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A tech-driven world like ours has in many ways celebrated and experienced amazing individuals pulling different stunts in life. Linus Sebastian, popularly known by his work name Linus Tech Tips, wears many hats as a Youtube personality and the pioneer of Linus Media Group which is best recognized by big tech fans for its development of different successful tech-related Youtube channels.

Linus Tech Tips’ youtube channels have won numerous recognitions as the most viewed science and technology youtube channels. However, not all of his channels are tech-related, he has a personal channel by the name of LinusCatTips which is dedicated to showing videos of his adorable family and his two pet Bengal cats. Read on for all the details there is to know about the tech wizard.

Linus Tech Tips’ Biography and Age

The tech sensation was born Linus Sebastian was on the 20th day of August 1986, in Vancouver, British Columbia. The YouTuber shared the love of his parents with his six siblings and a half-sibling. Of his many siblings, the known names are Isabella his sister and his two brothers; Asher and George.

His lifelong fascination with technology started in high school while he was a student at Garibaldi high school. Next, he carried on his fascination with tech things to the University of British Columbia where he spent more time discovering and nurturing his love for tech rather than studying. Hence, his stay at the University was short-lived as he eventually decided to withdraw from school rather than spend his study times tinkering with computers, having the fun of his life at hardware gatherings and bettering his skills in video games.

Working hard on his passion, Linus engaged in after-hours jobs at NCIX during his time in college. His impressive deeds earned him a full-time job in the sales unit. His commitment towards the job fetched him the award as the company’s best sales-man within a short duration on high-end gaming systems. With his tremendous effort at the sales department, Linus was able to climb to an enviable height in the head office was soon given the responsibility of over-seeing system configurations on the company’s website.

His exceptional duty to NCIX propelled the company to be marked as the best in water cooling parts in Canada. This was just Linus’ stepping stone as he was made to manage vital sections in the business such as SSDs, RAM, motherboards and lots more.

A new dawn came for Linus Tech Tips when NCIX gave him the chance to host a Youtube channel in 2007. The purpose of the channel was to show-off product offers as the competition had gotten tougher with the company’s rivals. The channel didn’t turn out positive impact as expected, but it was the beginning of many other discoveries and the idea behind Linus’ big break in the creation of youtube channels. A year after the trial with NCIX’s initial channel, Linus established LinusTechTips in November 2008 and tried so well to keep it away from the company.

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LinusTechTips was soon followed by a second channel by the name ‘Techquickie’ with the assistance of Luke Lafreniere who was also a colleague at NCIX. By 2013, Sebastian and Luke took a huge step by leaving NCIX to start their own little company. they raised their company with the assistance of Lee Brandon and Yago Edzel and named it ‘Linus Media Group’.

The mix in knowledge from the other partners led to the creation of ‘Channel Super fun’, in May 2014 by Sebastian and Luke. The channel covered a question and answer section and also discussed the latest technology news. The group has since raised and undertaken projects over the years such as ‘Whole Room Water cooling’ (2014-2015), ‘Scrapyard wars’ (2015-present, ‘7 Gamers 1 CPU’ (2015-2016), and ‘8/10 Gamers, 1 CPU’ (2016).

Who is Linus Tech Tips’ Wife?

Linus Tech Tips
Yvonne Ho

Linus was a top-notch tech lover but he was also active in other aspects of life. He had a soothing romantic life that led to his marriage to Yvonne Ho in April of 2011. The union has been blessed with the addition of a son and two lovely daughters. And the family enjoys the company of the Bengal cats which they have on several occasions posted on his social media handles. Yvonne has been a positive addition to Linus as she works in her husband’s company; Linus media Group, as the CFO.

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What is Linus Tech Tips’ Net Worth?

With such a progressive life, it is worthy of note that Linus Sebastian has worked terribly well for every good thing that has ever come his way. His life stages and jobs attended to have also grown his financial status as well as his experience and reputation. Linus sits on a net worth of $2.1 million and it is expected that in the coming years, the tech guru will be worth so much more.

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Linus Tech Tips has quite a lean shape but is not lacking in height. His height check keeps him at 6 feet 1 inch (1.85m) tall balanced on a weight that is still unknown as it has not been made public.

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