Luke Combs Love Story with Wife Nicole Hocking and how much He is Worth Now

A lot of adults today once burned with the passion and dream of becoming one thing but ended up becoming something else, not because their passion was unattainable, but because they lacked the will to chase their dream. This is obviously not the case with Luke Combs, who began singing as a child and has now become a star country music singer and songwriter.

The talented American vocalist went through a lot in order to break into the music industry in 2014 and since then, he has been on an upward trajectory. He has dropped several chart-topping singles. He has also won several awards and has at least one Grammy nomination to his name. Throughout this rags-to-riches story, one person that stood by Luke’s side no matter the weather is his long-time girlfriend-turned wife, Nicole Hocking.

The Early Days of the Couple’s Relationship

Luke Combs
Luke and his fiancee: image source

The Country music hit-maker is married to his long-time girlfriend, Nicole Hocking. Hocking is a native of Fort Myers, Florida, and was born on July 22, 1992. She hails from a family of four including her mother, Marcy as well as a younger sister named Jenna. She studied civil engineering at Florida Gulf Coast University and graduated in 2014.

Luke Combs and his future wife first bumped into each other while they were both living in the city of Nashville, Tennessee. At that time, the young man was a struggling musician and had nothing, no publishing deal, no record deal, and no booking deal, to his name while Nicole was working as a recruiting coordinator for Broadcast Music Inc. They, therefore, moved in similar circles and became mere acquaintances.

Things, however, progressed to a romantic level after the two ran into each other at the Key West Songwriter’s Festival in February 2016. At that time, they were both single and Nicole invited Combs to come hang out with her and her friends. From thereon, they proceeded on a dinner date, at the request of the singer, and eventually commenced a committed relationship with each other.

Putting a Ring on It

Luke Combs and Nicole Hocking dated for two years before taking the big step of getting engaged. During this period, Nicole quit her job so that she could go on tour with her man. She also made sure that he adopted healthier eating habits so that his vocal cords would not suffer.

All these efforts helped Luke’s career to blossom and in appreciation, he penned an award-winning single, Beautiful Crazy, dedicated to Nicole. Additionally, during the 2018 CMA Awards on November 14, 2018, the singer showered praises on his girlfriend after he received the New Artist of the Year trophy. He described her as an amazing woman and thanked her for believing in him.

Given such sentiments, it came as no surprise when the couple announced their engagement in November 2018. Taking to his Instagram page, Combs shared a backdrop of him and his girl against a beautiful sunset and revealed that he proposed to her in their kitchen a few hours back. The singer then stated that he couldn’t wait to spend forever with Nicole and that he loved her.

The Couple’s Intimate Nuptials 

A few days after the couple’s engagement, Nicole showed off her ring on Instagram and revealed that she had always hoped that her future husband would be one who would be able to get her the perfect ring without any input from her. She stated that Luke had passed this test in flying colors and that she couldn’t wait to “marry the hell outta him”.

The Florida native has now gotten her wish as she and her man tied the knot on the 1st day of August 2020 in an intimate ceremony held at their Southern Florida home. She wore a gorgeous white dress while her groom looked good in a blue suit jacket and light-colored slacks.

The two lovebirds shared their wedding pictures on their respective Instagram accounts with Combs describing it as the best day of his life as he got to marry his best friend. Nicole, on the other hand, tagged it as a most special day and stated that she was so happy to be spending the rest of her life with Combs.

A Breakdown of the Fortune Luke Combs has made from his Music Career

Luke has made some good money from his music career thus far. Since his first paycheque, which was a miserly $10,000, the country crooner has been able to build up a fortune which is believed to be somewhere around $5 million and his major revenue earner is album sales.

Album Sales

Combs dropped his first EP, titled The Way She Rides, in 2014. At that time, he didn’t have a record label and so he released the project independently via various streaming platforms. The EP performed fairly well and his own cut of the digital sales profits was a $10,000 cheque.

The following year, Combs released his hit single, Hurricane, which debuted at number 46 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The song was a commercial success, selling more than 15,000 copies in its first week, and he used part of the proceeds to finance his third EP, This One’s for You (November 2015).

Since then, Luke Combs has gone on to drop two successful albums. His debut album, titled This One’s for You, peaked at numbers 1 and 5 on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart and Billboard 200 Chart respectively. It later went on to sell about 3 million units and has been certified 3x platinum.

Luke’s sophomore album, What You See Is What You Get, dropped in November 2019 and went on to top the US Country Albums Chart as well as the Billboard 200 Albums Chart. It also topped the charts in countries such as Australia and Canada and sold more than 200,000 copies in the U.S. alone.

Luke Combs
Combs with his CMA awards: Image Source

Proceeds from Tours

Away from album sales, Luke Combs has also raked in significant cash from touring. The North Carolina native has headlined several of his own tours including the Don’t Tempt Me With A Good Time Tour (2017), Beer Never Broke My Heart Tour (2019), and the What You See Is What You Get Tour (2020). These tours involve stops in multiple cities and the tickets don’t come cheap.

For instance, the Beer Never Broke My Heart Tour was particularly audacious and saw the singer play across 65 locations over a one year period. Most of the shows were sold out meaning significant revenue from ticket fees. There was also additional income from sales of merchandise and the likes.

Luke Combs now has a net worth of about $5 million and he uses it to take care of his loved ones starting with his wife of course. Nicole’s net worth is not available but it may not be that significant given that she has quit her regular job to accompany her husband on his grueling tour schedule. The engineering grad now spends most of her time on the road and often updates her Instagram page with various lifestyle and travel posts.

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