Luke Bryan’s Family – A Reveal Of His Wife, Kids And How He Tragically Lost Both His Siblings

Luke Bryan, born Thomas Luther Bryan, is a sensational country music songwriter and singer. He is best known for his works both in the music and television industries, where he impresses his fans with amazing performances. The singer is considered one of the best among his equals and all the credit goes to his more conventional sounds and themes. He began pursuing his music career in 2007 and has never slowed down.

Bryan has starred in the musical drama Nashville, as well as several other TV projects, including The Voice, American Idol (since 2018), and CMT Crossroads. The Leesburg, Georgia-born talent has also won over thirty prestigious awards, including the Academy of Country Music Awards, American Country Countdown Awards, and CMT Music Awards for his outstanding performances in the music industry. He was able to achieve so much fame and fortune as a result of his quest for greatness and the unending support he receives from his family.

Luke Bryan Puts His Family Before Fame

Most celebrities are known for placing their personal interest above their family but Luke Bryan isn’t one of them. He is obviously one man who knows how to balance his family, career, and personal life and still achieves all-round success in his life. The happy-go-lucky country legend loves his family so much that he doesn’t hide his love for them.

Despite his fame and fortune, Luke still makes out time for his family. He makes adequate provision for their comfort and also ensures that they have the best of what life offers at any time. The singer’s family is not only amazing but supportive as well. His wife, especially, has been on his side through thick and thin and she is ready to do more in order to boost her husband’s career.

Bryan, on several occasions, has spoken about how much he cherishes his family and how ready he is to carry them along in all his endeavours. The country music legend’s immediate family is made up of his beautiful wife and two children.

The Singer And His Wife Met In College

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline Boyer met for the first time in 1998 at a local bar called Dingus Magee’s as students of Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia. While Boyer was a freshman that year, Luke was a senior at the institution. For the singer, it was love at first sight and he ended up hooking up with Caroline before leaving the bar that night.

The Leesburg, Georgia-born singer graduated the following year with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He was a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity during his days at Georgia Southern University. Boyer was very smart as well as a student; she was known for her impressive public presentations and was loved by her tutors. In fact, one of them encouraged her to pursue a career in acting but that didn’t finally work out. Caroline is now a successful businesswoman with a master’s degree from one of the reputable institutions in the States.

The Couple Broke Up After College And Reconnected Later 

Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer broke up after building their college love but subsequently got back into each other’s arms after spending years apart. According to the couple, they knew they were meant to spend their lives together as husband and wife – despite the fact that they went their separate ways after graduating from college. It took them five and a half years to finally reconcile and find their way back to each other’s arm.

Luke Bryan and wife Caroline Boyer
Luke Bryan and wife Caroline Boyer image source

Ever since the pair vowed to stay by each other’s side till death separates them, their relationship has continued to flourish to the admiration of people around and the younger generation at large.

Bryan And Caroline Have Been Married For More Than A Decade

Boyer and her hunk of a husband have been living together as husband and wife for over ten years and counting. The businesswoman and her country music star husband officially tied the knot in the presence of their families and loved ones on the 8th of December 2006. There is no information about where exactly their wedding took place, however, it is no news that Caroline is a caring wife and her husband’s number one fan who believes so much in him and his career.

Singer Luke and Mrs. Caroline’s marriage is blessed with two lovely sons. Their first child arrived on March 18, 2008, while their second offspring was born on the 11th day of August 2010.

Everything You Need To Know About Mrs. Boyer

Bryan’s wife is a successful businesswoman who became prominent due to her marriage to the American elite singer. She hails from Georgia, USA, where she was raised alongside her brother Bo Boyer after her birth on December 31, 1979. Caroline is the daughter of an insurance agency operator called Yvonne Boyer and a social specialist called Waymond Boyer.

She had her elementary and high school education in the US and later graduated from Georgia State University, where she met her husband and also took part in extracurricular and curricular activities. She was part of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority as a student. She was equally smart and famous for making brilliant public presentations at GSU.

Mrs. Boyer is a Master’s degree holder. She went ahead to obtain the certificate after declining to pursue a career in the entertainment industry as an actress or singer, as advised by her tutors who were impressed with her stage talent. Caroline appears in her husband’s videos sometimes and also shares amazing photos of herself and her family on her personal social media pages.

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How Many Kids Does Luke Bryan Have?

Luke Bryan and his wife are currently raising five kids. Two of these kids are their biological children while three are Luke’s nephew and nieces. The names of the singer’s children are Thomas Boyer Bryan (born 2008) and Tatum Christopher Bryan (born 2011).


Not much is known about Thomas and Tatum as their parents do not say much about them. Their father, however, revealed sometime in his Instagram post that his boys are his most reliable ”litmus test”. According to him, what this means is that any song Thomas and Tatum shows a preference for from his catalog of tracks usually becomes a hit. Bryan’s boys show great interest in sports, as well as fishing and hunting. They’ve gone on a fishing adventure with their parents on several occasions.

Til Cheshire, Jordan Cheshire, and Kris Cheshire are the names of Luke’s adopted kids. The trio was adopted after the husband of Bryan’s older sister Kelly Bryan (Ben Lee Cheshire) died in the year 2014. Kelly had earlier passed away in 2007.

Kelly Bryan’s Death Dealt A Big Blow On Luke

Until her death in 2007, Kelly Bryan was Luke’s only surviving sibling. She believed so much in his younger brother and was his biggest fan. Kelly, in 2007, arranged for more than 100 supporters of Luke’s fan to watch him while he makes his first appearance at the Grand Ole Opry in the month of April of the same year. She also graced the occasion and took photographs with her brother; it was their last appearance together before her death.

Kelly Bryan’s death was devastating and painful because she passed away when her brother needed her most. She is said to have died from unknown causes in her home while taking care of her little son. The real cause of her death is yet to be ascertained, although Luke has since moved on from the tragedy.

Luke Bryan
Jordan, Til, and Kris Cheshire image source

Not much is known about the personal life of the singer’s older sister, however, we can establish that she was married to Ben Lee Cheshire with whom she had three kids. Mr. Cheshire passed away in 2014, leaving behind Jordan, Til, and Kris who have now found solace with the singer and his wife.

Kelly Is Not The Only Sibling Luke Bryan Lost Tragically

Country singer Luke Bryan is the youngest child of his parents. He had an older sister and brother called Chris Bryan who passed away when he was a teenager. Chris died in a car accident in November 1996 while Luke was making serious preparations to move to Nashville for his music career.

Luke Bryan
Kelly, Chris, and Luke image source

The tragic death resulted in Bryan staying back in Leesburg to mourn Chris’s death with his family. He eventually spent five years with them and also completed his college studies in the city. He also featured with a music band at local clubs at the time and worked in his father’s company for a while before his dad encouraged him to leave Leesburg for Nashville.

Detailed information about Chris’s life including his educational background, early life, and career is not known to the public. Though Bryan has had a difficult life, he still finds the strength to talk about the death of both his brother and sister.

To date, the singer admits that he still deals with the pain of losing his siblings. Even in the face of adversity, he doesn’t shy away from sharing his story with others.

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