Lisa Ann Russell – Bio, Age, Net Worth, Facts About Jeff Probst Wife

Lisa Ann Russell is an American actress/model who has enjoyed some decent success in Hollywood. She is also better known as the wife of Jeff Probst, a legendary media personality and long-time host of Survivor TV series. For more than two decades, Probst and his brave-hearted contestants have traversed all over the world in the quest to find the ultimate survivor. Russell, on her own part, has been his capable companion both at home and professionally. Want to know more about this incredible lady? We have all the details right here.

Lisa Ann Russell – Bio (Age)

Lisa Ann Russell (birth name – Lisa Anne Corpora) was born on the 9th of May 1972 in Sterling, Illinois. Her nationality is American while her ethnicity is Caucasian. She is also said to have French and Italian ancestry. The young Russell spent her formative years in far-flung cities such as Michigan, California, and Chicago. The exact reason for this frequent relocations has not been disclosed but one may not be wrong to assume that it had something to do with her parents’ job. Lisa Ann Russell completed her high school and got a college degree in California before going on to start her professional career. Her first foray into the world of showbiz came in the modelling industry where she started out by modelling for Revlon. After that, the Illinois native also modelled for other high-end fashion brands.


Lisa Ann Russell is married to the legendary game show host, Jeff Probst. He is the long-term host of popular reality TV series, Survivor and has hosted the show since inception in 2000. He has received numerous awards for his work on Survivor, including four consecutive Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Host of a Reality TV Program; in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. Lisa Ann Russell first met her husband at a holiday party organised by the executive producer of Survivor, Mark Burnett. They got talking and eventually commenced a romantic relationship. The couple later tied the knot in a private ceremony held in Los Angeles on the 5th of December 2011.

Since tying the knot, the couple has remained strong together and there have been no reports of trouble in their paradise. However, in 2017, a report by Radar Online suggested that Probst’s wife wanted him to quit Survivor. The report quoted an anonymous insider as saying that Russell wanted her man permanently at home. Probst later came out to refute the rumours, pointing out that he does not really spend much time shooting Survivor; shooting the show only takes four months and he then spends the remaining eight months in Los Angeles.

Lisa Ann Russell
Russell and her husband, Jeff Probst Image Source


Russell and Probst do not have any kids together, however, the actress/model has two kids from her first marriage. Russell was previously married to actor, Mark-Paul Harry Gosselaar. They got married in 1996 and their union lasted for 14 years. They later separated in June 2010 and their divorce was finalized in May 2011. The marriage produced two children – Michael Charles (born in 2004) and Ava Loren (born in 2006).

Russell shares custody of the kids with her ex-husband and the kids have also developed a close relationship with her present husband, Jeff Probst. Probst has even disclosed that the kids refer to him as dad while he refers to them as his children. He has also revealed that the children maintain a good relationship with their biological dad and his new wife. The result of all this is a well-blended family.

Net Worth

Lisa Ann Russell has a net worth estimated at $2 million. Her fortune stems from her career earnings over the years. Apart from modelling, Russell is also an accomplished actress and made her acting debut in 1993 with a guest appearance on the comedy series, Saved by the Bell: The College Years. Since then, she has featured in other movies such as Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Knights (1998), Kounterfeit (1996), Twisted Love (1995) and A.P.E.X (1994). A.P.E.X is an action/sci-fi film about a scientist, Nicholas Sinclair, who mistakenly creates an army of indestructible terminator robots that wrought destruction on earth. He thus embarks on a mission to stop them, even if it means losing his own life. The movie featured Richard Keats as Nicholas Sinclair while Russell played the role of his daughter – Natasha Sinclair.

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Other Facts About Lisa Ann Russell

1. She hosted some episodes of The Jeff Probst Show in 2013. The show was a short-lived daytime talk show hosted by her husband.

2. Her husband is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church and has officiated some marriages.

3. Lisa Ann Russell is quite close to her kids and often posts their pictures on her Instagram handle.

4. Her husband is quite famous and has appeared as himself on several TV series including How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men.

5. Her astrological sign is Aries.

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