Success Tips

Success Tips– Everyone wants to be successful… but while some dream it, some others work it.

Ever wondered how it is that you dare to dream a far-off possibility but lack the will to move towards it?

This article wants to say to you that day dreaming is not allowed if taking steps to achieve the dream is not part of it. It wants to share the success don’ts that can make your dream come true.

Success may not always reflect in material gains especially at the initial stage. So with or without the good car, exotic mansions and luxury vacations to Hawai, what makes your life interesting is change, positive change, the kind of change that brings growth.

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Here are some of the things to quit if that project of yours must be achieved:


1. Quit Procrastination

You’ve been dreaming about this project for as long as you remember but somehow, you just keep putting it away for an unknown futuristic time.

What you simply need is discipline, a plan and a will to get started. You must understand that the farther we are from getting to work, the harder it will be to achieve it.

Don’t worry about the challenges. They are meant to be overcome. And if you don’t get started they will always appear bigger than your dream.

There is never a perfect time to start.

2. Start With A Small Imperfect Step

Just like there will never be a perfect time to start, you may probably not have started in the most perfect way possible. You will make mistakes… make them, learn from them and get moving.

It is better to start with small imperfect steps than idle away waiting for an imaginary perfect moment.

The little baby steps that we take add up to make the bigger and better picture. One step at a time.

3. No Excuses

Life is all about making decisions and taking responsibility for them. You should not blame anyone for not turning out successful. If we understand that, then you will act like you were really in charge of your life.

“Whether you can or can’t you are right” because in the end it is your decision to take.

Excuses show up when we either lack the will or have the fear of the unknown to pursue a cause. So we often use people as excuses to shy away from our responsibilities.

4. Stop Running Away From Change

Of course you already know this- change is the only thing constant in life.

In some cases change only comes when you move and give that challenge your best shot. Change brings growth.

Running from your problems and fears is not an ingredient for success. Face them head on and tackle them. Always remember that if you don’t own your problems, they will own you; If you don’t face your fears, they will hunt and frustrate you.

5. Don’t Try To Control The Uncontrollable

While you cannot control some forces, you can choose how you respond to it. This serenity prayer may help:

“God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference.”

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6. Don’t Talk Down On Yourself


Think positive about yourself all the time. It pays to have a positive perception about life and you purpose of existence. Many people may have many opinions of you but what works the most is what you think and believe of yourself.

7. Trash The Fault Finding Attitude

Habitually finding faults with people is as unattractive as it is unproductive. It is often true that how you criticize others is just about how much you condemn yourself.

Besides that, what goes round, comes round. Constructive criticism is welcome but the best is ultimately to find and see the good in others.

8. Live In The Present Time

The past is dead and gone. The future is yet to come. All you are sure of is today, the present time, the best you could do is to seize the day and make the best out of it.

Don’t get lost dreaming of that Bahamas vacation while faced with a pile of files in front of you. Deal with the files, get paid and in time make the vacation a reality.

That’s how it is when we are consumed by the glamour of our dreams. Well to have that, someone has to be ready to work hard for it.

9. Don’t Compare Yourself With Anyone

Being you is the coolest thing you can do for you. Someone will always be bigger and better than you are. But only you can bring out the unique God-given potentials in you.

If you must know, there is just one YOU in the entire universe. No one can ever take your place. So while we are here, let’s make it worth it.

10. Don’t Be An Ingrate

Last but not the least, let’s be grateful for the much you have at every given time. Let’s be thankful for life, family, for the hard times, the friends who walked away and those who stayed.

Appreciate today, work hard and hope for the best in future.