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Lia Kim is a world-class professional dancer and choreographer who has piqued the world’s interest with her unique style of dancing. The South Korean dancer infuses both street funk and urban hip-hop to her dances, making her style very delicate and intricate. It further places her as an inspiration and role model to a lot of dancers in South Korea and beyond.

Thanks to her expertise, Kim has served as a judge in multiple dance competitions around the world and also performed at both national and international events. She is the CEO of 1Million Dance Studio, a dance studio located in Seoul where students from all over the world can connect and have fun through dancing in different forms. To find out more about the age, life, career and personal life of this talented dancer, keep reading.

Who is Lia Kim? (Age)

Lia Kim was born as Kim Hye Rang on the 10th of July 1987 in the city of Seoul, South Korea. While the details on her parents and siblings are unknown, we do know that the young girl developed a strong love for the art of dancing when she was still a child.

For her education, details of the schools she attended in her formative years are unknown. Later on in life, however, she enrolled at Dong-Seoul University in Seoul. Pursuing her childhood ambition of becoming a dancer, Kim furthered her education by obtaining a degree in hip-hop dance from Yon-Sei University.


Lia Kim’s career did not start from choreography but rather from street dancing. She began street dancing in her early days and she would compete in many local dancing competitions, gaining a reputation that allowed her to enter into professional choreography.

Kim has been a participant in numerous dance competitions, both nationally and internationally, and has won multiple awards for her ability. At the popping category of the Euro Battle which held in Portugal, she placed second but managed to emerge as the winner of the popular Dosi Hip-Hop festival and of the World Dance Competition.

With all these accolades to her name, Lia Kim was definitely heading for success and did not relent in her hard work. In addition to competing at various dancing competitions, she has also performed at and even hosted a bunch of other entertainment-related events.

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Kim was the opening act at the 2017 New York Fashion Week. She has also served as a judge and panelist on dance competitions and even reality shows like the famous World of Dance and Astro Battle Ground. She then served as the head dance instructor at dance camps such as “For Dance Camp” and “Urban Dance Camp” after which she was hired to be the lead choreographer for a concert by Korean singer Lee Hyo Lee.

It appears Lia Kim is also a budding entrepreneur as she is the co-founder and CEO of the 1 Million Dance Studio which is located in Gangnam, Seoul. Most of her routines are performed while she wears high heels and this definitely brings the spice we all love to see in a dance routine. Sometimes, however, she wears sneakers paired with comfortable sweats for her dance routine.

Lia Kim
Lia Kim and South Korean singer Jo Kwon

Lia Kim’s collaboration is very strong and has no doubt helped her get to where she is in her career. First, her studio has collaborated with other talent management agencies including SM Entertainment, LOEN Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and CJ E&M. Because of her talent and popularity, she has been approached by many pop artists and bands to choreograph routines for their music videos. Some of these artists are Jay Park, After School, 2PM, Melody Day, Got7, and Wonder Girls.

Lia Kim also has a YouTube channel called “Lia Kim Choreography” where she posts dance videos from her class. She made the channel in 2013 and posted her first video in December of that year. Her channel has about 12 million subscribers.

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Is She Married or Dating Anyone at the Moment?

Outside the world of dancing, Lia Kim is known quite well for keeping a low profile on her life. That being said, the dancer has not been linked to anyone and there are no details of her ever being married or in any relationship in the past.

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