Cancelled?

Their show bears a resemblance to the popular Property Brothers, both in name and focus – a fact the sisters have acknowledged and voiced. However, currently, Listed Sisters pales in comparison to the Property Brothers and although Listed Sisters has aired for two seasons, ending in March 2018, there has been no announcement yet regarding its cancellation, or plans for a third season.


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