Linda O’Leary, Kevin O’Leary’s Wife – 6 Things You Need To Know

Not all women recognize the potentials in investing in a man and growing together. Linda O’Leary is one of the few women who has blindly given a man her all when he didn’t have much and it’s quite gratifying to see what that nobody has become today. Linda O’Leary is a serial entrepreneur and can be a shrewd businesswoman like her husband. She is definitely smart and is successful in her own right but it is difficult to discuss her life and work without a mention of her very popular husband – Kevin O’Leary, a business tycoon and television personality fondly called Mr Wonderful on the TV show Shark Tank. Linda currently serves as the VP Marketing at O’Leary Wines and still supports her husband by appearing alongside him on his many red carpet appearances.

Who is Linda O’Leary, Kevin O’Leary’s Wife?

The Canadian businesswoman was born to Albert and Nynka Greer. While her actual age is unknown, she is rumoured to be in her late 40s as of 2019.

Details about her education and childhood are not a thing for the public record for reasons best known to her. But it is obvious that she had and still has a close relationship with her parents especially from her interactions on social media.

She married her longtime boyfriend Kevin O’Leary on the 17th of March 1990. The couple welcomed their first child (Savannah) in 1993 and then son (Trevor). Her husband – Kevin constantly praises her for raising their children without much help from him.

While Linda was raising the kids, Kevin was building his business empire. His several television show appearances include Dragon’s Den, Redemption Inc, Shark Tank and The Lang and O’Leary Exchange, just to mention a few. He founded Softkey, O’Leary Financial Group, O’Leary Funds and O’Leaery’s Fine Wine.

Linda, on the other hand, appears to be making the most of her life as a wife, mother and a businesswoman.

Linda O'Leary
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6 Things You Need To Know About Linda O’Leary

1. Her marriage to Kevin

Having married O’leary in 1990, the couple didn’t have a lavish wedding celebration as expected. Kevin revealed that they chose to sink in the money they had saved for the wedding party in Kevin’s business which just started off at that time. They treated their wedding guests to beer and pizza. Their investment paid off as her husband has been estimated to have a net worth of over 400 million US dollars.

While the couple has had some bumps in their relationship, even with a two years separation which Kevin blames on his television fame, they have chosen to stay together and work things out.

2. Her husband stopped supporting their children after college

Despite having a lot of money, her husband has decided to do to his children what his mother did to him – giving them nothing. He has told them to go make their own money and the children seem to be doing well in that aspect. Savannah who studied at the Tisch School of Arts in New York University presently works as a video producer at Purpose and once worked as a producer in Huffington Post. Their son – Trevor, studied Electrical Engineering and is presently working.

3. She has a passion for the arts

Linda O’Leary has a passion for a lot of things and arts is top on the list. She perhaps inherited this passion from her father who was honoured with The Order of Canada in recognition of his contributions as a teacher, composer, and Conductor. She is a patron and a board member of the National Ballet of Canada where she is very active.

4. Work-out routine

Linda is very passionate about working out so it’s not surprising that she doesn’t look a year over thirty. She keeps herself busy and fit by working out outside doing things like; playing beach polo, surfing with her daughter, dancing and boxing.

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5. Social media presence

Linda has tried to keep up with the trends, especially with social media. She has been able to gather huge followership over time, especially on Instagram and Twitter where she shares both personal and hilarious posts.

6. Physical statistics

Linda O’Leary is quite stunning and has managed to maintain a good stature with her series of work out routine. She is quite tall for a woman with 5 feet 9 inches in height.

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