Lions Escape And Roam Kenya’s Capital

If you by any means see a lion on the streets of Nairobi, you are not dreaming, quickly call this number 0800597000.

A pride of lions escaped from a wildlife park in Nairobi this morning and caused a ruckus among civilians. The officials of the park have no idea how the lions escaped. The spokesman for the wild life agency do not know how many lions escaped or even how they managed to sneak out of the camp.

“We are depending on the public to report if they sight them,” Kenya Wildlife Service spokesman Paul Udoto told the Daily Nation.

The wildlife park which is near the central business district is surrounded by an electric fence to restrict the animals from leaving the grounds, this information makes it harder to determine how the lions got out.

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The Lions were first seen on the streets at 4 a.m ( GMT +3) on Friday near a hospital on the outskirts of Langata and again near Kibera. A lioness and her cub are back in the park while two were suspected to have sneaked back into the park before dawn.

Besides the lions, the park also has a number of other wild animals, including;  leopards, buffaloes giraffes, cheetahs, hyenas, among others.

The Kenya WildLife service tweeted; “Our team has been on ground since 3 a.m. to ensure that the … lions are safely back.” They also urged anyone who sees the Lions to call a toll free number, also persuaded the public not to hunt the lions.

“Lions are dangerous wild animals. Don’t confront them when you encounter them. Report on toll free numbers,

“Search and rescue mission for missing lion underway. Avoid provoking the lions by confronting them. Report to toll free 0800597000,” the spokesman Paul Udoto said.

He also agreed to having kids locked in to reduce their chances of meeting a lion and being attacked.

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