Great News! Libya Reclaims Sirte Port From IS Militants

Libyan forces have recorded a success in the fight against IS militants. Recent report says that the Libyan troops have reclaimed the Sirte port.

This indeed deserves a commendation since the Sirte Port is one of the top IS bases after Iraq and Syria. The militants were attacked and defeated by the Libyan troops through air and missile strikes.

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Last month the United Nations supported the Libyan armies in the fight against the IS insurgents. Fortunately, the coalition is yielding positive results. Reclaiming the Sirte Port is particularly significant since it is the hometown of deposed Libyan ruler Muammar Gadaffi.

According to the Libyan troop spokesman, Ahmed Hadia, this is an encouraging achievement. However they still more work to do. He says the IS militants have been weakened “but not totally broken down”.

The battle line was drawn when Ougadougou conference centre became an IS command centre. It is reported that the Libyan troop and the IS militants clashed seriously in the bid to reclaim the centre. The Libyan government says 2 soldiers were killed and 8 injured.

The military observed that explosives set by the militants along the way were not as tactically done as they used to. This supports the fact that the terrorists have really been hit.

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In the month of May world powers agreed to step into the Libyan insecurity propagated by IS militants. They armed the Libyan troops for the fight to defeat the insurgents.

With the gradual progress in the battle against IS, there is hope that Libya is one step away from attaining political unity. BBC says that “the anti-IS forces fighting in Sirte are largely made up of militia brigades from Libya’s third largest city, Misrata.”