What to Know About Maddison Jaizani’s Biography, Rise to Fame and Love Life

Beautiful faces are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. However, when an individual combines good looks with exceptional talent, there is no limit to what they can achieve in the industry. One person who certainly belongs to this category is Maddison Jaizani, a British-Iranian model-turned-actress who is making waves.

Jaizani has made several appearances in a slew of television series and has endeared herself to millions of fans with her breathtaking performances. She is obviously gunning for the top and one would not be very far from the truth to say that the sky is the starting point for this fast-rising starlet.

Maddison Jaizani Spent Her Formative Years in England

Maddison Sunshine Jaizani was born on the 5th of June 1995 in Manchester, England. The fast-rising starlet has not revealed a lot of details about her early life, childhood, or family background. The most we do know is that she is British-Iranian, however, we do not know which of her parents is from England and which one is from the Middle Eastern/Western Asian country.

Jaizani spent her formative years in Manchester, completing her elementary and secondary education there. After that, she attended Bury College (an institute of higher learning located in Bury, Greater Manchester) where she obtained a diploma in the performing arts.

Her Parents Supported Her Desire to Become an Actress

Jaizani often makes references to her parents during interviews though she consciously omits to mention their names or professions. The Manchester native gave her parents the credit for sparking her interest in the performing arts. She said her parents always supported her and her passion as she wasn’t very academic in school. Fortunately for the actress, her foray into Hollywood paid off.

Maddison Jaizani seems to be very close to her mother because when she landed the role of Nancy Drew, her mum was the first person she called and the two celebrated and cried tears of joy together.

Jaizani Made Her On-Screen Debut in an Episode of Tyrant

Maddison Jaizani initially worked as a model before deciding to try her hands at something different by delving into the movie industry. Her professional screen debut came in 2014 in the American TV series, Tyrant. The show is a political drama about the struggle for power, control, and change in a fictional Middle Eastern country. The struggle is principally between two brothers; Barry and Jamal. Jaizani played the teenage version of Jamal’s long-suffering wife Leila in the episode titled State of Emergency.

Since this humble debut, the actress has not relented. She has featured in other TV series such as Into the Badlands where she played the role of Odessa from 2017 to 2019. Prior to that role, she was a part of Versailles where she depicted the character of Sophie de Clermont from 2015 to 2018. In 2019, she joined the cast of Nancy Drew as the lead character Bess Marvin.

Her Role in Versailles Was Quite Remarkable and Helped Bring Her to Prominence

Versailles is a French-Canadian historical drama set in 15th century France. It follows the ambitious plans of King Louis XIV to move his palace from Paris to Versailles. These plans did not only drain the budget but unsettle members of his court who became embroiled in various political intrigues.

In Versailles, Maddison Jaizani played the role of Sophie, the beautiful daughter of the penniless but scheming widow – Madame de Clermont. Her mom capitalizes on her beauty to ensure that her daughter achieves a privileged rank in the king’s court. Versailles ran for three seasons; 2015 to 2018, and Maddison was a series regular all through. The success of the show propelled her to the limelight, both in her home country and across the pond in the United States.

How Jaizani Landed the Role of Bess Marvin in Nancy Drew

The role of Bess Marvin, which is the British-Iranian actress’s breakout role, is one that had all of Hollywood sit up and take notice of Maddison Jaizani’s talent.

When asked about how she got the role, the actress had a long story to share with fans and the general public. According to what she told Vogue, she landed in Los Angeles for her first pilot season and had to stay in an Airbnb for a whole month working relentlessly from one audition to another without much of a social life.

When Nancy Drew came up, she fell in love with the script and thus appeared for the audition. At the auditions, she had to contend with some really great actresses which made her very nervous. After about a month in LA, the actress felt sad that she didn’t get any role and had to pack her bags to fly back to the UK. She decided to cook herself a carb-filled comfort meal to soften the blow of not landing the job and suddenly, the phone rang and it turned out that she got the Nancy Drew role after all.

Maddison Jaizani’s Intruiging Love Life

Maddison Jaizani
Jaizani and Pasqualino Image Source

The Versailles star is neither married nor in a relationship, at least publicly. However, in 2018, rumors emerged linking her romantically to Luke Pasqualino, a well-known British actor of Italian descent who has featured in movies such as The Apparition, Love Bite, and Snowpiercer. Luke has also made appearances in TV series such as Skins, The Borgias, Drunk History, Our Girl, The Musketeers, and Miranda.

Jaizani and Pasqualino first sparked dating rumors back in June 2017 after the actress posted some photos of them together on her Instagram page. In one of the photos, the genetically gifted duo looked to be having a fun time, with Luke in shorts while Maddison Jaizani was riding on his back.

Looking at Maddison, it is not difficult to see why the English actress was able to catch the eye of Luke Pasqualino. Add that to her emergence in the entertainment industry and you can see why she is a catch.

However, the duo have never come forward to confirm or deny the relationship speculation. But from what is obvious, they do not seem to be together for now as there is no other news about them. 

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