How Did Linus Tech Tips Begin his YouTube Career, What Are His Major Achievements and Who Is His Wife?

A tech-driven world like ours has in many ways celebrated and experienced amazing individuals pulling different stunts in life. Linus Sebastian, popularly known by his online identity, Linus Tech Tips, wears many hats as a YouTube personality and the CEO of Linus Media Group.

In his role as the latter, Linus performs many responsibilities. He leads multiple projects ranging from podcast making to influencer marketing. But for all the roles he plays and the achievements he has had so far, Linus Tech Tips’ career is grounded in YouTube, a venture he began in 2007.

Sebastian Started His Career Working for NCIX Before Linus Tech Tips was Launched

Born on August 20, 1986, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Linus Sebastian’s fascination with technology began in high school. He grew this fascination while being raised by his parents alongside six siblings and a half-sibling.

After graduating from Garibaldi High School in 2005, he headed over to the University of British Columbia where he spent more time tinkering with tech than studying. Working hard on his passion, Linus engaged in after-hours jobs at the Canadian online computer store, NCIX, during his time in college. His impressive deeds earned him a full-time job in the sales unit after he dropped out of college. Sebastian began working at NCIX as a retail sales representative in December 2005.

Linus’ commitment towards the job fetched him the award as the company’s best salesman on high-end gaming systems within a short duration. He held the role for seven months until July 2006 when he became a PC Systems Business Unit Manager. He later became the company’s product manager in November 2006.

New dawn came for Linus Sebastian when NCIX gave him the chance to host its YouTube channel in 2007. The purpose of the channel was to show-off product offers as the competition had gotten tougher with the company’s rivals. The channel did not turn out a positive impact as expected, but it was the beginning of many other discoveries.

NCIX’s channel incurred high costs and recorded low viewership, hurting the company. To keep the purpose of the channel alive and reduce cost without hurting the company brand, Sebastian was encouraged to create a different channel as a cheaper version of the NCIX channel. Thus, on November 24, 2008, Linus Tech Tips was born.

Linus Tech Tips Has Given Rise to Seven Additional Channels and an Umbrella Media Company

Along with Luke Lafreniere, Edzel Yago, and Brandon Lee, Linus Sebastian began growing Linus Tech Tips. As the channel’s name suggests, it focuses on buying guides, build guides, unboxing, and reviews of established and emerging technologies. His presentation style from his graphics to explanation techniques have made Linus Tech Tips one of the leading tech channels on YouTube.

It has more than 12 million subscribers and has over 4.1 billion views. Linus Tech Tips became the most-watched technology channel on YouTube in September 2020 and has remained among the top 1% of Google’s preferred advertising channels in the tech category since 2014.

Linus built and grew the channel all while still working at NCIX, eventually leaving in December 2012 after becoming a Category Manager. In January 2013, he founded Linus Media Group, which incorporates his other channels and other media ventures.

He Created Three Additional Channels After Linus Tech Tips

Linus Sebastian
Linus during one of his videos: image source

Since Linus Tech Tips took off, Sebastian has expanded his presence in the tech genre of YouTube content creation to three additional YouTube channels; Techquickie, TechLinked, and ShortCircuit.

Techquickie, which is his second most popular site, focuses on explainer videos about how various tech products and ideas work. The channel also discusses trending topics in tech. It has accrued over 543.6 million views with 3.61 million subscribers since its creation in January 2012.

TechLinked dives into the tech and gaming culture in a weekly show that explores different aspects of technology in relation to the gaming industry. In this channel, Linus Tech Tips often discusses gaming brands like Nvidia, Xbox, and Playstation. The channel has more than 1.32 million subscribers, with over 196 million views since May 2018.

ShortCircuit has similarities with Linus Tech Tips in that it is an unboxing-focused channel. Under the channel, Sebastian unravels and takes different tech products for a spin. Since creating it in January 2020, the channel has gained more than 1.07 million subscribers and had 74 million views.

Together, the channels have more than 17 million subscribers and more than 5 billion views as of October 2020. Based on their popularity, he was named fourth among the Top 30 Power Players in Tech in 2015 by Inc. magazine.

He Also Has Significant Footprints in Entertainment

Under Linus Media Group, Linus Sebastian has gone beyond the expertise he is renowned for with Linus Tech Tips. Leveraging on the entertainment value he has with his tech channels; he has created additional channels focused on other forms of media content. In this category, he has three main channels; Channel Super Fun, LMG Clips, and Carpool Critics.

Channel Super Fun, created in May 2014, is all about pranks, toys, and challenges, usually involving employees of Linus Media Group. The channel has more than 100 million views and over 782 subscribers.

LMG Clips is an aggregate channel for exciting clips and highlights of content from every channel owned by his media company. The channel came into existence in September 2019 and has more than 26 million views.

Last but not least is Carpool Critics, a video version of a similarly named podcast that discusses old and new movies. The channel has over 62,000 subscribers and more than 691,600 views.

Linus Tech Tips Success and His Other Ventures Has Helped Him Earn an Estimated Net Worth of $10 Million

Since he took up YouTube as a career, Linus Sebastian has built a media franchise out of it and made a lot of money in the process. His biggest channel, Linus Tech Tips, makes between $855 – $13.7k a day in ad revenue from daily average video views of 3.4 million. The channel alone earns him up to $4.9 million a year, and his other channels are similar significant sources of income.

Beyond earnings from ad revenues on YouTube, his well-oiled media company has also attracted many brands for influencer and brand marketing. Linus Media Group has worked with Honey, Intel, Corsair, dbrand, Squarespace, IBM, and many others. The terms of each deal remain undisclosed, but they have contributed to making Linus Sebastian a multimillionaire.

Furthermore, he also has a merch store, where he sells Linus Tech Tips branded fashion items and accessories. Some of these products include water brother, crewneck sweater, cable ties, hoodies, and many more. All of these have helped Linus amass a net worth of $10 million.

His Wife Yvonne Ho is the Accountant and CFO of His Company

We do not know much about how Linus Sebastian and Yvonne Ho became a couple. But we have learned a lot about his wife since she became a part of his world. She is a native of Hong Kong with the real name, Ho Yee Wan, born on November 30, 1974.

Presumably, after her family relocated to Canada, she attended the University of British Columbia. There, she obtained a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, graduating in 2009. According to her LinkedIn, she worked at Costco as a Pharmacy Technician during her college years before joining Fraser Valley Cancer Center Pharmacy in June 2008.

After a return to Costco, she joined Linus Media Group as Chief Financial Officer in January 2013. She has held the role and been a part of the wild ride that is Linus Tech Tips.

Speaking of being part of something, Yvonne Ho and Sebastian have been together since 2011. They got married in a Canadian-style ceremony on May 20, 2011. Since then, they have given birth to three children; one son and three daughters. Aside from their children, the family also has a couple of Bengal cats, who have a dedicated channel of their own, LinusCatTips. The channel has more than 242 subscribers and over 10.6 million views. The family of five and their cats live in Surrey, British Columbia.

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