Linda Muthama – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Her

Linda Muthama is a household name in Kenya when it comes to the entertainment industry. However, prior to a music singing competition held in the region, she was barely unknown. During the Tusker Project Fame (TPF) season one, she managed the second runner-up position. Ever since she has always been in the spotlight for music-related events. Nonetheless, the following are some things that you probably didn’t know about her:

 10 Lesser Known Facts about Linda Muthama

 1. Second Wife

After becoming famous thanks to the Tusker Project Fame competition, she got actively involved with her musical career. However, a rumor started going around stating that she was married to another local celebrity, Walter Mongare despite Walter being already married and fathering a kid. After denying of any involvement severally, she finally came out clean and admitted to actually being a 2nd wife.

 2. Music Educator


Many people know Linda as an upcoming and talented musician. This was evident from the singing competition which she came third place in. She has been featured in many collaborations with local artists, performed in concerts and also released some tracks. Besides singing, Ms Muthama is also a Music Educator. She has taught in several learning institutions such as Brook house and also The International School of Kenya.

 3. Strong Music Rights Advocate

The Kenyan music industry has always been plagued by several problems. One of the major problems has always been piracy and copyright issues. Being a musician herself, Linda is known to be a strong advocate for the rights of local musicians. Besides showing solidarity through her blogs and website, she will take part in demonstrations that are aimed at streamlining the industry.

 4. Events Manager

In several interviews, the Kenyan music artist has always expressed her passion for music. The love for singing started while she was still a young girl. Despite the ups and downs, she strongly believes she will weather the storm. Well, music is not all she sleeps, dreams and eats. Linda is also an events manager. She plans and coordinates weddings, gala nights, corporate functions, concerts and much more through her firm, Altimate Management.

 5. Multilingual

One thing that may shock you is that Linda Muthama is a multilinguist. Usually, being able to converse and write in more than three languages in Kenya is a rare achievement. Most of the people are conversant with English, Swahili, and their mother tongue. Nonetheless, this Kenyan musician is fluent in several languages which include English, Swahili, Finnish, Kisii, and Kikuyu.

 6. Creative Writer

When not in a studio recording a track, or performing in a concert, or managing an event, Linda will be busy with her creative writing. She has always had a soft spot for the stage and theatre. She has written a couple of poems and has also featured in some local theatre performances. Besides, she occasionally writes articles on music.

 7. Couple of Albums

Since winning the TPF 1 competition a few years back, many people are yet to sample any of her music albums. Unknown to many, she has actually produced several albums .The most popular is “Ni Muciare” done in the local dialect, Kikuyu. It simply means “He is Born.” It is a Christmas carol album which was produced in 2007. “Imagination” produced in 2011 is also another popular album.

 8. Masters Degree

The Kenyan artist is known more for her collabos with other adept artists and her electric stage performances. She has toured the local as well as the international scene. Behind the electric performance and a mellow voice is a brainy lass. She holds a Bachelors and also a Master’s Degree in Music Education all from Kenyatta University, Kenya.

 9. Top Scholar

The music industry is always evolving. Gone is the era when music was viewed more of a hobby rather than a career. Linda Muthama also happens to be a top achiever when it comes to education. In the Class of 2009, she was awarded a First Class Honors in the Bachelor of Music Degree.

 10. Shaky Marriage

Controversy never seems to be far from Linda. First, it was the controversial marriage to a married person. Secondly, it was getting a child out-of-wedlock. At the moment, her marriage also seems to be on the rocks. Besides her stagnated music career, she is also said to be a battered wife.

Well, there you have it. A list of 10 things you never knew or imagined about Linda Muthama. It goes to show that behind the big stage, celebrity glamour and the entertainment spotlight, she is still human and goes through the same life issues as we all do. All in all, we would hope to see more of this budding upcoming Kenyan artist.

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