Lulu Hassan Has Been With Husband Rashid Abdalla For Over a Decade – All About Her Family Life and Age Milestones

Lulu Hassan is a living example of what success looks like for a lot of people; she has a thriving career and is happily married to the man of her dreams. Over the years, Lulu has shown that she is a highly motivated person who is willing to put in the work necessary to succeed at not just her career but every other part of her life as well. The Kenyan presenter’s life has been a long line of successful achievements that includes owning her own business, recording quite a success in the media industry, and of course, her marriage.

How Did Lulu Hassan Meet Her Husband Rashid Abdalla?

Lulu Hassan met her husband while she was a presenter at Radio Salaam. This was in 2007 and Rashid Abdalla had just joined the station as a presenter as well, making them colleagues. However, prior to their meeting, Abdalla reportedly had a crush on Hassan, and working with her was a bit hard for him. It did not help that both of them were attracted to each other. He has confessed that he used to be fascinated with her voice before he finally met the beauty. Two weeks after their initial meeting, they were engaged and have remained inseparable ever since.

Around the same time Rashid met her, Hassan had just lost her mother and through the support he was able to provide for her, the two became even more closer. Being a friend and a shoulder for her to cry on was most likely one of the things that propelled their relationship forward and caused it to move as quickly as it did. Besides, they have something in common in terms of their career pursuits and this drew them closer as they worked in the same industry.

Lulu and Rashid Exchanged Vows in 2013

Lulu Hassan
Lulu Hassan and her family – image source

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla were engaged for a very long time before they decided to get married. They got engaged two weeks after their first meeting in 2007 but did not get married until 2013, meaning that while they have only been married for less than a decade, they have been together for much longer.

Interestingly, the two waited for their wedding night before getting intimate with each other. According to Rashid, they used to live together before they got married but never had sex. It was only until they wedded that the marriage was consummated.

In the years that they have been married, the couple has had three children; two boys named Jibran and Irfan and then a daughter whose name has not been revealed. Their daughter, who is the youngest of the three, was born in 2018. Lulu Hassan has said that following the birth of her daughter, she has decided to close shop on having kids and is done with birthing.

What is The Secret of Her Enduring Marriage To Rashid?

Lulu Hassan has been married for many years now and in that time, her marriage has been subjected to public scrutiny and inquiry. The couple have, however, found a way to live above the scrutiny and not give the media any cause to report on the things going on in their home.

For all of the time that Hassan and Rashid Abdallah have been together, they have managed to work in the same jobs. Starting from Radio Salaam to their current positions as senior news anchors where they both host the weekend bulletins on Citizen TV. This has not affected the dynamics of their relationship and Lulu says the reason for this is that she is a submissive wife, and has also found a way to maintain a friendship with her husband and always settle all quarrels before they go to bed. The combination of the three has helped them maintain their relationship for as long as they have.

Additionally, going by the testimony Rashid gave about respecting her pride as a woman by not getting intimate with her before their wedding, he showed her respect right from the beginning of their relationship and nothing trumps that. Lulu is obviously married to a man who loves and respects her feelings and reservations.

How Old Is Lulu Hassan?

Outside of her marriage, Lulu Hassan is a powerhouse on her own. This media personality was born on the 24th of April, but despite her popularity, the exact year she was born is one that still remains a mystery.

Her media career which started with her being an intern at Radio Salaam began when she was relatively young and she has since grown through the ranks. However, what many don’t know is that she didn’t set out to be a TV personality from the get-go.

She Initially Trained To Become a Cabin Crew Hostess, Human Resource Manager, and Ticketing Officer

After finishing her high school education at Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa, Lulu Hassan moved on to college where she trained to become a cabin crew hostess, human resource manager, as well as a ticket officer. She obtained the qualification from Salrene Travel Operations College.

Notwithstanding her qualifications, Lulu had to go back to school after getting a job at a radio station in Mombasa. Apparently, she got the slot without any background in the field, thus, she decided to hone her journalism skills. Subsequently, she went back to school and this time, she studied Communications and Journalism.

Lulu is Currently One of the Highest-Paid TV News Anchors in Kenya

From her job at the radio station, Lulu Hassan moved on to KTN to take up reporting in Swahili, not English as she had been doing in her previous job. The KTN job was suggested by a cameraman at the station who told her they were in urgent need of an anchor who could do the job in Swahili. Now, Lulu has moved on to become one of the top presenters at Citizen TV.

The scope of Lulu Hassan’s career is not limited to her presenting as she is the CEO of Jiffy Pictures – a media outfit that she uses for the production of Telenovela shows. One of the shows produced by her company is Moyo Series which airs on Citizen TV. Other shows from this production house that began operations in 2016 are Maria, Huba Series, and Maza Series. All the shows air on different television stations.

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