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Liz Wheeler is the kind of girl who sets the room on fire whenever she comes around. In this situation, however, she sets our screens on fire each time she appears as the host of One America New’s “Tipping Point.” She is, therefore, a presenter, publisher, consultant and a member of the Board of Zoning Appeals in Ohio. She is no doubt, a tough one who is reputable for being a no-nonsense, straight-talking kind of anchor who has been breaking stereotypes since her first day on the job. More about her career journey and facts below.

Who Is Liz Wheeler?

Liz, as she is popularly called, is an American on-air host of the OAN. Her full name is Elizabeth Wheeler and she was born in 1989 (birth month not known) in the calm serene area of Sharonville in Ohio, just outside Cincinnati. Ever since she was a young girl living in the small town of Ohio, she always dreamed of dabbling into politics in one way or another.

She comes from a tight-knit family with lots of warmth during her years as a child. Her father happened to be the owner of a small business while her mother chose to be a housewife in order to properly raise Liz and her siblings. Liz has four siblings in total, one brother and three sisters.

She had a very loving and strong upbringing and she attributes this to her father’s exemplary role when she was a young girl. He would always tell Liz and her siblings of how proud he was of them as much as he could and also encouraged them to be the best they could be and so she did.

Liz started to hone her talent by writing blogs. Her first guest blog titled “Erring on the side of life,” was written while she was still in high school. The blog addressed the issue of abortion in the American society. Upon graduating from high school, Liz got enrolled into the Pennsylvania State University (also known as “Penn State” or PSU) to study Political Science with a minor in Homeland security.

Her Career

Liz started working fresh out of the university. In August 2011, as a young graduate, she did well to gain a four-year experience working as a social media manager for “RecruitMilitary.” This is an organization that provides help to US veterans seeking to start new careers.

By 2013, she became a freelance expert and consultant in digital marketing, advertising and social media expert with over 99 recommendations in handy skills including; Leadership, Public speaking, Program Management, Team Building etc.

Liz Wheeler

One American News Network hired her in 2015 with the privilege of having Liz host her own primetime segment on its platform. She is also a published author of a book she titled “Young, Conservative, and Why it’s Smart to be like Us.” In this book, she collaborated with 13 other activists to bring the book to life. The book performed well enough to clinch the second place in the “Civic” category on Amazon’s Kindle bestseller list.

What Is Her Net Worth?

It’s quite rare to find a young woman the age of Liz to be as successful as she is within such a short time in a career like hers. Nevertheless, she has worked so hard for what she now enjoys. From her job as an anchor/host to a book publisher and consultant manager, her net worth is thus estimated to be over $12 million.

Who Is Her Husband?

Many fans of this outspoken and gorgeous lady have been pondering for a long time as to the marital status of their favourite anchor and TV host, Liz Wheeler. To date, little or nothing is known about her previous dates or relationships, that is if she was ever in any. For the moment though, one thing we are sure about, Liz is not married neither is she engaged to anyone.

But hey, she is very much a young woman who is attractive in every sense of the word and most men would be lucky to have her as a spouse. In the meantime, we will have to keep enjoying her presence and sheer brilliance on TV whilst keeping our eyes peeled for the latest in her personal life.

Other Facts

1. Most people don’t know this but Liz completed her college education at the Pennsylvania State University in a space of two and a half years which is quite impressive.

2. She was appointed to the position of commissioner of her hometown’s Board of Zoning Appeals in 2012,  By virtue, this made her the youngest person to get this position in her town’s history.

3. Liz Wheeler became a spokesperson for Turning point USA in 2014. Her topics were largely based on capitalism and the free market.

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4. She started hosting her own primetime show when she joined the “One America News Network in 2015.

5. By May 2017, Liz Wheeler saw a surge in the number of her social media followers. She had 8,800 followers on Instagram, 70,000 followers on Twitter and more than 100,000 likes on Facebook.

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