This Is Lil Wayne’s View On Racism – Doesn’t Exist

Sparking a variety of reactions lately in the black American community is Lil Wayne’s racism views.

Lil Wayne is a famous rapper and black American entertainer with fans all over the world. It was rather strange for the black community in America when the superstar says in plain language that he has never experienced racism; instead he has experienced a whole lot of blessings.

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With the controversies of the Black Lives Matter in the United States, Lil Wayne dampens and in fact ridicules the principal view of the movement.

In a recent interview, the talented rapper had said that his views on racism is responsible for detaching himself from the Black Lives Matter movement and the recent Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest.

“God knows that I have been nothing but blessed … I’ve never dealt with racism. I thought [racism] was over, I still believe it’s over. But, obviously it isn’t … ”

According to Wayne, racism does not exist.


There has been reactions to Lil Wayne’s racism views. While some think it is refreshing to have a black star who is not exhibiting the “victim mentality”, others think he is living in denial or perhaps making the comments with an ulterior motive.

Wayne considers the turn up of white people to his concerts as a proof of his belief that racism does not exist.

“I thought that was clearly a message there was no such thing as racism. That was a perfect example… When I open my eyes and I see everybody …”

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He further explained that he makes music for “everybody”- not specifically for either blacks or whites.

The Louisiana rapper honored the Undisputed interview to re-assure his fans that he was not retiring anytime soon. In the course of that, he gave the black American community a heavier food for thought.

Lil Wayne’s racism views came across as insensitive to most blacks considering the recently heightened racial clashes. An example will be the multiple murder cases of blacks by white police officers.

According to Lil Wayne, he understood he would be slammed for his racism views but he let them out anyway.