These Facts Will Tell You All About Lola Glaudini’s Acting Career, Why She Left Criminal Minds and Her Husband

A very talented woman, Lola Glaudini is an actress of American origin who has been in the industry for more than a decade and has been in dozens of onscreen projects. She shot to widespread fame after appearing on the set of Criminal Minds, playing the lead role of Elle Greenaway. However, she commenced her acting career long before that in the ’90s. The famed actress attracted attention to herself with her versatility over the years and is thought of as one of the very interesting figures in the industry. Her journey to Hollywood stardom is one worth reading about.

Lola Glaudini’s Stunning Hollywood Adventure

Born on the 24th of November 1971, in Manhattan New York, Lola Glaudini, whose full name is Lola Luna Glaudini, grew up in an interesting home and learned about acting while still a young woman. The interesting thing about her is that Lola Glaudini’s father is also an actor called Robert Glaudini, who also happens to be a playwright and director. Her mum, Nina Diane, who is of Jewish lineage, is a writer and also works as a college instructor in CA.

It was clear that the actress grew up with parents inclined towards the arts. As the daughter of an industry expert, it was expected that Lola Glaudini follows in her father’s footsteps and play her part in the movie industry, and this is exactly what she did. Lola has even made an appearance in one of her father’s plays, The Poison Tree.

Glaudini Started Her Professional Acting Career in 1996

Lola Glaudini kickstarted her acting career in 1996 when she was cast to play Anna in the drama movie, Without a Map. That same year, she landed her first TV series role after being cast to portray Dolores Mayo in NYPD Blue, a police procedural drama television series. The following year, in 1997, she starred in the American science fiction series, The Visitor, before appearing in Your Friends and Neighbors in 1998.

The actress went on to appear in several movies in the early 2000s. In 2000, she played Leyla in Groove and Parolee in Down To You. She also showed up as Rada in Blow, a 2001 biographical crime film, before landing a recurring role in The Sopranos’ – a television series, where she portrayed the character of Federal Agent Deborah Ciccerone-Waldrup between 2001 to 2004.

Her work on the show helped to introduce her to a wider audience and fetch her more fame than she has had previously. In 2003, Lola Glaudini joined the cast of The Handler – the criminal drama, where she came in a recurring role from 2003 to 2004.

Her Role on Criminal Minds Remains One of Her Biggest So Far

In 2005, Lola Glaudini landed one of her most successful roles when she became a regular on Criminal Minds. Glaudini played the character of Elle Greenaway on the series, across 28 episodes, from 2005 to 2006. Criminal Minds was very popular and Lola Glaudini’s work on the series gave her immense exposure and introduced her to many more fans around the world. However, the actress decided to exit the show early in the 2nd season.

Lola Glaudini, Mandy Patinkin, and Thomas Gibson in Criminal Minds (2005)

The Real Reason Why She Left ‘Criminal Minds’

When Lola Glaudini left Criminal Minds, fans were confused because she was doing well. They felt if she was getting massive exposure and fame, she didn’t need to leave the show. Eventually, different theories were formed about why she may have left, and fans kept asking why. However, the situation was clarified in 2006 when Ed Bernero, a writer, and producer of Criminals Minds, talked about it.

Ed Bernero, who spoke in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, explained that Glaudini left the show because she wanted some breath of fresh air and a change of scenery. According to Bernero, Lola Glaudini was not happy in Los Angeles, where the series was filmed. So, she decided to leave. After leaving Criminal Minds, the actress went on to appear in other feature films and TV series.

She had some guest starring roles in a plethora of productions, which include the likes of Andy Richter Controls the Universe, The King of Queens, Special Unit 2, Boomtown, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, ER, Monk, and Las Vegas. Lola also had a brief appearance on the set of the movie, Neil LaBute. Her other movie credits include Invincible (2006) and Certain Prey (2011). The NBC mini-series, which came to light in 2010, saw her portraying the character of Kat Damatto.

All About The Man In Lola Glaudini’s Life

Lola Glaudini is a happily married woman at the moment. The actress is married to a man called Stuart England, and they have been together for quite a while. Stuart England is not part of the entertainment industry, rather he earns a living as a jewelry designer. The couple started their connubial life in 2005 after dating for a while, and from the look of things, they are set on the right path to having a long and fulfilled relationship as their marriage has endured for almost 14 years without the sign of any friction.

The actress has occasionally shared posts about their marriage on social media. The union was cemented with the birth of their two children, who are both boys. Even though their dates of births are not known, they have been identified as Montaigne England and Valentino England. Sources have revealed that Lola Glaudini still desires to have a daughter in the future as she is very fond of girls, and even wanted a baby girl for a first child. The England family currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

How Much Money Has She Made?

Having spent nearly two decades in the movie industry and starring in dozens of onscreen projects, some of which are blockbusters, it is expected that the actress has been able to rake in quite a sizable amount of wealth for herself.

Lola Glaudini has been earning handsomely since the inception of her career, and although her exact annual earnings have never been captured by the media, sources have reported her net worth as $2 million, which she owes majorly to her profession.

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