Life Story of Sarah Bassey and Challenges She Faced as Nathaniel Bassey’s Wife

Sarah Bassey is popular as the wife of the minstrel Nathaniel Bassey and the two share a very adorable love story. They actually crossed each other’s paths when Nathaniel went to minister in Eket so many years ago. At first, a lot of people frowned at their relationship but that did not hinder them from taking the bold step of tying the nuptial knot in 2013. It is also known that beyond being Nathaniel’s wife, Sarah supports his musical career and works behind the scene during production sessions. More so, she is a pivotal part of his ministry as a youth pastor as she also mentors young ladies about chastity.

Profile Summary Of Sarah Bassey

Profile Summary of Sarah Bassey

  • Full Name: Sarah Bassey
  • Date of Birth: August 3rd
  • State of Origin: Akwa Ibom
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Children: 2
  • Tertiary Institution Attended: University of Uyo
  • Profession: Computer Scientist
  • Occupation: N/A
  • Popular As: The wife of Nathaniel Bassey

Sarah Bassey Hails From The Same State As Her Husband

Sarah Bassey who is notable as the wife of Nathaniel Bassey, a well-known gospel minister, and pastor hails from the same state as her beau who is an indigene of Akwa-Ibom. In this Nigeria’s southern coastal region, the Efik and Ibibio languages are widely spoken and it is possible that she speaks both of them fluently since she was raised there.

Not much is known about the identity of her parents and her siblings apart from the fact that she has 4 siblings. More so, it is gathered that she was born in Eket which indicates that her parents are based in that region of Akwa Ibom. She is also known to have attended the University of Uyo where she bagged a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

The Couple’s Love Story Started In Church

When Sarah met Nathaniel Bassey, he was not the famous gospel celebrity he is today. He was not well known or even rich. According to reports, Nathaniel Bassey met her when he was ministering at her church, where she was serving in the protocol. Sarah was one of the protocol members that assisted him while on an evangelistic tour to Eket, Akwa Ibom. Although the entire love story still remains vague, it is believed that the pair connected during that visit, and the budding gospel singer recalled telling her that he loved God and worked hard and that if she agreed to marry him, he will take her away from the Mkpok local government and they will travel the world touching people for Christ.

This was definitely not the typical kind of marriage proposal, coupled with the fact that the man in question had what can be best described as a ‘rickety car’. Many people also thought Nathaniel Bassey had nothing to offer Sarah but she went on to marry him and her faith and belief in him eventually paid off. According to Sarah, she laughed about how when she first met Bassey, he was stealing glances at her through the mirror and how he gradually became a vital part of her existence several years later.

Sarah Bassey Is A Very Supportive Christian Wife

Sarah is a lovely woman who knows how to balance her personal life while looking after her husband. More so, it is believed that she is also musically inclined and that does not come as a surprise since she has such a talented spouse who has released several hit songs over the years. Sarah is also an integral part of her husband’s success as she works behind the scenes to support his career both as a gospel artist and pastor. Although she has not outrightly stated the capacity she operates in, she has hinted on several occasions that she loved working for her husband and would not trade that for anything in the world.

As of now, Sarah hasn’t collaborated on any of her husband’s songs, but she intends to do so in future productions. She also supports her husband’s very popular online #Hallelujah challenge. This is also needful because as a pastor’s wife, she has to be involved in ministry work, and in line with that, she is a well-known advocate of non-premarital sex – a crucial principle in courtship which her husband supports. Sarah has actually carved out a niche for herself which involves inspiring and motivating young women to keep themselves pure and chaste before marriage.

The Basseys Are Blessed With 2 Children

Sarah and her famous husband have created a beautiful family and are blessed with two lovely children, a boy, and a girl. Although not much is known about their kids, it’s been gathered that their son, David was born in February 2014 and their daughter arrived a few years later. As of now, the kids are quite young so one can tell if they will end up on the same career path as their dad but it might just be possible with both parents being music enthusiasts.

The lovebirds once took to social media to detail how their relationship has grown since they met – this was shared when they celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary in 2020. Prior to this time, the pair are constantly seen sharing beautiful pictures of themselves and their family while celebrating each other. According to Sarah Bassey, her husband is a very romantic man who believes in showcasing his love at all times, not just on special occasions.

The couple has also been featured on several magazine covers and they are known for their uplifting and inspiring music. More so, there is hardly anything negative about them making rounds on the internet and their union can be referred to as an ideal Christain love story.

Bassey Faced Criticisms For Choosing The Gospel Genre

Prior to becoming a gospel star, Nathaniel and his wife faced ridicule because he abandoned his very lucrative Jazz career that was bringing him international recognition to become a gospel artist and work in the church. All things being equal, Nathaniel Bassey could have continued in his Jazz music career, but he suddenly began to have a deep yearning within him more than the ordinary. He sensed that his musical talents were beyond just him, but a tool to worship, honor, and bring men to God.

This began a new level of born-again experience for Nathaniel Bassey; and with the mentorship and guidance of Late Pastor Eskor Mfon, the former Pastor of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, City Of David Parish, he made a transition and a gospel music ministry was born. Though he was ridiculed by friends and some family members for the change in his music career path, Nathaniel Bassey decided to follow the call within him and his wife Sarah, stood by him in support all through.

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