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The multi-billion dollar gaming industry has made celebrities out of folks who society would’ve erroneously tagged “lazy and playful.” These breed of exceptionally talented and game-nerds are have, in more recently earned their place in the celebrity spectrum. One of these is the Canadian video gamer, Lilchiipmunk, whose gaming prowess has earned her an enviable following on social media platforms like Twitch as well as Instagram. What’s more? She is best known for keeping her fans fixated, as she live-streams League of Legends; a well-known multiplayer online battle arena video game.

As her popularity continues to grow, there’ve been more questions about her background and of course, her real name. Though fans have been a lot keener about her real name. While we answer that, let’s also show you five interesting facts you probably don’t know about Lilchiipmunk.

Lilchiipmunk’s Biography

Lilchiipmunk was born—Caroline—in Canada on November 28, 1993, to parents of Romanian and Vietnamese descent. Although, there haven’t been much information about her childhood, early education, siblings, parent or what they do for a living, we believe she must’ve been born into a high-income family with parents who gave her the support to follow her passion in gaming and make a name for herself in the male-dominated space. We also know that she spent a greater part of her childhood in Canada.

Her interest particularly fell on the multiplayer online battle arena video game; League of Legends. After gaining sufficient mastery, Lillchiipmunk took her hobby to a whole new level when she opened a Twitch account in 2014 for the sole purpose of live streaming her gaming sessions to anyone who cared to watch. It didn’t take long before fellow gamers began to notice something special about her gaming style and ability; it was remarkable, to say the least. Although there was one challenge.

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Fellow gamers complained about her indecent dressing; especially the conservatives. She was accused of appearing lewd. Not one to be bothered, Lilchiipmunk gave little attention to her “naysayers.” On the flip side, her dress sense appealed to a greater majority and before long, her Twitch account had garnered over 400k followers. Here are five facts you need to know about her.

5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About the Gamer

1. Net Worth

Where else should we start? All that gamer-instinct should translate to dollars, right? As of 2019, there are no sources revealing her actual net worth. However, we have intel that her annual earnings could range between $22k and $356k. Much of which comes from her Twitch-star status.

2. Family

Even though she hardly talks about family, the gamer has made social media posts featuring photos of individuals w can safely tag as her mother and sisters; due to the semblance. She has even posted a picture showing her at a grade 8 graduation ceremony of one of her younger sisters. We also know she is quite close to her mother, and have made posts about her severally. Though no names have been mentioned. Sources reveal that Lilchiipmunk has Romanian and Vietnamese ancestry. That is to say, her parents may have been migrants who naturalized in Canada.

3. The Man in Her Life
Lilchiipmunk and her boyfriend, Summit.

As of this writing, Lilchiipmunk is romantically involved with Jaryd Russel Lazar; a fellow Twitch streamer too. However, his Twitch account carries the signature name, Summit1g. Although we’re not sure when the began seeing each other, we know they’ve been together for a while now.

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4. Height and Body Measurement

The beautiful gamer has a sexy petite build. She stands 5 feet 3 inches (1.64 meters) tall. She has brown hair and dark-brown eyes. Her photogenic qualities have made her the subject of admiration on social media. Sadly, there are no verified details about her weight, shoe, bra and dress sizes; as well as details for her bust, waist and hip sizes.

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5. Social Media Following

Asides Twitch, Lilchiipmunk is also active on Instagram where she’s garnered over 72,000 followers. She also operates an eponymous YouTube account where she posts content for her over 50,000 subscribers and more viewers in their thousands. On Twitter, she has over 52,000 followers and over 47,000 more on Facebook. Nevertheless, her Twitch account (having over 400,000 subscribers) is where she’s most popular.

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