President Obama recently admitted that Libya’s aftermath is the worst mistake of his presidency. As much as he believed it was the “right thing to do” at the time, Obama regrets not foreseeing the future of Libya during the  intervention.

He recently made this public knowledge in his Fox news interview with Chris Wallace.  In response to his worst mistake question as president, Obama said this:

“Probably failing to plan for the day after, what I think was the right thing to do, in intervening in Libya.”

In collaboration with other countries of ‘like minds’, the United States government launched strikes to protect civilians during the 2011 Libyan uprising. With their help, Gaddafi was dethroned.

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Without apologies, Gaddafi (just like Mugabe) publicly and staunchly detested imperialism. For this reason, many controversies hulled up at his depose and humiliating death. Under the governance of Gaddafi, Libya was set to launch the mass production of the “Libyan Roket”. An exotic automobile that would have been the world’s safest car. The dead Libyan leader had worked on this innovation for years. He designed it himself.

Colonel Gaddafi was a dictator and a seriously controversial figure. However, to a huge extent, he performed his obligatory duties – providing free and affordable basic amenities for his people. He patronized the Pan-African concept and co-founded the African Union (AU). He oversaw the construction of the world’s largest irrigation in Libya.

Bearing these in mind and judging from the timing of his death, it is believed that there could be another side to the story. After his death, Libya’s aftermath took a turn for the worse. Currently it is nothing to write home about.

Politically Libya has witnessed a high level of dysfunctionality – a chaotic nation with a torn parliament. Adding to the sad situation, the Islamic State insurgents have also made the African nation their abode. Desperate migrants increasingly flock Libya as a take-off point to Europe.

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So when President Obama takes the responsibility for not giving due thought to the aftermath of deposing Gaddafi, we take it that he is displeased with the current state of things in the African country. In other words, he regrets the failure on his part as president to plan for the future of Libya after Gaddafi’s depose.

As the President expressed his regrets, he also critiqued the French and British government. President Obama said the British Prime Minister David Cameron became “distracted” after the Libyan intervention.