Patience Jonathan Reveals How She Made $15 Million In 15 Years

Former First Lady of Nigeria Patience Jonathan came under fire some weeks ago for accumulating $15 million dollars in several bank accounts.

The Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) is now being sued by a group called the Union of Niger Delta Youth Organisation for Equity, Justice and Good Governance, on behalf of Mrs Patience Jonathan.

The group gave a lengthy explanation on how Mrs Jonathan came to possess $15 million dollars in 15 years. According to them, the money was gotten from numerous cash gifts given to the Dame.

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“The funds in question were legitimate gifts from her friends and well-wishers over the last 15 years which she had been saving in order to utilise to upgrade family businesses and concerns which had been somewhat dormant by reason of the long period of her husband service as a public officer in Nigeria.”

They added that the former first lady, who had no use for these monetary gifts at the time, converted them to foreign currency and saved them. They were saved in a safe at her home in Port Harcourt and Abuja until a raid on the Jonathan family home in Otuoke caused her to consider keeping them in a bank.

According to the report, she consulted Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s domestic aides, Waripamo-Owei Emmanuel Dudafa. He, in the name of being discreet, decided to save the funds in company accounts owned by him. When discovered, she was advised it made no difference since the company will appoint her as the sole signatory of the funds.

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“When in 2016 Dudafa was arrested and detained she had no fear for the funds as she realised that the funds could not be attributable to him once it was discovered that she was the sole signatory to the said accounts. It was, therefore, a rude shock to her when she discovered that a no transaction order had been placed on the accounts by the EFCC in the belief that the funds belonged to Dudafa.”

The statement goes on to explain how Mrs Jonathan had written to the EFCC, explaining how the funds in Dudafa’s accounts belonged to her. In doing so, it was leaked to the media.