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Liana Brackett is a charismatic broadcaster who loves explaining weather to people. An inspiration to other young females in weather and science, the weather girl passionately followed her dreams and has gone on to establish herself as a household name. From working as an intern to working for the government and then to private media houses, Brackett’s hard work in the industry has arguably paid off. Explore interesting facts about the meteorologist who intends to take the world by storm!

Liana Brackett’s Age and Biography

Unlike her career, there is a dearth of information about Liana Brackett’s personal life. While she has not disclosed details regarding her birthdate, parents, siblings, family background, childhood, and elementary education, we do know that Liana is a native of California and was first raised in her hometown of Temecula.

Her family later relocated to Portland, Oregon. The Californian weather girl is of mixed ethnicity as she also has Mexican heritage. Going by her academic records, it is safe to say Brackett was certain of her career path quite early in life. For her tertiary education, she first studied Communication and Media Studies and later topped up her profile with another bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Science.


Liana Brackett kicked off her broadcasting career right after college. First, she had a brief one year stint as an intern with the KCRA TV channel. Next, she landed a job as a weather forecaster with the federal government working for the National Weather Service in Portland, Oregon. After six dedicated years of service with the government establishment, Liana moved on to FOX 12 Oregon in Portland in December 2015. With her unmatched expertise and poise, Brackett established herself as a charismatic weather girl and soon landed another job in Atlanta about a year later. She joined The Weather Channel family in October 2016 as an on-camera meteorologist. An invaluable addition, Liana who loves explaining the weather to people every day and dressing up for the camera, has gone on to give the network a run for their money.

Liana Brackett is an unusual meteorologist and is not afraid to try out new things. In 2018, she added another feather to her cap as a model and beauty queen after winning the Mrs. Georgia America pageant. Interestingly, the competition was Brackett’s first pageant ever and she was inspired to participate after attending a Tony Robbins conference the previous year.

Husband, Parents, and Family Facts

Since she came into the limelight, Brackett has done a good job at concealing details of her personal life. Consequently, there is little or no information about her parents and early life.

Liana and David Brackett
Liana and David Brackett
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On the other hand, it is no secret that the meteorologist is happily married to her heartthrob David Brackett. While the couple has been quite discreet about their romance, we do know their union dates back to August 2015 when they exchanged marital vows. Ever since then, Liana and David have remained inseparable and have so far, done a good job at striking a balance between family and career. Their union has not produced any kids yet and it is uncertain if the couple has any plans for that in the near future. Liana and her hubby currently reside in Marietta, Georgia, and together they are parents to two cute canines, Dolce and Dasher.


Liana Brackett has a svelte hourglass figure and does not hesitate to show off her curves in body-hugging dresses. There is no information readily available about the broadcaster’s height by if her physique on camera is anything to go by, it is safe to say she stands at an average height which is mostly augmented by stilettos. More so, she weighs about 59 kg and her other body measurements are bust – 36 inches, waist – 25 inches, and hips – 37 inches.

Other Interesting Facts About Liana Brackett


Liana Brackett has been in broadcasting for over a decade. Through hard work and dedication, she has established herself as a household name and also been recognized in the industry. During her time with the National Weather Service, Liana received several awards for her charismatic weather reporting and team spirit.


By the side, the meteorologist and beauty queen is also an activist who works with the Science, Technology, Engineering, (Arts), and Math – STE(A)M platform. Within and outside school walls, she inspires, encourages and mentors students and young professionals in STE(A)M careers. She is also a dedicated volunteer who has worked mostly with kids. For about ten years, she volunteered for ‘Big Sister’ in the ‘Big Brothers Big Sisters’ organization.

Art Interests

Though more science inclined, Liana Brackett also loves arts and its various forms of expression. A ballet lover, she once danced en pointe and partook in Latin & Ballroom dancing competitions during her undergraduate days.


In addition to spending quality time with family, Brackett is an avid traveler who loves exploring new places. Curiosity and work have taken her to various cities across the globe including Italy, France, Mexico, Portugal, Barbados, and France, among others.

Social Media

Liana Brackett is not only seen on the mainstream media but also on social media. Our investigations reveal she is present and has amassed a sizeable fanbase on popular social networking sites including Twitter and Instagram. With her killer selfies, Liana stays winning at the social media game and often shares tidbits of both her professional and personal life with teeming fans.

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