Who Is Lisa Barsoomian? Everything To Know About Rod Rosenstein’s Wife

Lisa Barsoomian is an American Attorney serving with the National Institutes of Health and has also defended cases for Bill Clinton and Colin Powell, the FBI’s “Carnivore” surveillance system, and many Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) cases. Asides these, Barsoomian have also served the public interest in various capacities. Her husband, Rod Rosenstein is also a United States attorney who served as Deputy Attorney General of the United States until his resignation in May 2019.

This piece goes beyond her life in the courtroom and shows you the Lisa Barsoomian you rarely know; a wife and mother of two.

Who Is Lisa Barsoomian?

Lisa Barsoomian was born in the United States in 1968, to parents of Armenian descent. Asides that, we’re not privy to any other details about her childhood, early education, siblings, parents or what her folks did for a living. However, we know a bit about her professional life and what she and her family love to do off the camera, including biking.

Professionally, there are no details about when she began working as a lawyer, however, the records show that she’s had an extensive career in the public sector like her husband. She graduated from Georgetown University Law Center. As of 2018, sources quote twenty-five years in practice for her. If that’s anywhere close to correct, it means the attorney has been practising her craft since 1993.

As an assistant U.S. attorney, Barsoomian defended cases for President Bill Clinton (not personally as some sources suggest) and Colin Powell, as well as several Freedom of Information Act cases and the FBI’s “Carnivore” surveillance system. The “Carnivore” system monitors and captures e-mails and has come under intense criticism as regards the privacy of Americans. As of the time of this writing, Lisa Basoomian works as an attorney at the National Institute of Health. As of 2018, Lisa Barsoomian has been licensed to practice law for 24 years. Let’s Dig into a few other facts about her.

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Facts About Rod Rosenstein’s Wife

Rod Rosenstein
Lisa Barsoomian holds the bible as her husband is sworn in as Deputy Attorney General, while their two daughters look on

1. She represented the United States Government and not the Clintons or Meuller

Since she began defending cases for President Clinton, there’s been tons of news pointing Barsoomian as a family lawyer to Bill and Hillary Clinton. That hasn’t been proven yet and is not likely true. Sources state that in her capacity as an assistant U.S. Attorney, Barsoomian represented the interests of the United States and has never personally represented Bill or Hillary Clintons.

In the same vein, the media was also agog with news about Barsoomian being the personal attorney to then FBI Director, Robert Mueller. In her defense, sources argue that Lisa Barsoomian did not represent individual parties in the cases she handled while working for the government. The 2002 case; Judicial Watch, Inc. vs FBI saw her representing the United States Department of Justice, and not Meuller as a person.

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2. She is not a CIA operative

Trailing the Clinton-Mueller saga is another conspiracy theory that Lisa Baroomian has been a “deep state” CIA operative. Proponents of this view argue that all information about the mother of two has been “purged” off the internet and that Baroomian’s job as an attorney at the National Institutes of Health is a convenient way to conceal her identity. However, nothing could be farther from the truth.

3. She’s a Mother of Two

Together with her husband, Lisa Barsoomian has two daughters: Julia Paige (b. 2000) and Allison Liza (b. 2002). Theirs is a close-knit family and they get to enjoy a lot together but the Rosensteins know too well to spoil their teenage daughters. In an interview with The Washington Post, Barsooman and Rosenstein revealed that they are careful not to spoil their daughters. They recall a time when their first daughter, Julia, wanted them to get her a Nook so she could read books. Her parents were hesitant. They thought it’d be much better for Julia to get one for herself; after saving up enough money.

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They live in the Washington, DC, suburb of Bethesda, Maryland. When Rosenstein was sworn in as Deputy Attorney-general of the United States, Barsoomian took her daughters to the U.S. Supreme court to go watch daddy argue his first case in the role.

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4. She takes her girls on biking and book outings

According to sources, Rosenstein and Barsoomian usually take their girls for biking and visiting The Barnes & Noble book store in downtown Bethesda. The book store happens to be the family’s favorite destination, sources say. What would you expect from a family of attorneys anyway?

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