Lisa Niemi – Bio, Net Worth, Facts About Patrick Swayze’s Ex-Wife

The multi-talented American actress, Elisabeth Haapaniema who is popularly known by her professional name Lisa Niemi has gone ahead to build a thriving career as a dancer, film director, producer and writer in addition to her bloomy career in acting. She garnered wide popularity as the widow of the late Hollywood actor, songwriter and dancer, Patrick Swayze, whom she was married to for thirty-four years. By playing along with her late husband in a string of movies such as Steel Dawn, One Last Dance, Beat Angel, Letter from a Killer and Next of Kin, Lisa Niemi had her major breakthrough as an actress.

In addition, Niemi is a holder of a degree in Performing Arts which has enabled her to orchestrate extremely good performances in many children musicals for consecutive four years. She was trained as a professional dancer and has also performed as a ballet dancer under the umbrella of Harkness and Joffrey Ballet. More so, she began flexing her writing and movie making skills when she relocated to Los Angeles with late Patrick Swayze. After the death of her husband, many believed that it would be impossible for the brilliant actress to move on with her life let alone being in another relationship considering the kind of love they shared together. However, Lisa has found love again in the arms of Albert Deprisco. Now let’s take a look at other facts about Patrick Swayze’s ex-wife.

Lisa Niemi Bio

The skillful American dancer is a native of Houston, Texas. She was born on May 26, 1956, as the only female child among the six children of her parents, Karin and Edmond Haapaniema. Her father worked as a Director of Water Safety Services of Red Cross while her mother was a professional nurse. Right from the get-go, Niemi has always been known to have a passion for acting and as a result of that, she enrolled at The Alley Theater in Houston. She went on to kick start her career by appearing in an award-winning standalone TV episode called Two Boys when she was 10 years old. The program was produced by Paramount Picture.

Lisa Niemi later relocated to New York and there she fostered her acting career under the guardianship and tutelage of an esteemed stand-up comedian and acting instructor known as Warren Robertson. She started performing in the mid-70s as a guest dancer, appearing alongside the most accomplished contemporary ball dancers and well-known actors such as Jerry Lewis and Lynn Redgrave.

The talented actress also showcased her adept writing skill in her autobiography that she co-authored with Patrick Swayze, known as ‘The Time of My Life’ which became a national and global bestseller according to The New York Times. She later released another book in 2012, titled ‘Worth Fighting For’. Her numerous skillful endeavors have earned her awards such as New York Drama Critics’ Circle Awards and AARP Inspire Award in 2011.

Lisa’s Net worth

Aside from what she has earned as an actress, Lisa Niemi has also done well for herself through her career as a dancer, movie director, and writer. With all these endeavors, the multi-talented actress has accumulated enormous wealth and her financial value is stated to be $40 million.

Other Facts About Patrick Swayze’s Ex-Wife

1. Niemi met Patrick Swayze for the first time at his parent’s dancing school. The two started dating during her training at Houston Ballet Dance Company School which was owned by Patrick’s parents, with his mom serving as Niemi’s instructor. They started dating when she was 15 years old and later tied the knot at the age of 19 on June 12, 1975. The pair remained married until Patrick’s death on September 14, 2009.

Lisa Niemi
Lisa Niemi and Patrick Swayze

2. Lisa Niemi is a licensed pilot as she often flew her ex-husband Patrick Swayze to Stanford University Medical Center in California for Chemotherapy, from the time he was diagnosed with pancreas cancer which later led to his death.

3. Her union with Swayze didn’t produce any child. The pair were married for 34 years, but unfortunately, they had no child as she was reported to have miscarried her child in 1990.

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4. Niemi and Swayze bought an estate which they moved into at the mid-80s. The estate has magnificent features with the inclusion of a ranch. It was estimated to be situated on a sizable land of about 20,000mq near the Angeles National Forest. They also had in their possession a 20,000-acre ranch in New Mexico.

5. Niemi is currently a happily married woman. She met her current husband, Albert Deprisco who trade on jewelry, in a birthday party a few years after the death of Patrick Swayze through a mutual friend. They dated for two years and once again, Lisa Niemi walked down the aisle together with her husband on May 25, 2014.

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