life changing skills

There is a saying about how the best things in life are free and while that may not be strictly true, there are some things that you can enjoy and learn to do without money.

That is to say that the amount of money that you have in the bank is not an immediate determinant of how your life will be forever, there are some life changing skills that cost no money at all to develop.

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These life changing skills are sometimes the difference with people who remain at their current level and people who break out of it and climb higher. Today we will share five life changing skills that you can work at with no money and in time have them working for you, to make you a better version of yourself.

Here they are, five life changing skills you can work at even when you are broke;

Learn How To Manage Your Personal Finance:

life changing skills

This is a skill that many people learn too late, being unable to adequately allot the resources that you have, spend less and save more, will have you constantly doing damage control.

You should learn how to draw up budgets, set up an accountability system and determine to save a little off the top of whatever you earn. That way, when you do get around to earning more, you will be able to spend wisely.

This is to put it simply, an invaluable life changing skill. Think what you could then use your savings to do.

Learn How To Invest:

life changing skills

You know that money you now have from learning how to manage your personal finance and in essence, saving, you should use it to start investing.

Learn about the game before you get into it; from terminology to real life examples of which type of investments really pay off, you can gather a number of online resources that will soon help you cut your teeth in the investment world (stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.).

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Learn How To Speed Read:

This is a vital skill. There is so much information that you need to get down each day, that you must teach yourself not only to read widely, but to do it speedily.

Books and articles or other reading materials condense knowledge from a variety of fields and experts and serve them up to us on a platter. They can therefore significantly increase our knowledge base and subsequently, the quality of our lives.

So you should fit in bouts of reading into whatever daily schedule you have and this demands that you learn how to read faster. You can search out apps or books that teach how to speed read.

Learn How To Meditate:

life changing skills

Meditating is a skill that will help you retain and compartmentalize all that knowledge that you have picked up from reading. Add to that, that it has been scientifically proven to increase happiness levels, reduce stress, and enhance productivity to get more done throughout the day and you have a life changing skill that will serve you well.

Learn How To Excel At Public Speaking:

life changing skills

Well, because to get ahead, you must speak publicly. you cannot do without this life changing skill. So practice daily with an intent to hone your public speaking skill. It will be invaluable when you need to talk and impress those new contacts.