Insights On Channels Lisa Boothe Has Worked With On Her Rise To Fame and Her Relationship History 

A bold and beautiful journalist, Lisa Boothe is a widely recognized political analyst and strategist. Her career in the news sector started with FOX News in 2016 and since then, Lisa has made a mark with the intelligent analysis and commentary she has been providing on many of the network’s programs. Boothe has also been famous for her involvement in politics as she has served as a spokesperson for prominent political personalities in the United States.

The amazing journalist further makes a worthwhile contribution to notable journals like The Hill and Washington Times. Lisa Boothe is an amazon who has juggled many careers in her life and having studied political science and development, she has made strides in politics, as well as the business sector.

Lisa Boothe Was Hired By Fox News In 2016

Lisa Boothe
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Lisa Boothe had already garnered incredible political communication experience before she was hired by Fox News in the year 2016 as a pundit, contributing to several topics on politics. Her work portfolio involves working as a network contributor, providing the network with political analysis, and making commentary across FNC’s daytime and primetime programming.

In August 2017, she became an anchor for Fox News Specialist – the channel’s news talk show, replacing Eric Boiling. Boothe hosted the show until its eventual cancellation in September 2017 which was barely a month after she started. Nonetheless, the brilliant journalist immediately established herself as a well-known political analyst at the news network. Her time at Fox was spent working with experts like Katie Pavlich and Sandra Smith.

Apart From Fox, She Is Associated With Other Networks

Aside from making a name for herself at Fox News, Lisa Boothe has also been associated with other news networks like FOX Business and CNN. Between 2016 and 2017, the skilled writer expressed her views in The Washington Examiner and makes contributions to Journals like The Washington Times and The Hill. She has also co-hosted a few TV talk shows on Fox News which includes The Five and Outnumbered.

Lisa Boothe has featured in other Fox News Channel news/talk programs like The Story with Martha MacCallum and the political commentary program hosted by Bret Baier – Special Report with Bret Baier. These FOX News Channel programs are all about current political news and the goings-on in and around the United States.

Lisa Boothe’s Career Took-off At The U.S. House Of Representatives

Before getting a job at Fox, Boothe had her first professional job at the United States House of Representatives, working as adjunct staff. She was later recruited by the National Republican Committee where she served for two years before working as a spokesperson for prominent United States political figures like the republican representative Sandy Adams. Lisa Boothe’s time with Adams spanned between 2011 to 2013 as part of the man’s re-election campaign. Though he was not successful at the November 2012 elections, Booth benefited from her experience with the team.

She also served with Tommy Thompson as a spokeswoman.
The famously known journalist has also gone ahead to display her innumerable talents while serving as a communication strategist to many political figures such as Mark Meadows and Shelley Moore Capito.

Booth’s Political Experience Saw Her Work With Black Rock Group And WPA Research

Boothe further put her experience in politics to good use during the cycle of the United States elections in 2014 when she worked as an executive of a Republican polling firm called Black Rock Group. The organization is an American global investment management corporation that can boast of over 12 thousand employees in general. During her tenor with the corporations, Boothe consulted on Dan Sullivan’s Senate race.

In 2015, Lisa Boothe joined WPA Research as the vice president of political and public affairs research. The analyst’s position at the firm allowed her to work with political figures in the U.S. The political analyst is associated with Fortune 500 companies. More so, Lisa’s exposure to politicians at varying levels and positions earned her a lot of experience that contributed in making her the fearless political analyst we have come to admire today.

Launching High Noon Strategies Is Testament To Her Shrewdness

In addition to her endeavors, Lisa Boothe has made strides in the business sector, having established her firm, High Noon Strategies, thanks to the experience she gathered as a political analyst. High Noon Strategies is a political communication and public affairs firm of which she serves as the chairperson. The experience Lisa garnered from Fortune 500 companies also helped in the formation and day to day running of her company. She is also a prestigious member of the Independent Women’s Voice.

With the kind of clout, she has gathered working in both the political arena and the news sector, it is only natural that the political analyst should register her presence on social media and she has done just that. The West Virginian native is currently enjoying a large following across different platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Lisa Boothe Sparked Dating Rumors With Her Upload On Facebook

Lisa Boothe has been surreptitious with details of her romantic life as it’s still unknown whether she is married or single. However, it was speculated that the gorgeous journalist was having an affair with a guy named John Bourbonia Cummins, as a result of the comment she made on her Facebook page,

The rumors started when John made a comment on one of the photos shared by Lisa in 2015. John’s comment thanking the political analyst for cropping him out elicited a response of ‘Love you. Mean it.’ From Lisa. However, the picture was later deleted and we no longer have any evidence to prove whether they are dating or not. Besides, neither party has commented on the rumor.

The Journalist Sometimes Makes Humorous References To Her Dating Life

Lisa Boothe, who is still visibly single, often talks humorously about her relationship status. Around 2014, the journalist uploaded a picture she took with a dog on Instagram, referring to the canine as her boyfriend.

Lisa also did the same with a selfie she shared with some boys from an African refugee camp in December 2015. In the caption, she stated that her new boyfriends would love to see themselves in a picture. She referred to her visit to the camp as an eye-opening experience.

Recently, the journalist hinted on her single status with a cryptic tweet on a news story shared by the New York Post on Twitter showing a pregnant Polyamorous Florida woman with 4 boyfriends, Lisa stated that she’s struggling to find one boyfriend.

Lisa Boothe Is A Die-hard Republican

Over the years, Lisa Boothe has made it abundantly clear that she is a Republican. The political analyst rarely holds back when it comes to defending her political stance. Her write-up in a Washington Examiner column is a testament to her passion for the republicans.

Lisa is also one of President Donald Trump’s allies as she is known to defend the POTUS against most of the allegations brought against him. A good example is when she defended the US first citizen after the allegations which insinuated that he met with a Russian lawyer who promised to provide incriminating info on Hillary Clinton.

Recently, she took to The Story to defend the president when he was accused of being un-American by singer Bruce Springsteen. In her write-up, Lisa stated how much the president loves America by making so many sacrifices for the populace

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