Macaulay Culkin

Actor, vocalist and musician, Macaulay Culkin started out as a child actor. He became famous for his Kevin McCallister roles in the Home Alone blockbuster sequels.

Macaulay Carson Culkin was the third of seven children. He was born on August 26, 1980, to Patricia Brentrup- a telephone operator mother and Christopher Cornelius Culkin, a father who was an entertainer and a sacristan in their local church.

Macaulay Culkin went from a sweet child actor to a troubled and controversial teen actor. Regardless we still love him for making us happy with his talents back in the days.

The Home Alone actor retired from acting at the age of 14.

Here are interesting facts about Macaulay Culkin:

1. He Used To Be An Adorable Child Star

Culkin began acting at the age of four. He became famous for his Kevin McCallister roles in the Home Alone blockbuster sequels. He also starred in movies such as My Girl, Uncle Buck amongst others.

2. He Has A Band

Macaulay Culkin

In 2013, Culkin debuted his New York-based band, The Pizza Underground. The comedy rock band parodies hits from The Velvet Underground, as well as others, with a pizza theme.

3. Married Once

Macaulay Culkin

As rocky as his lifestyle went, the talented entertainer still had his way in charming the ladies. Culkin was married for 4 years to actress Rachel Miner(1998-2002). After his divorce, he dated Mila Kunis for 8 years, making it his longest partner so far. Currently he is dating 25-year old actor, model and singer, Jordan Lane Price.

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4. Once Killed By The Media

Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin is one of the Hollywood celebrities that has been a victim of death hoaxes.

2 years ago, a fake news of his death went viral on the internet. The controversial star debunked the rumours by putting up a picture of himself on his band’s Twitter account.

5. Born To A Family Of Entertainers

Popularly called “Kit” Culkin, his father was a former actor known for his Broadway productions. Macaulay took after his father, having become an actor and musician himself. His aunt, Bonnie Bedelia is also an actress.

6. Net Worth

Macaulay Culkin’s net worth is estimated to a sum of $15 million. Report says that his parents fought each other over who would oversee his millions.

7. Controversial Relationship With Michael Jackson

Macaulay Culkin

While his parents were at loggerheads, the charming boy spent a whole lot of time with Michael Jackson whom was alleged to have bused him and perhaps influenced his drug problems later on.

Culkin and MJ were spotted on several occasions. He featured in MJ’s Black Or White music video.

Both shared so much closeness that Culkin is the godfather to MJ’s daughter, Paris Jackson.

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8. Most Successful Child star

Macaulay Culkin

His most successful movies were Uncle BuckHome AloneHome Alone 2: Lost in New York and My Girl. 

After Shirley Temple, Macaulay Culkin is known as the most successful child actor ever. He ranks 2nd on VH1’s list of the 100 Greatest Kid-Stars and E!’s list of the 50 Greatest Child Stars.

9. Drug Addiction

Macaulay Culkin

Sadly the adorable child star battled severe substance abuse. He was arrested and jailed at some point over possession of drugs.

10. He Is Back

Macaulay Culkin

Recent news had put a smile on the faces of his fans. The star was spotted in the company of actress, Brenda Song, looking healthier than usual. The star is reported to be warming up for an acting job with the actress in an upcoming film Changeland.

This will be his first movie role in a decade.

“It feels like a dream to be filming in Thailand with an incredible crew and some of my closest friends.”