Revealing Truths About Lilly Singh’s Ethnic Background, Family and Her Relationship With Yousef Erakat

Lilly Singh is an Indian-Canadian YouTube personality, actress, and comedian also known as Superwoman. She kicked off her YouTube career in 2010 with the launch of her channel IISuperwomanII and followed it up with a vlog channel in 2011. This paved the way for her fame and success which led to a world tour. The internet star has posted more than 600 videos and currently has over 14 million followers on her first channel and more than 2 million subscribers on the second. Lilly made a mark as the first woman of color to openly declare her sexual orientation which has endeared her to many as they showered her with lots of love and support.

Lilly Singh’s Background Is Rooted In The Asian Country Of India

Lilly Singh was born on 26 September 1988, in Scarborough, Ontario, and was also raised there. The YouTube sensation is the daughter of Malwinder and Sukhwinder Singh, natives of Punjab, India who immigrated into Canada where they raised their daughter as a Sikh. Considering where her parents came from, Lilly’s ethnicity is definitely Asian.

The YouTuber is not the only child of her parents, she was raised alongside an older sister named Tina Singh. Lilly’s big sister is also involved in the social media business as she has her own YouTube channel known as Neurotic Mom Diaries. As a child, the YouTube goddess was a tomboy, she lived with her parents in Markham, Ontario as a young adult. However, with her YouTube business off the ground, Lilly left her parent’s house in December 2015 and relocated.

Sukhwinder Singh – Father

Lilly Singh
Lilly and her parents image source

Sukhwinder Singh is Lilly’s father, an Asian who left his home in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India, and migrated to Canada alongside his wife. There, the couple proceeded to have two daughters whom they raised in the Sikh tradition. Apart from this, nothing else is known about the internet sensation’s parents.

Malwinder Kaur – Mother

Lilly Singh
Malwinder Kaur image source

Lilly Singh’s mother goes by the name Malwinder Kaur, like her spouse, their personal info is not in the public arena, but we know that they were adept at training Lilly and her older sister. Growing up, the internet star wanted to follow a career path as a rapper or a Power Ranger, but her parents steered her towards a psychology degree at Toronto’s York University, with a view to becoming a counselor.

Tina Singh – Sister

Lilly Singh
Lilly and Tina image source

Born in 1982, Tina Singh is Lily’s only sibling who is older than her by six years. She is equally an internet personality with the YouTube channel Neurotic Mom Diaries to her credit. Tina has garnered a massive following on YouTube. She makes videos about her family life with her husband and three boys. The mother of three is obviously fond of her younger sibling as she was the one who named her Lilly because a girl in her class bore the name and she liked it.

Lilly Singh’s Videos Are Laced With Her Punjabi Culture

Though she was born in Canada, Lily embarked on frequent visits to her home country Punjabi India and it goes without mention that she developed a strong connection with her roots. Consequently, the influencer’s videos were frequently impacted by her Punjabi culture. Most of Lilly’s work contains lampoon on people’s complaints as well as burning issues. Prominent among her videos is Three Girls, One Elevator (ft. Zendaya & Winnie Harlow); this video was targeted towards the promotion of the internet star’s women’s empowerment campaign called GirlLove.

Lilly Singh features her fictional parents, Paramjeet and Manjeet on her most popular series, played by Lily herself as she reacts to controversial and trending videos. The Youtube personality also believes in collaborations, occasionally working with other celebs on her videos.

The Internet Sensation Has Faced Allegations of Cultural Misappropriation In The Past

In the past, Singh has faced accusations of cultural appropriation of Afro-American culture, from publications such as The Huffington Post, ColorLines, Bitch, and Vice. Also, some individuals like Anna Silman of The Cut accused the internet star of misusing both Indo-Caribbean and black culture on her channel, possibly because of her propensity to donning a “blaccent”, while making rap videos with cornrows and chains on display.

From the Teen Vogue magazine, Tayo Bero lent her voice to the accusations writing that Lilly falls into the category of non-blacks of color in entertainment who owe their massive followings to mimicking black culture as well as leaning heavily into a black stereotype. Now, both Radheyan Simonpillai and Rachna Raj Kaur similarly condemn Singh’s misappropriation of black culture because of her use of hip-hop slang, braids, and Caribbean accents. In response to all the accusations leveled against her, Lilly Singh stated that her mannerisms stem from the type of upbringing had had, adding that all of her friends from Scarborough behave exactly the same way.

Lilly Singh Was Rumored To Be Dating Yousef Erakat 

Lilly Singh
Lilly Singh and her boyfriend – image source

Lilly Singh is not married but she was believed to be in a relationship with an Arab-American and fellow Youtuber, Yousef Erakat better known by his stage name FouseyTube. According to the grapevine, the couple commenced their relationship in 2015, and being in the same profession, they always appeared in videos together.

As the speculation about their relationship ran rife, neither Lilly nor Erakat deemed it necessary to come up with a confirmation or a rebuttal; though that did not stop fans from fueling the rumors. Besides, often spotting them on each other’s page gave credence to the tale.

The speculations that they were an item remained strong till around May 2018 when it suddenly began to fizzle away. The major reason being that they stopped posting videos together. Rumors had it that Yousef at the time was battling depression and seemed to take a break from everything, Lilly Singh inclusive. Sadly, the duo never got back together.

Yousef Is Also Popular On YouTube

Lilly’s ex Yousef is a Palestinian-American internet personality and actor who gained popularity for his pranks and skits. He produces parodies, vlogs, comedy sketches, and pranks on YouTube. Born as Yousef Saleh Erakat on January 22, 1990, in Fremont, California, the YouTube personality is the last of his parent’s four children.

Yousef was a student at San Jose State University where he majored in Theatre Arts. After graduating from college, the YouTuber relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. Although Yousef previously had different Youtube channels, including ones relating to fitness, he remained unknown until he started making videos about the Middle East. He emerged third on the 2012 “40 Inspiring Muslims Under 40” list by MBMuslima Magazine. Yousef is also a musician with his first single, Prideland, released on January 1, 2015, under the moniker “fousey” and on the same day, he also released a music video for the song on his daily vlog channel DOSEofFOUSEY.

Lilly Singh Came Out As Bisexual On Social Media

A month before she announced her NBC late-night show A Little Late with Lilly Singh, the internet personality revealed something huge about her sexual orientation. It happened that Lilly has been a closeted bi-sexual all this while but she gathered the courage to let her Twitter followers in on the fact that she is not straight. Her tweet read “Female, colored, bisexual.”

Lilly’s tweet sparked a lot of reactions from fans and the general public. Some fans showered her with tremendous love and support, thus, she became the first human of color in history to come out as a bisexual. Previously, fans have been speculating that she was lesbian or gay.

According to the internet sensation, the culture she was raised in didn’t give her room to figure out her sexual orientation. She was only able to expand her horizon upon relocating to LA and getting exposed to people of a different ilk. Lilly said coming out of the closet was rather challenging for her, but she gave herself a deadline to accomplish it before she turned 30. To her massive credit, Lilly Singh managed to pull it off, and she was delighted for it.


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