Liza Powel O'Brien
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Liza Powel O’Brien is a brilliant writer and copywriter. She once worked in an advertising agency (Foote, Cone, and Belding) which was how she came to meet the popular Conan O’Brien. She is now famous for being his wife and has appeared on different television shows and also graced the cover of some famous magazines. Liza presently works as a playwright and channels the rest of her time to charity and education-related programs.

Liza Powel O’Brien – Biography (Age)

Elizabeth Ann Powel was born in Bainbridge Island Washington on the 12th of November 1970. The beautiful Lizzy grew up with a keen interest in writing. She studied at Vassar College and got a bachelor’s degree in the year 1992. She further went to Columbia University where she completed a Master’s degree in Fine Arts (Poetry Concentration).

Upon graduation, she began to work as a copywriter in an advertising agency (Foote, Cone, and Belding) which served as a learning experience for her in her early career. While working in the company, she was part of the team that did an advertising skit on the show ‘Late Night With Conan O’Brien. She was on set in the capacity of a senior copywriter and Conan described their meeting as love at first sight.

Liza Powel O’Brien and Conan had a whirlwind romance and dated for 18 months before finally tying the knot on the 12th of January 2002. Their picturesque wedding took place in Liza’s home town. St. James Cathedral, Seattle, Washington. The ceremony was attended by close friends and family and the media wasn’t invited.

The couple has two children together. They welcomed their daughter (Neve O’Brien) on the 14th of October 2003 and their son (Beckett O’Brien) on the 9th of November 2005. The children are the spitting image of their parents.

Family Siblings and Husband

Liza Powel O’Brien has a little star power in her immediate family. Although not much is known about the entire family, her father Jake Powel is the lead guitarist in the ‘Dixieland band.’ While not much is know about Liza’s childhood, family and siblings. She has built the family she desires with Conan O’Brien. It’s difficult to stay out of the limelight especially being a celebrity’s wife.

Liza has cultivated the media to her advantage; showing what is necessary and shielding what is important. She doesn’t have any active account on any social media but Liza Powel O’Brien has attended different important functions with her husband handling the media’s attention gracefully.

Liza Powel O'Brien
Liza Powel O’Brien and Conan O’Brien (image source)

Her husband Conan O’Brien is a comedian who has established a reputation as one of television’s funniest men. In his career spanning a period of 25 years, he has hosted various comic talk shows like ‘Late Night,’ The Tonight Show’ and several late night talk shows.

Conan has appeared as a guest star on various television series and has done voiceovers in various animations. He has also hosted different award ceremonies like the ‘MTV Movie Awards’ (2014) and the ‘Emmy Awards’ (2006). He hosted the ‘White House Correspondents Association dinner twice (1995, 2013) serving as the master of ceremony. Conan has a total of 22 Emmy nominations winning 3 and has received 6 ‘Writers Guild Awards.’

Conan says about his wife that although her beauty attracted him to her in the first place he has come to realize how intelligent and funny she actually is.

Liza Powel O’Brien leaves most of the talking to her husband but has spoken out especially in his support when the need arises. When he was dropped to take over the ‘The Tonight Show,’ Conan fell into depression as there wasn’t much for him to do. Liza had to help keep him occupied especially with activities in their kids’ school before another opportunity came up for him. While they might not be ‘Perfect people’ they seem to be ‘perfect for each other.’

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Liza Powel O’Brien Net Worth

Liza Powel O’Brien has a combined net worth of $85 million with her husband. They have lavish mansions in Los Angeles, Massachusetts, Norfolk and a country retreat home at Washington, Connecticut.

In her bid to contribute her quota to the educational system, Liza is on the selection committee of “Beat the Odds;” a children’s defense funds program which helps academically talented students who have had to overcome tremendous adversity and also given back to their communities. The program trains and these individuals to become great future leaders.


Although not as tall as her husband who stands at an impressive 6 feet 4 inches. Liza is 5 feet 8 inches tall. She carries her height well with a slim build and a face that complements the whole package.

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