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It is not easy to make it in comedy. It takes more than a funny bone and the ability to elicit a few giggles from a listening audience. Comedy is incredibly hard work that has everything to do with timing, relevance and a great understanding of the audience that a comedian is performing before. Not many people manage to become extremely successful in the comedy game, but Louis C.K did attain an incredible amount of success. He won both an Emmy award and a Grammy award in the course of his high flying career and just when he was on top of the game he practically lost it all due to his own actions. Find out about the life of this comedian as well as what exactly he is up to now.

Louis C.K – Bio

Louis C.K was born on the 12th day of September 1967. Although the place of his birth was Washington D.C, he was raised in Massachusetts. The comedian’s full name is Louis Szekely, and through his parents, he has both Mexican and Hungarian ancestry. His adopted name of Louis C.K was actually derived by changing the pronunciation of Szekely to See-Kay because the original Hungarian name really confused people. His parents eventually got divorced when Louis C.K was 10 and his mother was left working very hard to raise the three of them. It was while growing up at home with his mother and siblings that watching bad tv programs became his inspiration for wanting to become a comedian.

See-Kay began trying his hand at stand up comedy at 17 when he would stand up and joke in front of audiences at open mics in Boston, but he was initially quite bad. His material was only able to last for three minutes tops. He eventually moved to New York City in 1989 after graduating high school three years earlier. New York was not much fairer to the young comedian as the comedy that had been blossoming in the 80s was seeing a decline at the time with clubs closing their doors and going out of business. A determined Louis C.K practiced his routines in empty venues and had a lot of unsuccessful auditions for Saturday Night Life. He was struggling in every sense of the word.

Louis C.K
Louis C.K and Pamela Adlon in Louie

The tides began to change when Louis C.K scored a job as a staff writer on a cable show called Caroline’s Comedy Hour. From then on he began writing for numerous other T.V shows including The Chris Rock Show. He landed a gig with HBO in 2006 where he created and starred in his own show called Lucky Louie. It was canceled after only one season but an undeterred C.K also released some comedy specials that he sold via his website, which netted him over a million dollars in sales. In 2010 he premiered Louie on FX and wrote/directed 13 episodes per season. The show was a hit winning Emmys in Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series in 2012 and 2014.

His Grammy awards came in 2012 in the category of Best Comedy Album for his concert film Hilarious and then in 2016 for his comedy tour special Live at Madison Square Garden. In 2017, he directed a film named I Love You, Daddy, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival.

Net Worth

Louis C.K brought a lot of his troubles on himself, but even with the many repercussions for his actions, his net worth is still an estimated $35 million. The numerous networks who have cut ties with him and torn up his contracts would likely mean that the comedian’s net worth will continue to be reviewed downwards in the coming years but he still remains a very rich man for now.

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Wife and Kids

Louis C.K is one of the numbers of divorced famous people. He got married in 1995 to an artist named Alix Bailey, but the two got divorced in 2008. Prior to their separation and divorce, they had two daughters and they now share custody of them with C.K’s daughters providing him with a lot of material for his comedy.

What is He Doing Now?

Louis C.K had worked hard and built quite a successful life for himself but he also engaged in behavior that guaranteed the crumbling of much of his empire and legacy. In November 2017 a damning article about the comedian was published by the New York Times. It alleged that C.K had masturbated in front of colleagues in the industry who were women. The story brought on an avalanche of repercussions on the comedian’s career especially after he confirmed the allegations. Numerous media organizations severed their ties with him and canceled his shows from their platforms.

The comedian with his admission had also revealed that he would be listening and learning. He, therefore, stayed away from the public scene for about a year but on August 26, 2018, he appeared at New York’s Comedy Cellar unannounced and delivered his first public performance since his admission. The crowd received him well even giving his 15 minutes set a standing ovation, but there were numerous expressions of displeasure to the club and online afterward.

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