Lindsey Buckingham’s Most Successful Works, Health Issues And All About His Family

When talking about talented people in the music world who are gifted from birth without any musical background, Lindsey Buckingham is one of them. He is an American rock-star popularly known as a fingerstyle guitarist and singer with the Fleetwood Mac band for many years. Having a great passion for music as a teen, Buckingham joined a musical group called, Fritz Rabyne memorial but later left to do collaborations with Stevie Nicks. Fortunately, one of the duo’s tracks, Frozen Love, from their 1973 album Buckingham Nicks, earned him his first musical career breakthrough as the vocalist was hired by Fleetwood Mac band and this marked a new era for him.

After recording his first album with Fleetwood Mac Band, his second album with the musical group Rumors earned them a Grammy Award for the album of the year which brought Lindsey Buckingham to superstardom. It became a big radio hit of its time and is still ranked as one of his best songs ever with more than forty million copies sold, taking him to the heights of glory and eminence. Consequently, people don’t just want to know about his music, they want to be informed about his personal life as well.

Lindsey Buckingham’s First Major Work Was Frozen Love From The Album Buckingham Nicks

Lindsey Buckingham’s first album called Buckingham Nicks which was released in collaboration with his then-girlfriend Stevie Nicks later proved to be his breakthrough work. This was made possible because of the tract Frozen Love; On the cover of the album, both Lindsey and his lady love appeared nude; something that made the female singer uncomfortable.

Ironically, when Polydor Records dropped the album in September 1973, the record label had to retract their contract with the duo as the recorded sales were considered too poor. However, the tract Frozen Love ended up gaining Lindsey his first career breakthrough as it caught the attention of the drummer and co-founder of Fleetwood Mac, Mick Fleetwood who expressed interest in hiring Buckingham’s services. When the offer came, the Californian native said that he would only accept on the condition that his girlfriend Nicks also comes on board. Fleetwood was willing to play ball and made the duo part of the group in 1975 without any form of audition.

His Exploits With Fleetwood Mac Resulted In Top-Rated Albums

The same year Lindsey Buckingham joined Fleetwood Mac, the group released their second eponymous album and 10th album overall as they have been active for several years before the new intakes. This also marked the group’s first album with Buckingham manning the guitar. The year following its first appearance on the US Billboard 200, the album became #1 on the chart. A decade later in 1986, it received 5x platinum certification from the RIAA. In 1977, the band dropped their 11th and the 2nd album titled Rumours with Lindsey as the guitarist. It ended up being their greatest release to date. The album did not only sell over 40 million copies globally, but it also won the 1978 Grammy Award for Album of the year. In addition, it was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2003.

During Buckingham’s first tenure with Fleetwood Mac which lasted from 1975 to 1987, the group dropped three additional albums – Tusk that came to light in 1979, Mirage hit the music stand in 1982, and Tango in the Night was the flavor of 1987. Fleetwood Mac also recorded a couple of live albums – Live in 1980 as well as Greatest Hits in 1988.

While Mirage topped the United States music album chart, Tango in the Night and Tusk did the same in the United Kingdom. Lindsey took the decision to exit from the band after the release of Tango in the Night; this was as a result of his poor relationship with other band members and a certain reluctance for touring.

He Began Doing Some Solo Work While Still With Fleetwood Mac

In 1981, while the Californian guitarist and singer was still a member of Fleetwood Mac, he dropped his debut solo album titled Law and Order. A track from the album, Trouble, which also featured band leader Mick Fleetwood on the drums, became a hit, climbing to the number 9 spot on the US charts. A couple of years down the line, his second solo album, Go Insane hit the music stand.

Upon his exit from Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham concentrated on the release of his third studio album Out of the Cradle which came to fruition in 1992. There was a 14-year gap between that and the singer’s next solo studio album named Under the Skin, however, all Fleetwood Mac members from the Rumours era reunited in 1997.

More Career Successes As Lindsey Reunited With Fleetwood Mac

To commemorate the band’s reunion in 1997, Fleetwood Mac released the live album The Dance which became their first since Mirage to attain the top position on the US album charts. The band came with the release of a studio album Say You Will in 2003, followed by an EP in 2013. Two more live albums were also recorded – The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac (2002) and Live in Boston (2004)

The 2017 joint album Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie was originally intended to be the eighth studio album of Fleetwood Mac. However, Buckingham and Christine McVie turned it into an independent project because of several delays hindering its completion.

Despite all the success they recorded in the new millennium, Lindsey’s old problem of poor relationships with other band members and aversion to touring was still persistent. This led to the guitarist being fired from the band on the 9th of April 2018. Even after the sack, Lindsey still continued to earn the big buck with his solo effort

The Guitarist Cum Vocalist Had Serious Health Issues In 2019

Lindsey Buckingham has been in tip-top shape all through his career until January 2019 when tragedy struck. The legendry guitarist has a heart problem that resulted in a serious cardiac arrest. Consequently, he had to undergo emergency open-heart surgery. Considering the fact that his older brother Greg who was one of the best swimmers in the United States died same heart attack in 1990, fans were really apprehensive about the singer’s life. However, Lindsey’s story was different from Greg’s as he made it through the surgery and made a fast recovery.

A short while after his surgical procedures, information came from his wife Kristen that the Californian entertainer was recovering fast. However, she also let on that the heart attack caused extensive damage to his vocal cord which was worsened by the life-saving procedure. As at that time, the permanency of his voice issues was still uncertain, thus, the singer had to meet several voice specialists to seek remedies for his condition. His wife took to Twitter to update fans on her husband’s situation, saying that the family was ready for whatever is next and that Love conquers all.

Lindsey Resurfaces After A Major Heart Surgery

After his successful heart surgery in February 2019, Lindsey Buckingham announced at Tennessee’s Beale Street Music Festival in May that he will be performing in 2020. A couple of months later, the popular vocalist rolled out dates for a 12-date tour of the United States. It kicked off on the 25th of April at the Smith Center in Las Vegas and wrapped up on the 13th of May at the Magnolia Performing Arts Center in El Cajon, California.

Earlier on, the singer showed up at his daughter Leelee’s high school graduation ceremony three months after his surgery to perform the Fleetwood Mac classic Landslide. However, the vocals were handled by the students as the artist was not in a fit form to handle things.

Here Is What We Know About Lindsey Buckingham’s Birth Family

The skilled musician was born in the beautiful city of Palo Alto, California on the 3rd of October, 1949, to Rutheda and Morris Buckingham. He is the last child of his parents and has two elder brothers, Gregory Buckingham and Jeffrey Buckingham.

While attending Menlo Atherton High school, San Francisco in his teens, Lindsey Buckingham was introduced to a swimming competition alongside his brothers. The emerging guitarist was performing very well until he decided to quit and focus more on his music career.

However, his older brother, Gregory continued and won a silver medal at a Summer Olympics in 1968. When his parents noticed Buckingham’s passion for music, they decided to lend the young talent their support by presenting him with his first guitar. Lindsey made good use of the guitar in teaching himself how to play it.

Greg Buckingham

Born on the 29th of July 1945 in Riverside, California, Lindsey’s older brother Greg Buckingham was an American competition swimmer and Olympic medalist who became a world record-holder in two events. Greg joined Stanford University and swam for the Stanford Indians swimming and diving team in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) competition. The highlight of his career includes winning a silver medal at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City in the 200-meter individual medley. Unfortunately, Greg’s promising career as a swimmer was short-lived as he died of a heart attack at the age of 45 in 1990.

The Guitarist’s Dated Other Women Before Meeting His Soulmate

The talented singer and guitarist has had his own share of failed relationships with pretty ladies such as Stevie Nicks and Carol Harris. Both relationships were really abusing with the guitarist unleashing terror on the two women. According to Nicks, she really suffered at the singer’s hands and would continue to be antagonizing towards him. Nicks said that Lindsey was rather too possessive and controlling from the beginning and would force her to do things that she wouldn’t otherwise do.

A good example was during the recording of one of their albums where the Californian singer forced her to appear nude on the cover; this earned the female vocalist disapproval from her dad which almost led her to quit music at the age of 25. Nicks told Rolling Stone that her relationship with Lindsey is exactly as it has been since they went their separate ways and that they will always do things to irritate each other. Besides, she let on that they really know how to push each other’s buttons. A similar story of being controlling and possessive also came from his second girlfriend Harris.

The Singer Has Only Ever Been Married Once

Lindsey Buckingham
Lindsey and Kristen Messner: image source

Buckingham met his soul mate, Kristen Messner, in 1997, a former professional photographer who currently works as an interior designer. The couple’s path crossed when Messner was commissioned to work as Fleetwood Mac’s official photographer during Lindsey Buckingham’s tenure with the band.

From what was perceivable, the popular guitarist’s alleged life of being possessive and controlling was all in the past as Kristen never let on anything in that regard. Despite the 21 years age difference between them with Lindsey as the older, the chemistry they shared was really palpable which resulted in a three-year-long dating that produced a son, William Gregory Buckingham on 8th July 1998. They remained steadfast in their relationship for the ensuing two years before making the decision to get married.

The pair walked down the aisle on February 15th, 2000 in a marriage ceremony that was celebrated before family and friends and has been inseparable since then. Their union has endured for over two decades and still counting which is a sure pointer that they may be heading for the “happily ever after” kind of marriage.

Lindsey Buckingham Is A Devoted Father To His Children

Lindsey Buckingham
Lindsey Buckingham and family: image source

As earlier mentioned, the duo already had William Gregory Buckingham before exchanging their forever commitment. However, they welcomed their first daughter, Leelee Buckingham in the same year they wedded. Thereafter, on April 20th, 2004, their second daughter and the third child of the Buckingham family, Stella came to increase their number. The proud father composed a song titled, It Was You, with the names of his three kids. The song which was part of the album, Under the Skin, served as a homage to the singer’s children. Buckingham lives in Los Angeles with his wife and children. Lindsey still continues with his work but puts fatherhood first.

William Gregory Buckingham

Lindsey Buckingham
Greg William Buckingham and his mum: image source

The first child of Lindsey Buckingham, William Gregory Buckingham seems to be following in his father’s footsteps as the youngster is already showing interest in the performing arts. Will is already competent with the guitar, almost as good as his father, however, the vocals end remains to be seen. The other Buckingham children are yet to show interest in any career path, perhaps they are too young. However, both are still students.

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