Is Luke James Gay or Does He Have A Girlfriend, What Is His Age?

Luke James spent a long time providing the background vocals for a lot of stellar acts before he finally came into his own in the music industry. He is now a two-time Grammy-nominated artiste. The singer/songwriter and actor certainly has a story that needs to be heard and you should continue reading this article to find out all you can about him.

Who is Luke James?

Luke James was born Luke James Boyd on June 13, 1984, in New Orleans, Louisiana where he was raised single-handedly by his mother. He got introduced to music pretty early on and draws influence from an array of genres, especially jazz and RnB. He links the beginning of his love for music to the day he watched a contestant on Showtime at the Apollo perform a cover version of “A Song for You.” He had been swept away by the performance and he said that he knew immediately that he wanted to entertain. His mother later found her copy of one of Donny’s records and he found himself yearning to reach people the way that Donny did – through music.

He went to high school at Saint Augustine in New Orleans along with Thomas Hyde and Quinten “Q” Spears. Together, in the late 1990s, they formed a trio group called “Upskale.” Frank Ocean also, coincidentally, went to Saint Augustine at the same time as Luke James. It was Quentin Spears, one of their trio of singers, that introduced him to the man who would become his longtime manager, Frank Gatson. Frank Gatson has also served as Luke James’ director and choreographer.

The trio group, Upskale split after the three friends graduated from high school. Quentin Spears and Luke James formed a duo called Luke & Q and Luke James continued to perform under the name Luke The Singer. The duo soon formed the opening act for Tyrese Gibson during a concert but the two members soon parted ways after they were unable to garner much of a following.

Alone, Luke James seemed to fare quite well. He worked harder on the songwriting aspect of his talent and linked up with producer Danja to begin to make hits for artists in pop, RnB, and soul. He co-wrote hits like Chris Brown’s “Crawl”, Justin Bieber’s “That Should Be Me” and Keri Hilson’s “Do It.” Destiny’s Child conscripted him and other members of the former Upskale trio to appear in the 2005 Soldier video. The experience must have been great because, in 2011, Beyonce who was then on her own chose him to appear on her “Run the World (Girls)” music video.

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His momentum did not slow down. In 2011, Luke James finally released a debut extended play (EP) album which he named #Luke. He released it as a free digital download and the single “I Want You” received wide critical acclaim on the basis of its production and Luke James’ vocal performance. It was the single that would earn him a nomination in 2012 for Best New Artist at the Soul Train Music Awards. He released another free digital mixtape in December 2012. It was called “Whispers in the Dark” and began to set the stage for his self-titled debut album which was expected in 2014 from Def Jam. His album was released on September 23, 2014.

As mentioned earlier, Luke James’ dream had been to entertain and so in 2016, with his career as a singer/songwriter already established, he went on to audition for the role of singer Johnny Gill. He got the role and therefore in 2017, he starred as the singer in the BET’s The New Edition Story.

Is He Gay or Does He Have A Girlfriend?

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Luke James has dated quite a number of people over the years. But his most talked-about relationship is the 2014 coupling with pop singer Jessie J. Their relationship lasted about a year as they broke up in 2015. Despite the break-up, however, the two seem to remain very friendly. Although Luke James has been linked to quite a number of people after that, he is still thought to be single. The singer/songwriter is as straight as they come and has not been linked to any man.

What Is His Net worth?

Luke James is said to have a net worth of about $6 million. He has grown his net worth over the years with the returns from his songwriting and musical career. There is also no doubt that his stints as an actor have also garnered him a pretty penny to add to his continuously growing stash.

His Height & Weight

Luke James is 179 cm tall and weighs 80 kilograms. He seems to take his physique very seriously. He has said that his routine focuses on cardio and core, which are seen as two very difficult areas of exercise. Luke James, however, says that his goal is not to be big but to be lean and shredded.

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