Who is Luciana Barroso? All You Must Know About Matt Damon’s Wife

Hiding behind the shadows is only attainable if you are not linked to any celebrated personality whether be it in the media, politics or even in the fashion world. For Luciana Barroso who succeeded in living a very private life from her younger years, she eventually got a spot on the list of famous people after her union with the striking A-lister, Matt Damon.

On Matt’s part, he has seemingly kept most details about his better-half off the records irrespective of the facts that details pertaining to his life and career are readily available, in fact, there are more details of his relationship with his friend; Ben Affleck than his wife, Luciana. Despite the power couple’s ability to hide under the shadows, AnswersAfrica has dug up a lot of facts you need to know about Luciana Barroso, keep reading…

Who is Luciana Barroso?

Luciana Barroso was born on a Saturday, precisely on the last day (31st) in the month of July 1976 in Argentina to a man who worked with an insurance company and a woman who earned income working as a housekeeper. Shortly after her birth, her parent’s union hits the rocks, eventually leading to a divorce, so, Luciana was left to the care of her grandparents who were both Italians. It was with her grandparents she became versatile with the culture of the Italians, regardless of the fact that she was raised in one of the beautiful cities in Argentina.

As it pertains to her education, there is no information about it but it is of the obvious that the lady is passionately driven to anything related to arts. On this course, sources say that she bagged an arts degree from a local college. Shortly after she graduated, she worked as an air hostess and was noted as one of the finest of all. No one knows what eventually happened that led to her resignation from her job but some sources reported that she wanted to devote more time to her family.

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All You Must Know About Matt Damon’s Wife

With the aforementioned, there are still basically many more facts regarding this young lady that would make you stay glued… don’t take a break and keep at it!

1. Lucina was Married Before

To burst your bubbles, yes! Luciana was initially married to a man named Arbello Barroso and they both share a daughter, Alexia Barroso together. No one knows the particular details surrounding their marriage mishap that eventually led to a divorce in 2004.

2. Her Journey With Matt Damon

As they say, love would definitely find you when it is ready. Luciana moved to the big city of New York with the intents of finding greener pastures, she never knew that she would also be struck by love.

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Luciana Barroso
Luciana Barroso and Matt Damon

She got a job at Crowbar in Miami as the bartender and there her love story began. Coincidentally, Matt Damon on one of those days was filming the movie, Stuck on You, the two couldn’t help themselves and instantly fell in love.

3. Engagement and Wedding

Although the exact day, month and year the power couple met are nowhere near the records, it is no hidden fact that they got engaged in Septemeber 2005 and eventually took their vows three months after. They had a very secret wedding with a few friends and relatives present, however, they renewed their vows and had a lavish wedding in April 2013 in Saint Lucia.

4. Family Life

According to a few sources, Luciana Barroso supposedly left her job in order to fit perfectly as a mother to her children. She has three daughters, Isabella Damon, Stella Damon, and Gia Zavala Damon with Matt and another daughter, Alexia from her previous marriage. The girls she had with Matt were born in 2006, 2010 and 2008 respectively while Alexia was born in 1999. Together with her husband, the family shares a two-week rest rule which includes the A-list actor spending enough time with his family despite his busy schedules. Also, they all reside in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles.

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After their secret marriage in 2005, Luciana has done a very good job in keeping the affairs of her family under lock and key. In fact, a lot of their fans believe that their marriage has lasted this long because she has kept their personal lives off the spotlight. Also, in an interview, Matt Damon publicly stated that he was glad he married someone who wasn’t into his line of career and is proud of how his wife handles their family lives so far.

5. Body Measurements

It is undeniable that the former hostess proves the fact that most celebrities end up marrying beautiful women. With her facial beauty and her elegance, no one can dispute the fact that she sure falls in line with the stated facts. Looking at her height of 5 feet 5 inches, anyone could easily tell that she could fit perfectly as a model. Other details of her body measurements are not available.

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