Macron To Beef Up Fight Against Terrorism In Africa

Emmanuel Macron was elected as the new President of France earlier in May. The new leader of the western European country has vowed to step up France’ fight against Islamic terrorists in  Africa.

A few days after being sworn in, the new President visited Mali. He stated that the French troops in the region will remain until the extermination of jihad terrorism in the region. He added that it was crucial for the strategy towards eliminating the terrorists to be sped up.

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“It is vital today that we speed up. Our armed forces are giving their all, but we must speed up efforts to secure the Sahel,” he said during his news conference in Gao, Mali.

Macron also expressed his desire to help improve economic development in the Sahel in addition to exterminating terrorism.

“We must win the war and win the peace at the same time,” he said.

France has been hit by terrorist attacks on occasion, hence France’ understanding of the importance of the fight against terrorists. In Africa, Boko Haram, ISIS, and Al-Qaeda are all in operation in different regions of the continent. This increases the insecurity in the region and also the need to beef up the fight against terrorism.

Macron made mention of working closely with Germany to achieve this feat which was one of his campaign promises. He stressed the need for more European countries to join in the fight against Islamic terrorism in Africa.

“There is a need for the latest generation helicopters and armored vehicles. It is in that framework that reinforced cooperation with Germany can make us all more effective.”

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Macron stated that he would meet with the  G5 Sahel countries; Chad, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali and Mauritania in the coming weeks. However, during his visit to Mali, he had talks with the President as well as with French soldiers stationed in the country.

He said to them: “I won’t risk your lives for nothing … but my determination when in action will be total,” adding that he would support them with whatever equipment they needed.