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Jeanette Nolan is not an actress who is known by movie watchers of the 21st century but this does not in any way question her credibility as an actress or diminish her contributions to the growth of the film industry. Nolan was one of the biggest actresses of cinema, radio, and television in the years between the ’40s and ’60s. She could be rightly described as a veteran. To learn about the life and eventual death of this actress of great repute, keep reading.

Life of Jeanette Nolan

Ada and Edward Nolan on the 30th of December 1911, welcomed their daughter Jeanette Nolan to their family; she is one of the three children her parents had. She was born in Los Angeles California where she was raised; while Abraham Lincoln High School was where she got her high school diploma from. Jeanette Nolan went ahead to attended the Los Angeles City College and it was while she was at this community college that she ventured into acting.

The Pasadena Playhouse is where she got her first acting role starting what would become an illustrious career that would last for more than six decades.

Nolan’s acting career is not limited to just visual acting as she also had many performances as an actress on radio series. Her voice acting on the radio is the hallmark of her career as she had the ability to re-create a wide range of accents and the versatility of her skill was widely recognized. Jeanette Nolan’s first role was on the radio show Omar Khayyam, where she played the role of one of the Hindu girls in the series. The series was played in more than one continent and it was the first time that KHJ, the station that aired the show would achieve that feat.

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As at when she played that character, Jeanette Nolan described the experience as being overwhelming, as she was a young girl who had no prior experience in that type of acting. Her performance in Omar Khayyam was so impressive that Nolan got cast in a number of radio series between 1932 and the early 50s. In 1948 she had her debut film role by playing Lady Macbeth in the film Macbeth, a film that was based on the popular Shakespeare play. Critics hated the film but this did not affect Nolan’s career in any way as she went on to appear in other movies, but was mostly cast in supporting roles.

She is particularly known for her character in the noir film, The Big Heat where she played Bertha Duncan. Her success in film and radio cannot be compared to the success she enjoyed on the small screen. Her biggest roles in television were on The Virginian and Dirty Sally. As a result of the work she did on Dirty Sally which is a spin-off of Gunsmoke, Jeanette Nolan also had appearances in Gunsmoke and she is known as the only actress with the highest number of guest appearances on Gunsmoke.

Two years after her career kicked off in 1932, Jeanette Nolan got married to John McIntire, who also worked in the film industry as an actor; McIntire was also one of radio’s biggest voice actors in the 30s and 40s and the both of them had the opportunity to act in radio series and television shows together on many occasions. The stars had two children together, Tim and Holly. Tim went on to have a film career just like his parents but in 1981, he died as a result of the problems he had with drinking and drugs. Nolan and her husband remained married until he died in 1991.

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Jeanette Nolan had a successful career as an actress, with the over 200 appearances she made on television shows and her four Emmy nominations. The first time she got nominated was in 1964, the other years were 1966, 1974 and 1978.

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Death: When Did Jeanette Nolan Die and What Did She Die Of?

Jeanette Nolan’s career ended in 1998 and this is because this is the same year that she died. Nolan had died on the 5th of June in 1998; the cause of her death was a stroke. Her body was laid to rest at the Tobacco Valley Cemetery in Eureka, Montana as she spent her last living years in the state of Montana; it is also the same cemetery where her husband was buried.

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